Turkish Full Names with Meaning for Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016
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Are you a person who is waiting for your baby’s birth? If so, you are better to prepare a good name for your baby. Then, it will be a good gift for your baby. As we know that a name is not only the form of letter, but it will be a pray when it has good meaning.

Talking about names with good meaning, there are so many references about it. For you who are searching for best name, Turkish names may be a good choice for you. There are so many Turkish names that have good meaning. Here are the lists of Turkish names with meaning that may become your choice for your baby boy or baby girl.

Turkish Full Names for Baby Boy

Abbas Faruk: A religious martyr who can distinguish the truth.

  • Abbas: Religious martyr.
  • Faruk: Distinguish the truth.

Ahmad Suheyla: A praiseworthy and soft-tempered person.

  • Ahmad: Praiseworthy.
  • Suheyla: Soft-tempered.

Arash Mukhtar: A chosen hero.

  • Arash: Hero.
  • Mukhtar: Chosen.

Arif Candan: A sincere and wise boy.

  • Arif: Wise.
  • Candan: Sincerely.

Arka Fatin: A smart friend.

  • Arka: Friend.
  • Fatin: Smart, clever.

Alp Bilge: A brave and wise boy.

  • Alp: Brave.
  • Bilge: Wise.

Baghadur Metin: A strong warrior.

  • Baghadur: Warrior.
  • Metin: Strong.

Baris Muzaffer: A peace boy who will get victory.

  • Baris: Peace.
  • Muzaffer: Victory.

Basir Suleiman: A man of peace who has intelligent.

  • Basir: Intelligent.
  • Suleiman: Man of peace.

Cagdas Enver: A contemporary man who is handsome.

  • Cagdas: Contemporary man.
  • Enver: Handsome, very bright.

Canan Rakin: A beloved and respectful boy.

  • Canan: Beloved.
  • Rakin: Respectful.

Ediz Eylem: A high and active boy.

  • Ediz: High.
  • Eylem: Active.

Enver Sener: A handsome boy who is hoped to bring joy.

  • Enver: Handsome, very bright.
  • Sener: Bringer of joy.

Faruk Mehmed: A praiseworthy person who can distinguish the truth.

  • Faruk: Distinguish the truth.
  • Mehmed: Praiseworthy.

Hakan Halim: A gentle emperor.

  • Hakan: Emperor.
  • Halim: Gentle.

Halil Ilhami: A dear friend who is hoped to give inspiration.

  • Halil: Dear friend.
  • Ilhami: Inspiration.

Halim Madarik: A gentle boy who has intelligence.

  • Halim: Gentle, mild.
  • Madarik: Intelligence.

Himmet Mukkeren: An honorable boy who is hoped to give support or help.

  • Himmet: Support, help.
  • Mukkeren: Honorable.

Ilhan Enver: A handsome prince.

  • Ilhan: Prince.
  • Enver: Handsome, very bright.

Jebran Kemal: A boy who is hoped to get greatness and highest honor.

  • Jebran: Greatness.
  • Kemal: Highest honor.

Kadim Mamun: An eminent person who is trustworthy.

  • Kadim: Eminent person.
  • Mamun: Who is trustworthy.

Levent Erol: A brave boy who is like lion.

  • Levent: Lions.
  • Erol: Brave.

Muzaffer Said: A boy who is hoped to get victory and happiness.

  • Muzaffer: Victory.
  • Said: Happiness.

Nazik Said: A boy who is hoped to get kindness and happiness.

  • Nazik: Kindness.
  • Said: Happiness.

Ozqur Talih: A boy who is hoped to get lifelong happiness and good fortune.

  • Ozqur: Lifelong happiness.
  • Talih: Good fortune.

Selim Zeki: A safe and intelligent boy.

  • Selim: Safe.
  • Zaki: Intelligent.

Sevilen Hakeem: A beloved boy who is hoped to be wise doctor or ruler.

  • Sevilen: Beloved.
  • Hakeem: Wise doctor, ruler.

Talih Naji: A safe boy who gets good fortune.

  • Talih: Good fortune.
  • Naji: Safe.

Turkish Full Names for Baby Girl

Akila Kadira: An intelligent girl who is good at many things.

  • Akila: Intelligent.
  • Kadira: Good at many things.

Aruba Ziya: A luminous girl who loves her husband.

  • Aruba: She who loves her husband.
  • Ziya: Luminous.

Aygul Harika: A beautiful girl who is like moon rose.

  • Aygul: Moon rose.
  • Harika: Beautiful.

Ayla Ziya: A luminous girl who is like moonlight.

  • Ayla: Moonlight.
  • Ziya: Luminous.

Badia Zulma: An elegant and healthy girl.

  • Badia: Elegant.
  • Zulma: Healthy, vigorous.

Berna Ece: A young girl who is like a queen.

  • Berna: Young.
  • Ece: Queen.

Bilge Zehiya: A wise and radiant girl.

  • Bilge: Wise.
  • Zehiya: Radiant.

Cemal Emel: A girl who has beauty and desire.

  • Cemal: Beauty.
  • Emel: Desire.

Emine Kuva: A reliable girl who has power.

  • Emine: Reliable, trustworthy.
  • Kuva: Power.

Eser Umita: A girl who has achievement and hope.

  • Eser: Achievement.
  • Umita: Hope.

Esin Eylem: An active girl who is hoped to give inspiration.

  • Esin: Inspiration.
  • Eylem: Active.

Feride Yesenia: A unique girl who is like flower.

  • Feride: Unique.
  • Yesenia: A flower.

Halime Jamilia:  A mild and beautiful girl.

  • Halime: Mild.
  • Jamilia: Beautiful.

Harika Kadira: A beautiful girl who is good at many things.

  • Harika: Beautiful.
  • Kadira: Good at many things.

Huri Harika: A beautiful girl who is like heaven’s maiden.

  • Huri: Heaven’s maiden.
  • Harika: Beautiful.

Jamilia Najila: A beautiful girl who has brilliant eyes.

  • Jamilia: Beautiful.
  • Najila: Brilliant eyes.

Kadira Maysun: A beautiful girl who is good at many things.

  • Kadira: Good at many things.
  • Maysun: Beautiful.

Lamya Naila: A successful girl who has pretty dark lips.

  • Lamya: Pretty dark lips.
  • Naila: Successful.

Melika Nesrin: A girl who is like wild rose and has beauty.

  • Melika: Beauty.
  • Nesrin: Wild rose.

Nada Shakela: A generous and pretty girl.

  • Nada: Generous.
  • Shakela: Pretty.

Shaza Reyha: A perfumed woman who is like sweet-smelling flower.

  • Shaza: Perfumed woman.
  • Reyha: Sweet-smelling flower.

Umita Zulma: A healthy girl who has hope.

  • Umita: Hope.
  • Zulma: Healthy, vigorous.

Umay Zehiya: A hopeful and radiant girl.

  • Umay: Hopeful.
  • Zehiya: Radiant.

Yesenia Najila: A girl who is like a flower and has brilliant eyes.

  • Yesenia: A flower.
  • Najila: Brilliant eyes.

Zehiya Melika: A radiant girl who has beauty.

  • Zehiya: Radiant person.
  • Melika: Beauty.

Zulma Meryem: A beloved and healthy girl.

  • Zulma: Healthy, vigorous.
  • Meryem: Beloved.

Well, those are the lists of Thai names with meaning. You can use one of full names above as your baby’s name because all the names above have beautiful and good meaning. Finally, hopefully the lists of Thai names above will be useful for you, especially for you who want to give Thai name as your baby’s name.