Top 15 Names with “Soft” as Their Meaning

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016


Baby Names with “Soft” as Their Meaning

Softness is a human character that is often associated with the affectionate, gentle, lenient, and loving qualities of an individual. Many people like names with meaning that is related to this concept. When choosing a name for their newborn, many parents are quite eager to choose a name that means soft, gentle, and the like. If you have this kind of tendency, there are actually hundreds of names that have “softness” as their meaning.

Your selection becomes even larger if you try to explore names originating from other cultures and languages. To make your quest easier to accomplish, here you can find a list of popular names with “softness” as their meaning from various places on earth. Check the list below and expect that the best name for your baby is included in the list.

1 . Latif

Latif is a male Arabic name that means “delicate,” “gentle,” “benign,” “soft,” “smooth,” “courtly,” and “polite.” This is possibly the closest Arabic word to the concept of softness. Latif can also be spelled as Lateef. American jazz instrumentalist Yusef Lateef and hip hop artist Lateef the Truthspeaker are some well-known personalities who use this name.

2 . Latifa

Latifa is the female counterpart of Latif. Unlike Latif that has only one alternative spelling, Latifa can also be spelled as Lateefa, Latifah, or Lateefah. This name becomes popular in the United States especially because it is used by famous singer Dana Elaine Owens, better known by the stage name Queen Latifah.

3. Kevin

Kevin is a male Gaelic name that means “gentle” and “lovable.” Kevin is considered a popular name in various parts of the world. Among famous personalities who use this name are musicians Kevin T. Anderson and Kevin Archers and American actors Kevin Costner and Kevin Bacon.

4. Juliet

Juliet is a female French name that means “soft-haired” and “youthful.” This name becomes popular especially because it is the name of the female protagonist in Shakespeare’s tragedy. Actresses Juliet Landau, Juliet Aubrey, and Juliet Cesario are just few of scores of famous personalities who use this name.

5. Rujul

Rujul is a male name originating in India that means “soft spoken” and “honest.” Although this name is not considered a famous name, there are famous personalities who are known to have this name as their given name. Indian cricketer Rujul Bhatt and Bangladeshi director Rujul Amin are among them.

6. Anuhea

This feminine Hawaiian name can be an excellent unique name for your newborn. This name means “cool” and “soft fragrance” and there are not many people who have this name. This is why it is a favored unique name. Singer Anuhea Jenkins is probably the only famous personality who uses this name not only as her name, but also as her album.

7. Quiana

Parents who wish to have a daughter who is as beautiful as American model Quiana Grant should consider choosing this name. While not being very popular, this Latin name that means “soft” sounds attractive and will be great to be chosen as either first name or middle name. Although this name sounds feminine, it is actually a unisex name that can also be given to boys.

8. Boutheina

Boutheina is a female Arabic name that means “soft-skinned.” Boutheina can also be spelled as Buthayna, Bouthaina or Buthaina. Syrian politician Bouthaina Shaaban, Omani athlete Buthaina al-Yaqoubi, and Tunisian journalist Boutheina Jabnoun Marai are three personalities who use this name.

9. Lawler

Lawler is male Gaelic name that means “soft-spoken.” Although it is considered a famous surname, there are not many people who use it as given name. Father-and-son American professional wrestlers Jerry and Brian Lawler as well as actors Alex Lawler and Ray Lawyer (not related) are some known personalities who use this name.

10. Aure

Aure is a female Greek name that means “soft air.” Aure, together with its alternative spelling Aura, is considered a popular name due to its simplicity and nice sound and meaning. Among people who use this name are Danish singer Aura Dione, South African singer Aura Lewis, and French actress Aure Atika.

11. Gaenor

Gaenor is a female Welsh name that means “soft” and “fair.” This name has an alternative spelling Gaynor that is considered more popular. It is considered feminine only when used as given name. As a surname, it can be used by both men and women. Guitarist Adam Gaynor, singer Gloria Gaynor, and actress Janet Gaynor are people who are known to have this name.

12. Jennifer

Together with Gaenor, Jennifer is also a feminine Welsh name that means “soft” and “fair.” This name has numerous alternative spellings, including Gennifer, Guinevere, Jennie, Geneva to name a few. Even Gaenor and Gaynor are actually among the alternative spellings of this name. Due to the popularity of this name and its many spellings, there is almost countless people who have this name. American model Gennifer Flowers and the famous J-Lo are two of thousands of personalities who have this name.

13. Tyrese

Tyrese is a male Latin name that means “smooth.” There are not many people who have this name, making it a unique and exclusive choice for your boy. Some notable individuals, including basketball player Tyrese Rice and author Tyrese Gibson, are known to have this name.

14. Terence

Terence is a very popular male name that is derived from the Latin word Terentius. This name, which means “smooth,” has spelling variants including Terrence, Terance, and Terrance. The diminutive form of this name, i.e. Terry, is also considered popular. People who are known to have this name include Christian figure Saint Terrence, jazz singer Terrence O. Callier, and basketball player Terrence Dials.

15. Ines

Ines is sexy female Spanish name that means “gentle.” Among people who have this name are Christian martyr Saint Ines and Argentine actress Inés Efron.

Hundreds of names with “soft” and related concepts as their meaning are still available. The 15 names that are mentioned above are selected by this article especially because they sound great and because they are unique. If you want to have a soft child with soft attitude, check the list above and pick your choice.