Top Meaningful Welsh Baby Names for Baby Boys and Girls

Last Updated: 13 Nov 2016
Category: European Names

Preparing for the little baby’s name is such an exciting moment for any parents. That is one of the interesting yet exciting thing which all parents need to do while waiting for the baby born. That is such a fun thing since we are going to give the first and forever gift for the little one. That is the reason why we need to do it the best so that we give her or him the best name ever that will follow him or her in the rest of their life. Surely, it means that the name which we will give to our baby needs to be that perfect, not only about how it sounds but also about what the meaning of the name is. In brief, the name for the baby needs not only to be that beautiful as a way to call her or him but also the names have to be completely meaningful or have the good or positive meaning. That is because the name will be the prayer which will follow her or him in her or his entire life. Thus, the name has to have the positive and good meaning so that it becomes the good prayer as well. The name becomes the wishes of the parents to the baby.

Finding the adorable names which are meaningful or have the good meaning can be so tricky and challenging. That is the reason why we need to have a great willing in finding some references as the ideas for getting the options of the beautiful names with the good or positive meanings. We can choose the names from any languages or countries. Choose couples of names which are completely that adorable with the good meaning. Another idea you can do is what the prayer you want to say regarding to the baby is and then find the names which are related to the prayer or wish. That will be such the simple yet helpful thing in order to find the names of the babies which are completely that great and also really perfect.

There are so many ideas of the baby’s names from a lot of languages, including the Welsh names. If you are interested in having the beautiful yet meaningful baby names which are from Europe, it can be the good options to choose. There is a bunch of ideas regarding to the Welsh baby names which are totally adorable and also meaningful. That is such a good idea for you to deal with the wide ranges of the options of the names. That is the reason why, here we are going to give some ideas regarding to the beautiful yet meaningful Welsh names which can be inspiring and useful.

Welsh Baby Girl Names

Here are some ideas of Welsh baby names which can give you some inspirations:

  • Delyth Blodeuyn : beautiful flower.
    Delyith means pretty, while Blodeuyn means flower.
  • Eiluned Briallen : adorable primrose that becomes an idol.
    Eiluned is idol, and Briallen means primrose.
  • Eilwen Voyager : A life voyager who is always blessed and fair.
    Eilwen means blessed, white, or fair, while Eilwen means voyager of a life.
  • Eira Ceri : the little one who can be so refreshing as like a snow which is to love.
    Eira means snow, Ceri means to love.
  • Megan Enid : the beautiful one as like a pearl in a life.
    Megan means pearl, and Enid means life or soul.
  • Lowri Lynn : a little girl who is as like a beautiful lake which brings the laurel.
    Lowri means laurel or the Welsh for Laura, while Lynn means lake.
  • Gwenneth Myf : my little lady who is full of luck and happiness in her life.
    Gwenneth means happiness or luck, while Myf means my woman.
  • Gwyneira Nest : a lady who is chaste or holy as like the white of a snow.
    Gwyneira means as white as snow, Nest means holy, or chaste.
  • Nia Tiwlip : the beautiful lady as like the beautiful tulip.
    Nia means brightness or beauty, tiwlip means tulip.
  • Terrwyn Efa : the little girl who is always fair and brave in her life.
    Terrwyn means one who is fair and brave, Efa means life.

Welsh Baby Boy Names

Besides some Welsh baby names above, we also have some examples of Welsh baby names for boys:

  • Alun Maldwyn: the little boy who is strong and brave as a friend.
    Alun means little rock, Maldwyn means a friend who is brave. 
  • LLew Caradoc : One who is as strong and brave as a lion who is always loved.
    LLew means lion, Caradoc means dearly loved one.
  • Cefin Neiring : little one who is always adorable and noble.
    Cefin means little one who is adorable, Neirin means noble or modest.
  • Siarl Celyn : a little one who will be a strong and also success man as like the holly.
    Siarl means man, while Celyn means holly.
  • Vaughan Robin: the little one who will also be followed by the fame and also always be bright.
    Vaughan means little, while Robin means bright and fame.
  • Andras Wynne : a little one who will be warrior who is always blessed, fair, and holy.
    Andras means a warrior or man, while Wynne means holy, fair, white, blessed. 
  • Nye Afon : the little one who will always be noble as like a noble river.
    Nye means noble or modest, while Afon means river.
  • Moesen Berwyn : the little one who will grow and will be always fair headed.
    Moesen means drawn out, while Berwyn means the one who is fair headed.
  • Pedr Brenin : a little boy who will grow to be a strong king.
    Pedr means stone or rock, while Brenin means a king.
  • Steffan Haul : a little one who will be bright as like a sun with his crown.
    Steffan means crown, while Haul means a sun.

Those are some examples of Welsh baby girl and boy names which might be really inspiring and can be a great inspiration for any parents. All of them are completely that meaningful and you can choose some which are suitable to your need and want. You can mix and match them well and hopefully they are really helpful for you.