The List of Names for Boy and Girl with the Meaning of 'Intelligent'

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

itelligent baby

Intelligent Baby Girl

All parents would want their children to grow healthy and smart. All parents are willing to do anything to make her grow and develop properly. They are willing to spend a lot of money to buy healthy food every day so that later the child can grow very well. In addition, education is also an important priority that is prepared for a long time so that children in school and college on the campus of the famous and qualified. But unfortunately many of them are not prepared in terms of the others. What are the other things? It is about selecting suitable name that can make children grow up very well. However, we have to know and understand that in the name, there is a valuable meaning which can make the kids grow suitable with the name characteristic.

For you or anyone who really wanted to have children later can develop well, then it should think about the choice of names. Selection of this name could indeed play a very important because it will strongly support what was achieved by children in the future. If you want your child's success in the future, then there is much to be prepared by either one of the selection of the name. Selection of the name can indeed be done ahead of time before the child was born because by doing so you do not have to look with a headache because you've prepared. During this time a lot of confusion in the choice of the name, it's because they do not perform the search process for a long time. If indeed they do a name search process since even before marriage, then the confusion it certainly will not happen.

Well for those of you who are still confused in choosing a suitable name for your child, then you should consider some roster below. The names can be used for a male or female child and have meaning or significance 'smart'. May the names of these can provide inspiration for you to choose and determine the most appropriate name.

  1. Bert (Germany) means Smart
  2. Benjamin (Germany) means a smart leader
  3. Adzkiya (Arabic) means smart
  4. Akila (Egypt) means smart or clever
  5. Ahlam (Arabic) smart
  6. Aydin (Turkey) smart
  7. Aref (Persian) means Wise, intelligent
  8. Azala (Germany) means Smart
  9. Akili (Africa) means intelligent
  10. Alberta (England) intelligent and noble
  11. Bailby (Latin) means small and smart
  12. Basir (Turkey) means a smart, sharp-minded
  13. Alena (Slavic) bright and intelligent
  14. Akirra (Japan) means smart, clever, bright
  15. Akihiko (Japan) means a smart kid
  16. Ajisth (Sanskrit) means very intelligent
  17. Abner (Hebrew) meaning Intelligence
  18. Byong (Korea) means intelligent
  19. Callahan (Ireland) means small and smart
  20. Cato (Greek) means Clever, intelligent, conscientious

  1. Luvino (USA) Intelligence
  2. Quon (China) Smart
  3. Sharks (Hawaii) intelligent, heart, mind
  4. Sampson (Hebrew) have high intelligence
  5. Daxter (Latin) means smart, shrewd, astute
  6. Deb (Sanskrit) means a smart and lucky
  7. Bella (Hungary) means intelligent
  8. Briona (USA) Smart and funny
  9. Edbert (English) means wealthy and intelligent
  10. Fathin (Arabic) means clever and smart
  11. Fridmar (Scandinavia) means intelligent
  12. Fulbright (Germany) means very intelligent
  13. Casidhe (Ireland) means intelligent
  14. Chalondra (Africa) means intelligent
  15. Claara (Italy) means bright and intelligent
  16. Fukayyna (Egypt) means Smart, Wise
  17. Chieko (Japan) Wisdom and intelligence
  18. Govind (Sanskrit) means Successfully well
  19. Clairyne (French) means intelligent and famous
  20. Claresta (English) means intelligent

  1. Sharks (Hawaii) means intelligent, heart, mind
  2. Hunggary (Polynesia) means Intelligent, thinking
  3. Clarita (Spain) means bright and intelligent
  4. Hyun-Shik (Korean) means clever, smart
  5. Jourell (English) means Wise
  6. Kenaz (Hebrew) means intelligent
  7. Cong (Chinese) means intelligent
  8. Labib (Arabic) means intelligent, thoughtful
  9. Galena (Spain) means intelligent
  10. Gevanda (Scandinavia) intelligent and wise
  11. Hinongaro (Polynesia) means smarter in thinking
  12. Leocadio (Greek) means clever, smart
  13. Kassidi (Celtic) means intelligent
  14. Lin (Burma) means intelligent, bright
  15. Klari (Hungary) means intelligent
  16. Luvino (American) means Intelligence
  17. Kyna (Gaelic) means intelligent
  18. Matalino (Philippines) means intelligent, bright
  19. Man (Chinese) means strong and intelligent
  20. Mika (Indian) means intelligent
  21. Nabihah (Arabic) means intelligent
  22. Meir (Hebrew) means someone smart
  23. Meshach (Christian) means Smart
  24. Najib (Islamic) means Smart

  1. Riffa (Unisex) means Intelligent, dignified
  2. Rori (Ireland) means intelligent
  3. Rosalind (Spain) means intelligent
  4. Dunrui Wang (China) means a Smart and Intelligent
  5. Sorcha (Ireland) means intelligent
  6. Light (Vietnam) means a bright and beautiful
  7. Wid (English) means capable, intelligent
  8. Win (Cambodia) means smart, clever
  9. Tlanextly (Nahutal) means light of intelligence
  10. Toshiko (Japan) means a smart kid
  11. Wylbert (American) means clever, smart

If we want to get our children grow up to be someone who is successful, then we must make children smarter. Make a smart kid can indeed be done in several ways, one of which is to provide the right education and the right. With it, it will be easy for us to make children become smarter and smarter so they can achieve a lot of success in life. But apparently before choosing to prepare for the future of things like education, we also need to start from the selection of a suitable name. If we can choose a suitable and proper names, then it could be a major capital which would indeed be very useful for the future of children in the future.

Some of the names above might help us in determining the choice of a suitable name for use on children. However, we should know and understand that the names that we can choose the variety can come from many religions, tribes and nations. We may choose the name of which the most important is how we can get the belief that children can grow well. If we want our children to be smart, then it ought to we choose names that have meaning and significance clever as those in the above list. Hopefully, whatever the name are set into your baby will give the spirit to them to grow up well as parent are hoped.