Warm and Cool Meaning of the Baby Boy Name

Last Updated: 30 Nov 2016

Have a difficulties to give the baby name? What kind of name that mom want to give the baby? One of the name that mom searching for are the name that has meaning of cool and warm, because they want the baby have warm and cool heart to everyone. A good name exactly is suitable to the baby. It can reflect some dream and future of him. This name which are means cool or warm can be put in the beginning or in the end of the name.

Now moms are no needs to confused, because many name are written in the internet. Just click what you want, and you can get it fast. Then, it can be combined with other name that have good sound if it is pronounced or have good meaning. It can be combined with 2 or 3 words. I hope this name below can help you to find a good name for the baby.

The name that has meaning "cool" for Baby Boy

  1. Arata (Japanese) means cool boy
  2. Arta (Japanese) means cool boy (the other name of Arata)
  3. Aryata (Japanese) means cool boy (the other name of Arata)
  4. Fresco (Spanish) means a boy with cool attitude
  5. Heerad (Persian) means cool and healthy
  6. Herda (Persian) means a cool and healthy boy (the other name Hirad and Heerad)
  7. Hirad (Persian) means a cool and healthy boy
  8. Irvine (History) commonly in North American: English form of Germany name, Erwin or the other used of Scotland name, it takes from the name of river. It means fresh water
  9. Lihau (Hawai) means fresh boy
  10. Raanan (Christian) means fresh
  11. Anuhea (Unisex) means cool and gentle boy
  12. Barid (Islam) means cold, cool and coolness
  13. Buraid (Islam) means cool
  14. Caldwell (English – American) means spring season with the breezy wind
  15. Darabicath (Hebrew) means from the cool place
  16. Jalad (Indonesia) means cold

Beside the cool meaning, mother wants to give the baby with the warm meaning. It has hope in order to the baby can get or give the warm hearts for the people around him. Below is the name of the baby boy with the warm meaning:

  1. Grotfriend (Characteristic) means a boy with high intelegence. He has a soul of leader and curer. He is dynamis, full of activity. Sensitive and easy to get painful. Warm and emphaty. He has a power from inside, cheerfull and down to earth.
  2. Haddon (American – English) means warm hill
  3. Hadley (History) means warmfull
  4. Harhur (Hebrew) means warm
  5. Haudli (English) means warm place for stay
  6. Kalaila (Hawaii) means warm boy
  7. Aaron (Hebrew) means a boy with warm light
  8. Abhicandra (Javanese) means a warm light of the intelengence
  9. Abner (Christiany) means a warm father from light
  10. Achic (Quechua) means a warm light shine
  11. Adanu (Javanese) means a become a warm light for other
  12. Adiansyah (Indonesian) means a warm light of kindness
  13. Adwa’ (Arabic) means a warm light
  14. Ainnurrahman (Arabic) means a warm light of affection
  15. Alaula (Unisex) means a warm light in the morning
  16. Alison (American – English) means a warm of sun light

Those are the name of the baby boy name that has meaning of cool and warm. I hope, those can help the mother to make the name.