The Best List of Hebrew Baby Names for Boy with the Meanings

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2016
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hebrew baby boy

Hebrew Baby Boy

Are you currently searching for a suitable choice of the name for your baby? Yes, if you are still confused, you might try to use the row of names follows below. Rows of the name is derived from the Hebrew language that had been popular and has been widely used by many people in the world. This language could also be an option that suits you the hebrew devout worship to God. So far, there are indeed many among the followers of religions that use names to their children with names that exist in our scriptures. It was a form of confidence and also their obedience to God and religion.

The list of baby name from the Hebrew language below are the best quality selections of names could be selected for the boys. For those of you who now have a baby boy and confused to find a suitable name, then some of the following options may be an alternative. There are actually many other names that you can choose, but some names are already under a series. That way, you do not need a loss for the circuit to do it yourself. Those list bellow can be a fix name that you can choose for you baby boy, or even you can also combine with other name.

1. Ben Adamson (A male dashing as his prophet adam)

  • Ben (Hebrew) means a child
  • Adamson (Hebrew) means children adam

2. Adley Gedaliah (A wise man that is protected by god almighty)

  • Adley (Hebrew) means wise
  • Gedaliah (Hebrew) means that the great god

3. Alva Geremia (A man who likes to initiate a lot of people and get the glory of god)

  • Alva (Hebrew) means all-glorious
  • Geremia (Hebrew) meaning god supreme

4. Gian Asher (A man is a gift of God and always getting pleasure in life)

  • Gian (Hebrew) means a gift from god
  • Asher (Hebrew) means happy

5. Arvad Hananel (A male nomads who get protection from the gods were generous)

  • Arvad (Hebrew) means wanderers
  • Hananel (Hebrew) meaning god almighty generous

6. Hans Arion (A male gift from god who has a melodious voice)

  • Hans (Hebrew) means gift
  • Arion (Hebrew) means a melodious voice

7. Azarious Hieremias (A man giving living god had an attitude like god)

  • Azarious (Hebrew) meaning god
  • Hieremias (Hebrew) means the name of god

8. Chanoch Hosea (A man who dare to start something and always given safety)

  • Chanoch (Hebrew) means start
  • Hosea (Hebrew) means safety

9. Doren Iakovos (A male gift from god that has an attitude suplanter)

  • Doren (Hebrew) means gift
  • Iakovos (Hebrew) means suplanter

10. Aryeh Chavivi (A man who loved God that made him strong as a lion)

  • Aryeh (Hebrew) meaning lion god
  • Chavivi (Hebrew) means love

11. David Hyman (A man who loves his life today and the future)

  • David (Hebrew) means love
  • Hyman (Hebrew) meaning of life

12. Arlen Bogdan (A gift of God idyllic based on previous pledges)

  • Arlen (Hebrew) means pledge
  • Bogdan (Hebrew) means a gift from god

13. Ichabod Benedictson (Benedict child who has a noble life)

  • Ichabod (Hebrew) means glory
  • Benedictson (Hebrew) means Son Benedict

14. Boas Hosea (A man who possess agile and fast, but also attention to safety)

  • Boas (Hebrew) means fast
  • Hosea (Hebrew) means safety

15. Hillel Baruch (A man widely praised and blessed by the gods)

  • Hillel (Hebrew) means praising
  • Baruch (Hebrew) means blessed

16. Harrod Barnabas (A heroic man who like to do something useful)

  • Harrod (Hebrew) means heroic
  • Barnabas (Hebrew) means to do something

17. Baram Avichai (A son of a father who is extraordinary)

  • Baram (Hebrew) means son
  • Avichai (Hebrew) means father

18. Benroy Hosea (A brave man like a lion cub and a focus on safety)

  • Benroy (Hebrew) meaning lion cub
  • Hosea (Hebrew) means safety

19. Asa Hieremias (A boy who is very dear to God and has the ability to become a healer)

  • Asa (Hebrew) means healer
  • Hieremias (Hebrew) meaning god

20. Hod Avinoam (A strong man who can always please their parents)

  • Hod (Hebrew) means strong
  • Avinoam (Hebrew) means fun dad

21. Armin Hezekiah (A man who is always worshiped the Most High and have all the power)

  • Armin (Hebrew) means high places
  • Hezekiah (Hebrew) means the power of god

22. Machum Elazar (A man who have the attitude of a god and can provide comfort)

  • Machum (Hebrew) means comfort
  • Elazar (Hebrew) meaning god

23. Miron Lapidos (A male bearer of light that can always prosper shrine)

  • Miron (Hebrew) means a sacred place
  • Lapidos (Hebrew) means torch

24. Josu Elisheva (A man who does not like to do something that could make a god of wrath)

  • Josu (Hebrew) means to store
  • Elisheva (Hebrew) meaning god's wrath

25. Emmanuel Asaph (A man who diligently strive for sure god with him)

  • Emmanuel (Hebrew) meaning God with us
  • Asaph (Hebrew) means to gather

26. Azriel Esdras (A man where god always help because they believe God will also help him)

  • Azriel (Hebrew) meaning god helper
  • Esdras (Hebrew) means to help

27. Levi Baruch (A man who like to work together to be able to get happiness)

  • Levi (Hebrew) meaning cooperation
  • Baruch (Hebrew) means happy

28. Ephrem Chagai (A productive man who have a modest lifestyle)

  • Ephrem (Hebrew) means fertile
  • Chagai (Hebrew) means to mediate

29. Joshua Chiram (A noble man who has the qualities of god)

  • Joshua (Hebrew) meaning god
  • Chiram (Hebrew) meaning noble

30. Deron eyou (A good guy who has the freedom in his life)

  • Deron (Hebrew) means freedom
  • Eyou (Hebrew) means the symbol of good

From some of the list above, you can decide which name best suited and you can choose according to what you want. Of course the baby does not have the desire to get a particular name, because it was given by the parents. Therefore as parents we should be able to understand well to consider many things before giving a name that suits you both for girls or boys. The arrangement of name from Hebrew is one of name kind only, besides that there are some other name actually could be selected. We are also possible to combine between on name characteristic with the other selected name choices.