Top Beautiful Yiddish Names for Baby Girls and Boys with Great Meanings

Last Updated: 13 Nov 2016
Category: European Names
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There are so many ideas which come to our mind when we are in the moment of waiting a little pie born. Surely, having a cute baby is something which no one can resist. That becomes something interesting and we can also enjoy the wide ranges of good things right after the baby is born. Surely, in that time, our life will be completely changing and we just need to go with the flow. In that moment, of course we have a lot of things to be prepared with such a bunch of excitement. We have to prepare for the baby’s stuff, baby room, the toys, and anything which are going to be needed by the baby. Anything which can make the baby feels comfortable will also be such a good thing to be obtained. If we are really busy in preparing any of them, never forget to also prepare the name of the baby. At least, we can hunt a lot of ideas of the baby names which will be suitable the most and will give you the chemistry when you find it. One of the ideas is by finding the Yiddish names as the references. They might give you some inspiration in getting the right baby names.

Preparing the right names for the baby is such the essential thing we need to do. We can do it earlier even though we still have no idea whether the baby will be a boy or girl. It is so simple since we can prepare both of them. We can prepare the name for the baby girl and baby boy. Then, you will feel peace of mind since you already find the right names with the great meaning. That is the reason why preparing the name for the baby is something important to do earlier. Then, when we are choosing the right name, does focus not only in how beautiful it sounds, but also in what it means. That is totally important because it will represent the wish and pray of the parents to the little baby in his or her life. That will be the lifelong prayer and wish so that it might come true in the life. That is the reason why we need to be completely careful on dealing with that thing. We can find the adorable names which also have the adorable or good meaning as well. It can be from any languages or any countries as you like. If you love the European names, just find the adorable yet meaningful names which are suitable to your wish. One of the ideas is the Yiddish names. If you are interested in the Yiddish names, in this article we are going to give you some examples of the Yiddish names with the meanings so that you will get inspired and get the ideas for the baby names.

Yiddish Names for Baby Girl

Here are some ideas of the Yiddish names for the little baby girl:

  • Fruma Basha ( פרוּמָא בַאשָׁא ) : a Lady who is always pious as like the God’s daughter.
    Fruma ( פרוּמָא )  has a meaning of one who is pious, while Basha ( בַאשָׁא ) means the God’s daughter.
  • Shaina Glucke ( שֵׁיינָא גְּלוּקֶע ) : the beautiful one who has a life with full of good luck.
    Shaina ( שֵׁיינָא ) means beautiful, while Glucke ( גְּלוּקֶע ) has a meaning of a good luck.
  • Yente Tzeitel ( יֶענטֶע צַייטֶעל ) : a noble lady or a princess who has a good heart.
    Yente ( יֶענטֶע ) has a meaning of good hearted, while Tzeitel ( צַייטֶעל ) means a princess or a noble one.
  • Raisa Shaindel ( רֵייזָא שֵׁיינדֶל ) : a lady who is as beautiful as a rose.
    Raisa ( רֵייזָא )  has a meaning of a rose, while Shaindel ( שֵׁיינדֶל ) means beautiful.
  • Leeba Hende ( לִיבָּא הֶענְדֶע ) : the little one who become the grace who if full of love.
    Leeba ( לִיבָּא ) means love, while Hende ( הֶענְדֶע )has a meaning of grace or favour.
  • Kayla Toibe ( קִיילֶע טוֹיבֶּע ) : The good lady who is as like the dove of the heaven.
    Kayla ( קִיילֶע ) means heaven, while Toibe ( טוֹיבֶּע ) has the meaning of dove.

Yiddish Names for Baby Boy

Besides the samples of the Yiddish names for baby girl above, below are some of the ideas of the Yiddish names for baby boy:

  • Zeff Zusmann ( זֶעף זוּסמַאן ) : the little boy who will be as strong and also brave as a wolf that can be a sweet one.
    Zeff ( זֶעף )means a wolf, while Zusmann ( זוּסמַאן ) means the man who is sweet.
  • Benesh Hyman ( בֶענֶעשׁ הײמן ) : the man who will always be blessed
    Benesh ( בֶענֶעשׁ ) means blessed, while Hyman ( הײמן ) means man
  • Anshel Chaskel ( אַנְשֶׁעל חַאסְקֶעל) : a man who has a life with a bunch of happiness and is always strengthened by God.
    Anshel ( אַנְשֶׁעל ) has a meaning of happy, while Chaskel ( חַאסְקֶעל) means one who will be strengthened by God.
  • Lieber Eizik ( לִיבֶּער אַייזִיק ) : beloved one who is always laughing and the life will be full of love and laugh.
    Lieber ( לִיבֶּער ) means beloved, while Eizik ( אַייזִיק )has a mening of will laugh. 
  • Lev Selig ( לֵב סֶעלִיג ) : a man who is strong as like a lion who has a full of happiness life.
    Lev ( לֵב ) means a lion, while Selig ( סֶעלִיג ) means happy.
  • Fayvel Gavrel ( פַײבֶֿעל גַאבְרֶעל ) : a man who is always shining and become the God’s warrior. 
    Fayvel ( פַײבֶֿעל ) means shining one, Gavrel ( גַאבְרֶעל ) means a God’s warrior.

We already shared some examples regarding to the Yiddish names for both the male and female babies. They all are really beautiful with their positive and good meanings as the prayer and also wishes from the parents. Hopefully, you can get inspired and find the ideas for your little one’s names.