The Best Spanish Baby Names for Girl and Their Meanings

Last Updated: 18 Aug 2016
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Do you have a plan to give the best Spanish name for your baby girl? If so, you are in the right site and article because as you know that here bellow there is the lists of great name for baby girls which are taken from the language of Spanish. For those of who want to look for the inspiration of names from Spanish which then are able and possible to be applied, it will be the right chance indeed for you to read some inspiration names bellow. Those are based on the arrangement first indeed which is created as one of the thing to help other people who now are really confuse on looking for the name for you baby even some of them are born yet. However, though the baby is born yet, but the name is the best very important thing we have to prepare.

Due to the selection of the baby name is not easy to do, so it is recommended for you and everyone to make a good preparation from the previous time before the baby are born. Preparation is a good thing to do than as what are commonly experienced by many parents; they get confuse to decide which the best name can be set into her daughter. To give you some inspirations, perhaps some of them bellow can be selected depending on which the right for you.

1 . Primavera Adelfa (A girl of Adelfa who has an interest to thing that has a close relation with spring)

  • Primavera (Spanish) means spring
  • Adelfa (Spanish) means Interest Adelfa

2 . Quinta Adalia (A fifth daughter who has a nobility and always respected by many people)

  • Quinta(Spanish) means The birth of fifth child
  • Adalia (Spanish) means Nobility

3 . Aguilina RosIyn (A beautiful girl like a rose who has a good right in justice)

  • Aguilina (Spanish) means Justice
  • RosIyn (Spanish) means Beautiful roses

4 . Alfia Rosa (A girl like a roses which has justice thoughtful and living with honest)

  • Alfia (Spanish) means justice thoughtful, honest
  • Rosa(Spanish) means Roses

5 . Regina Alamaeda (As the queen who has a good caring for other such as a tree)

  • Regina(Spanish) means As the queen
  • Alamaeda (Spanish) means Trees

6 . Altagracia Regina (A girl who is virgin mary and also has a great attitude like a queen)

  • Altagracia (Spanish) means of the virgin mary
  • Regina (Spanish) means As the queen

7 . Vanesa Alvera (A girl who always has a great beautiful life like butterflies  but always speak the truth)

  • Vanesa (Spanish) means butterflies
  • Alvera (Spanish) means speaker truth

8 . Yoana Alfiora (A girl who has always spoken the truth and become the god’s grace)

  • Yoana (Spanish) means God's Grace
  • Alfiora (Spanish) means Speaker truth (Alvera)

9 . Vicenta Almedin (A virgin who always get what she want in her life to be a winner)

  • Vicenta(Spanish) means: winner
  • Almedin (Spanish) means Mother of the Virgin Mary (another form of Almundena)

10 . Teresa Aliviani (A girl who has a pure heart which reflected on the action as the name of saint)

  • Teresa, Teresita (Spanish) means the name of a saint
  • Aliviani (Spanish) means White, net (Alvana)

11 . Vittoria Adonnica (A beautiful girl who always get winner possibilities)

  • Vittoria (Spanish) means Winners
  • Adonnica (Spanish) means Beautiful

12 . Melita Nelida (A sweet girl who can bright other with her ray shine)

  • Melita (Spanish) means Sweet
  • Nelida (Spanish) means rays shine

13 . Narcisa Altagracia (A Virgin Mary who has a beautiful mind like lilies flower)

  • Narcisa(Spanish) means Lilies
  • Altagracia (Spanish) means of the Virgin Mary

14 . Nelia Amanda (A beloved girl who is in yellow love interest)

  • Nelia (Spanish) means Yellow
  • Amanda (Spanish) means The beloved (Amadia)

15 . Nicanora Oliveria (A girl as victory leader that always in sweetheart)

  • Nicanora(Spanish) means Victory soldiers
  • Oliveria (Spanish) means Sweetheart

16 . Anasetta Olivia (A girl like olive that can not be beaten for its prowess)

  • Anasetta (Spanish) means can not be beaten for its prowess (Aniceta)
  • Olivia (Spanish) means Olives

17 . Palita Anjelita (A girl who born as pigeons and messengers of heaven)

  • Palita (Spanish) means Pigeons
  • Anjelita (Spanish) means messengers of heaven

18 . Aquilinia Nevea (A girl who is apparel snow and has a view like the eagle)

  • Aquilinia (Spanish) means Eagles
  • Nevea (Spanish) means Apparel snow

19 . Athanasian Paciencia (A girl who is reborn as a great one that has a patience on life)

  • Athanasia (Spanish) means reborn
  • Paciencia (Spanish) means Patience

20 . Monica Arqelia (A girl who always give advice to the other as treasure)

  • Monica (Spanish) means Adviser
  • Arqelia (Spanish) means Treasure

21 . Athanasian Noemi (A girl who is reborn to inspire the comfortable life)

  • Athanasian (Spanish) means reborn
  • Noemi (Spanish) means Comfortable

22 . Natalia Aquelin (A girl who was born on Christmas and has strength like an eagle)

  • Natalia(Spanish) means Born at Christmas
  • Aquelin (Spanish) means Eagles

23 . Athanasian Oliveria (A dear daughter who born again into this world with love)

  • Aquelin (Spanish) means Eagles
  • Oliveria (Spanish) means Sweetheart

24 . Paciencia Amaranta (The girl who always has a full patience like a flower that never dies)

  • Paciencia (Spanish) means Patience
  • Amaranta (Spanish) means flowers that never die

25 . Lolita Atalia (A strong woman, and her strength was even like a bull)

  • Lolita(Spanish) means strong girl
  • Atalia (Spanish) means Guard fortress

26 . Azzuura Madelynn (woman from Magdala who have souls like blue sky)

  • Azzuura (Spanish) means Blue Sky (Azura)
  • Madelynn (Spanish) means Woman of Magdala

27 . Arima Lucila (A girl who has a great soul where it can give light bearer)

  • Arima (Spanish) means Soul
  • Lucila (Spanish) means light bearer

28 . Margarita Cornelyta (A woman carrying light to constantly)

  • Margarita (Spanish) means Pearls
  • Cornelyta (Spanish) means Parks

29 . Cristiana Loretta (A follower of god who has a pure heart and soul)

  • Cristiana (Spanish) means followers of god
  • Loretta (Spanish) means Pure

30 . Margarita Conchita (A light bearer who live with more target and plan)

  • Conchita (Spanish) means have a plan
  • Lucila (Spanish) means light bearer

The name for your baby can be selected from so many languages, cultures, and religions and other. Even you can combine between one with another choices till then you can make a good arrangement to create the best match. For those of you who want to choose the baby name from Spanish language, some of them above perhaps are able to be a reference that can help you decide which the best name will be selected. Hopefully, the list above can be a good inspiration!