Unique Baby Names Mean Freedom for Baby Girl and Baby Boy

Last Updated: 06 Oct 2016
fly, butterfly
A pretty Baby girl acts as a butterfly

All parents will feel happy when they will get baby soon. They will prepare all things for their baby such as the baby room, baby clothes and also baby name. Baby name is one of the most essential things that you must prepare for your future baby. You and your wife can prepare name for your baby when your wife is pregnant. There are some ideas of name that you can choose for your baby. Baby name in this modern era is influenced by so many things. Some people use baby name because they want to remember certain event, most influential person in the world, name of person that they honor, beautiful place in the world and some other things. You as parent can give a name that has deep meaning too. You know that name is prayer for your baby.

You want to give best name for your baby so your baby will grow like what you pray. Because of the importance of name for your baby, you really need to find right name. Some parents will need long time to find right name for their baby. They need to analyze all things so they can give best name that is suitable with what they want and what they dream for their baby. There are some sources that you can use to find right name for your baby too. For all of you who want to give best name for your baby girl or baby boy, you can also find name with best meaning such as Freedom. Name that has meaning freedom can be found in easy way today. Why there are some people who like to give their baby name means freedom? You can get the answer here and you can get some ideas of name means freedom for your future baby too.

Freedom is valuable concept for people in the world. When we get freedom, it means we can do all things freely. We don’t have limitation to show what we want. It is right for all people in the world and it is important thing for everyone. There are some names means freedom that inspired by so many events in the world too. you can choose to find name means freedom in some languages that you like too. Freedom in various cultures and religions and origins will have different name too. You can find good name means freedom for your baby girl and baby boy. Freedom is related with independence. Independence means a lot of things too. It is related with ability to free in doing all things or to live in this world. When your wife delivers your baby to the world, your wife gives freedom to your baby. When you feel free you will be able to get and gain your happiness too. That is why there are so many people in the world that try so hard to get their freedom because freedom is so important. Now, for all of you who like to give your baby name that has meaning freedom, you can get some ideas here.

Name Means Freedom for Baby Girl

  1. Amnisty: This is an English name that you can choose for your baby girl and this name means independence. This name can be added with family name and other names that will make perfect full name means independence for your baby girl.
  2. Anaya: For all of you who like with Sanskrit history you can choose to give your baby girl this name. It is a Sanskrit moniker that translates as being completely free. You can give hope to your baby as a free girl.
  3. Avasa: This name in Hindi and this name mean independent and little girls who are given this moniker usually turn out to be great administrators. You can choose this name when you have similar hope too.
  4. Busela: It is in Zulu tribe language. This is a name with origins in Zulu tribe which means independent and happy.
  5. Elefteria: Elefteria is a very elegant name that signifies freedom in Greek.
  6. Feronia: This is name of one of Goddess in greek. She is a Latin Goddess of Freedom
  7. Isra: Isra is a more or less unisex name of Turkish origin that means freedom. You can give this name for your baby girl or baby boy if you want.
  8. Malaya: This name is familiar name because it is in Asian Language. This beautiful name for your baby girl means freedom in Filipino.
  9. Najya: For all of you who are looking for Arabic name for your baby, you can choose this name. An Arabic name tag for little girls that means independence.
  10. Saoirse: Pronounced as Seer-sha in Ireland, this Irish name means freedom or liberty.

Actually you still can give other names for your baby girl such as Carla, Belle,Caroline, Carrie, Charleen and some other names. You can make full name for your baby girl that show complete meaning and hope for your baby girl. How about giving name means freedom for your baby boy? For all of you who are confused in choosing right name for your baby boy, you can choose some ideas of name listed below.

Baby Names Means Freedom for Boys:

  1. Aazaad: For all of your who are Turkish you will be familiar with this name, Made famous by actor Aamir Khan's little boy Azad Rao Khan, the name Aazaad is a Muslim title that means free or independent. It is also Turkish for independence.
  2. Dror: You who like to give your baby name with Israeli name, you can choose this name for the best option for your baby boy. Dror is a unique Israeli name that means freedom or independence.
  3. Fremont: This name is in German Language and the meaning of this name is clear and freedom. With roots in German, Fremont is the Guardian of Liberty and a noble protector.
  4. Ferenc: This Latin moniker for a baby boy means independent. You can add some other names too to make this name better to listen or hear.
  5. Kamilo: This is a German title that means freedom and you are free to combine this name with some other names that you want for your baby boy.
  6. Lirim: A name of Albanian origin, Lirim means the freedom to be.
  7. Moksh: Moksh in Sanskrit is freedom from the cycle of life and death. This name has deep meaning and it is suitable for all of you who want to give your baby best name that has philosophy too.
  8. Swaraj: This Hindu name that means liberty or freedom is also a cool name. This name is good for your cool baby boy.
  9. Taran: This is a Hindu name that means freedom from bondage. There is history background why you need to choose this name for your baby. You need to search more information before you give this name for your baby boy.
  10. Yung: Yung is a Japanese name that means independence. It is suitable for all of you who like with Japanese culture or you are Japanese.

Name is important thing for your baby because it helps all people to be easy in call him or her in the future. That is why choosing name is not an easy task for all parents. There are some considerations that will be thought by parents and when you finally find name that is good for your baby, please make sure all things are fine. You should not choose name that contains negative meaning or maybe related with war, sarcasm and some other things. You don’t want your baby grow as bad person so you need to start by giving best name for your baby. It is good too to give your children best name that is short and easy rather than complicated because it will make your baby n the trouble too when you give too long name for your baby. You can make simple name but has rich meaning rather than long name with long meaning and hope too.

Where to find more names for your baby girl and baby boy? Today you are living in the modern era and It is so easy to find all things that you need and you want. You can check some dictionary too if you want. You can save more time when you choose name that listed above for your baby girl and baby boy. It is time for all of you to find best name that has meaning freedom and let you give freedom to your baby to live and get happiness in this world.