The Best Unique Aborigin Names Ideas

Last Updated: 24 Nov 2016
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Are you searching for the best as well as meaningful names for your baby? Then, choosing aborigin names can be your best idea to start with! What makes the aborigin names different with other local names? To answer this question, let’s take a look a bit to its history! It was first started in the 18th century when started when the European people entered and colonized Australia and they were enchanted by the local rhythmic language.

The aborigin people are an isolated group, and the words of the language as well as the name are different and compelling. The deep tone and the tribal rhythm are the two main factors that make aborigin namessounds unique. The language then continued to be used for their daily words with positive meanings as well as for the name of their children. When the Europeans first colonized Australia, there were approximately 700 known aboriginal languages and dialects. Now, there are only 150 indigenous languages left in use with total of 20 of them are in the danger of being extinct. Thus, by choosing aboriginal words as well as phrases as name, whether for fictional characters, streets, people, this language can be remain from an extinct. So, if you are searching for the best exotic name or inherit the family tradition, then you have visited at the right place to find ideas. Below are collection of aborigin names for you:

Aborigin names for female


  • Adina is a feminine name that has meaning as beautiful, valoptuous and good. 


  • This word is feminine name that derived from the south Australian language meaning “flame”. This name fits perfectly with the famous feminine names that begins and ends with vowels such as Amelie, ava or aria (these are the name mentioned as the main characters in a 1981 mini-series namely “women of the sun”)

Alira or Allira

  • Alira or Allira is a feminine name that has meaning “Quartz crystal”.


  • In an unknown dialect, Bindi has meaning “little girl”. In addition, Bindi, in the Nyungar (local language of western Australia) also has meaning “butterfly”. One of the famous figure that use this name is the name of the famous crocodile hunter’s daughter, Steve Irwin, namely Bindi Sue Irwin. 


  • In aboriginal names, Biralee has meaning “baby”. 


  • Cardinia is a feminine name that taken from a place name in the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria. It is the corruption of wadawurrung or the bunurong word Kar-din-yarr, that has meaning “look to the sunrise”, since it points at the east part of wadawurrung local people’s land.


  • Elanora is a feminine Australian local name that has meaning “home by the water” or “ “home by the sea.”


  • Ellin is a feminine name that derived from an aboriginal words that has meaning “wish”.


  • Inala is a rare indigenous Australian name for female. The name is taken from a suburb of Brisbane that has meaning “night time, rest time”. However, this name is also often translated as “place of peace”.


  • Jannali is an aboriginal name that is taken from the northern territory that has meaning “the moon.”


  • Jedda is a feminine aboriginal name that is derived from the noongar word “Djida” that has meaning “bird”. It was hit as a name after a film in 1955 named the title character with Jedda.


  • Jindalee is a local feminine name that is taken from New South Wallet that has meaning “a bare hill”.


  • The name of Karelee is taken from a brisbane suburb that has meaning “grass around a water hole.”


  • The name of Kareela is taken from an Australian aboriginal words that has meaning “south wind” or “place of trees and water.”


  • Lowanna is derived from Tasmanian dialect that has meaning “woman”. In addition, it is also meaning as “girl” based on the Gumbaynggir language of New South Wales”. This word is often used to describe an exquisite beauty of an object. This name is also mostly come with various range of nicknames such as Anna, Lo, and Lowie.


  • The name of Maroochy is probably derived either from turrubal or kabi kabi, one of the Australian aboriginal languages that has meaning “black swan.”


  • Merinda is a rare and anglicized indigenous Australian name that can has meaning “leech” or “beautiful”.


  • Merindah means “beautiful” based on the indigenous languages of the Sydney area (probably from Darug language).


  • Yindi is a feminine name that derived from an aboriginal language that has meaning “sun”.

Aborigin names for male


  • Daku is a male name taken from an indigenous Australian language (Diyari) that has meaning “sand hill”.


  • Dural is derived from dharug language (one of indigenous Australian language) that has meaning “valley, gulley.”


  • Gurumarra is taken from gunggay dialect, yarrabah region cairns in Queensland Australia that has mraning “dry lightning” (lightning with no tunder or rain)


  • Jarli is taken from Jiwarli, one of the indigenous australian language, that has meaning “barn owl”


  • In Ngiyampaa language, Kuparr has meaning “burnt eart or red earth” that refers to the red ochre.


  • Based on the indigenous language from around the Sydney area, Warrin has meaning “season of wet and cold r winter.”

Aborigin names for both female and male


  • Jiemba is fits for both female and male names. Based on the Wiradjuri language, Jiemba has meaning “laughing star”. This name refers to the morning star or known as the planet venus.


  • Iluka is both fits for female and male name. This name is taken from the village name of Iluka, located in the northern New South Wales. In an Australian Aboriginal language, Iluka is often translated as “by the sea”. It is probably derived from the Djangati term “Yiluga”.


  • Bunji is taken from indigenous Australian aborigin names that both fits for male and female name that has meaning “partner, friend, buddy or mate”.

Those are all the best 28 unique aborigin names for you.