The Great Full Names from Armenia Country Suitable for Your Baby

Last Updated: 14 Oct 2016
Category: European Names
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Waiting for a new baby born is like waiting for such an exciting surprise and gift from God. However, getting really close to the due date means you need to remember and watch your to do list regarding to the pre delivery to do list. Surely, there is the very long list which you need to do and it often makes you often forget about preparing the good names for the baby. Of course, that is completely important and if you feel reluctant to prepare the baby’s name because you are not really sure whether the baby will be male or female, you just need to prepare both of them. That is because choosing the baby’s name could be done randomly. That is because the name will be the prayer or the wishes from the parents to the baby. That is why the name of the baby needs to have the positive meaning which also represents the wish or prayer.

If you have no idea regarding to the name of the baby, you can easily browse for getting some inspirations which will be suitable to what you are looking for. You can simply choose the prayers or wishes for the baby will be and then find the proper names which can represent the wishes or prayers effectively. That will be the simple way and of course you can choose them based on the beauty of the spelling. There are so many ideas to be chosen. You also need to consider your preference of the languages which you want to use, as like Arabic, Armenian, or any others. If you are interested in choosing the baby name from the Armenian Names, the ideas below can be the inspiration for you. You can get some inspirations from the list of the Armenian names below and get the info about the meaning easily. It can be such a good idea for you to know.

The Male Armenian Names

  1. Phyre Deron means the boy or man who belongs to God and becomes the bright one as like the burning bright.
  2. Vahe Tiridates which can also be meant by the king who is the best.
  3. Sarkis Nishan, it can be meant as someone who has a bunch of goodness including the royality.
  4. Aram Vartam, which means the man who is gentle and also exalted.
  5. Lernik Antranig has the meaning of the man who becomes the first son who can make the parents proud as like a high mount.
  6. Karayan Tiridates which has the meaning of the king who can remove the darkness from the entire kingdom.
  7. Karayan Haroutyon which can also be meant as the hero replacement of the darkness to the brightness.
  8. Shbouh Bedros which can be the name that is describing a son who is simple and calm as like a stone but it is noble.
  9. Rehan Armani has the meaning of a son who is freeman who makes the parents and family is proud of him.
  10. Bedrosian Ardziv that can describe a son who is wished to be as strong as an Eagle.
  11. Rehan Hazarapet which can be used as the representation of the wish for a son for being a good leader of the soldiers which can make the parents are proud of him. 

The Female Armenian Names

  1. Ade Vartoughi, means a lady who is as beautiful as a rose.
  2. Zagir Aleena, means a beautiful woman who is noble.
  3. Takouhi Agnesa, means a chaste queen.
  4. Aghvor Aik, means a beautiful baby who was born in the dawn.
  5. Siran Agner has a meaning of the precious one who is alluring.
  6. Lucine Ani means the great grace from God, that becomes the light of her surroundings.
  7. Nadalia Ziazan has a good meaning of a little princess who was born on Christmas that gives the colour to the days as like a beautiful rainbow.
  8. Arsho Ohanna means the gracious gift in the beautiful dawn from God.
  9. Yeran Darlita, which has a meaning of the young lady who is followed by a bunch of lucks.
  10. Geghust Antsrevig has a meaning of the sweet and also nice lady always freshen up the surroundings as like a rain.
  11. Arevig Dikranouhi which can be described as the little queen who is strong and beautiful as like a sun.
  12. Ano Alvart, can have a great meaning as the awesome lady with the beauty as like an adorable red rose.
  13. Aiki Asmin means the beautiful lady as like a vineyard and offers the good smell as like a jasmine.
  14. Annuman Agner, which has the meaning of the priceless baby more than diamond which is unequalled.
  15. Araxie Carine means the adorable friend who can bring the freshness and peaceful to its surrounding as like a beautiful riverside.
  16. Ankine Ardouyd has the meaning of the valuable one who always brings skylark.
  17. Seda Alisia, which can have the meaning of a gentle lady who will also be able to have a forest spirit at the same time.
  18. Katar Ardzvig means the lady who is strong and full of spirit as like an eagle in the top position.
  19. Zagir Antsrev which can be determined as the beautiful strong woman as like a flower in the rain.
  20. Yeran Ziazan which can have the meaning of the lucky woman who has the beauty as like the beautiful yet colourful rainbow.

For you the parents including the moms who are looking for the inspirations of the baby Armenian names, the ideas above can be hopefully the inspiration for any of you. They are the inspiring ideas for any of you who want to pick some selections of the Armenian baby names which have the positive meanings as the prayers for your upcoming new born baby. You can choose your favourite ones which can represent your wishes and prayers for your sons or daughters, and in addition you can make your own combinations for the unique yet beautiful result of your baby name.