The Best Full Gaelic Names for Baby

Last Updated: 05 Nov 2016
Category: European Names
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A beautiful Gaelic daughter

Finding baby names becomes a fun action to do. You must look for the appropriate one with good meanings and messages. You can take names from different countries like Asian, African, American, European, or Australian. European names seem to convey deep meanings with unique composition of full baby names. One of recommended baby names is Gaelic names.

The names come from Scotland providing a wide variety of baby names. If you love the collection of Gaelic names, you may take one of these following names. It includes Gaelic names for baby girls and baby boys.

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls

  • Africa Aislin means one dream to pursue a fun and real ambition.
  • Aine Arleen means a happiness to accomplish a life goal.
  • Alanna Birkita means the strength of faith and balance in the life.
  • Aithne Bree means an enthusiastic woman like small fire who is sweet and salty like delicious foods.
  • Arlene Brietta means a strong woman holding a swear along her life.
  • Annabelle Briana means a strong woman who is always happy and cheerful in her life.
  • Bevin Caitlin means a woman with golden and beautiful voice to sing sincerely.
  • Bridget Brina means a women being the savior and strength for all people.
  • Caoimhe Brites means a person being strong and brave. She is famous for the gentleness and beauty.
  • Cary Brice means the truth reaching the top of sky like a bird.
  • Colleen Dierdre means a young and youthful girl.
  • Devnet Erlina an Irish actress.
  • Erin Edana means a diligent girl giving peace.
  • Gwen Etain means a white and shining girl when many people see her.
  • Gilda Evelyn means the servant of God who is fun and cheerful.
  • Fiona Kaie means a white and fair girl behaving like a powerful soldier.
  • Isolde Kaitlyn means a beautiful and small soul mate.
  • Gwynne Kathleen means a white girlfriend conveying peace and fair in the circumstance.
  • Fainche Keelin means a Christian girl who is small and slimming.
  • Nola Pixie means a noble and famous girl. She is loved due to behave good like a small goodness.
  • Saraid Rhonda means a complete and perfect woman to handle multitasking actions.
  • Seanna Shayla means the elegancy of attitudes, appearance, and behaviors.
  • Tara Shela means a honored musician.
  • Morgandy Shylah means loyal to God and starting zero to be a hero.
  • Treya Treasa means a strong and wise woman when she faces complicated problems.
  • Ula Trully means a precious and priceless diamond.
  • Wynne Treasa means a shining woman having a strong personality.
  • Ailis Aingealag means a honest and loyal girl and beautiful like goodness.
  • Aimil Ainsley means a diligent Scottish girl.
  • Aibhlin Aigneis means the pure light of people life.
  • Africa Angealag means a pleasant angle bringing happiness and peace.
  • Alain Alyn means a bright and beautiful person.
  • Anabal Aprika means the pleasant joy.
  • Aselma Barabell means a fair and faithful stranger.
  • Brendan Beatrice means a blessed and brave girl to run challenges in her life.
  • Blayne Brenda means a thin sword. It is expected that a girl is strong and sharp like a sword.
  • Breen Bebhinn means a fairy palace giving harmony and peace to all people.
  • Darin Devan means a great servant for king and God.
  • Dorene Daron means a blonde and great girl.
  • Darick Doreen means a strong and powerful woman who is always beautiful and nice.

Gaelic Names for Baby Boys

  • Adalardo Arland means a pure and noble swear.
  • Amon Brian means a strong and hidden person.
  • Boyd Cadman means a blond man being a hero.
  • Bryant Caedmon means a brave and strong man who can be a wise hero.
  • Casey Brazil means a strong, brave, and careful person.
  • Carney Beacan means a small man acting and behaving like a hero.
  • Chadwick Carden means a brave, strong, and wise hero.
  • Clancy Carroll means an auburn hair man who is trying and keeping to be the best one and winner along his life.
  • Cody Colin means a youthful and young child.
  • Coalan Cullen means a handsome young star looking perfect from his body appearance.
  • Conner Conan means a wise man having a wise desire and hope.
  • Donnelly Corey means a brave and active man.
  • Duncan Dunn means a black soldier bringing peaceful messages.
  • Evan Driscoll means a young soldier being a translator of life for many people.
  • Edan Farell means a strong and brave enthusiastically breaking the problems.
  • Fergus Gilroy means a servant of king who is strong and powerful.
  • Flyn Ferris means an auburn hair man who is strong like stone and iron.
  • Fionn Ferguson means a white and fair man in Scotland.
  • Greg Kearney means a man behaving like a hero enthusiastically to fight for enemies.
  • Irving Marmaduke means a handsome leader.
  • Keith Kendall means strong wind from hill.
  • Kegan Kendreague means a loving and caring man who is enthusiastically solving his problem.
  • Malvin Keir means the black servant serving faithfully.
  • Lorne Marvin means a beautiful ocean from Lorne.
  • Monroe Kelvin means a small river being a water spring in the center of dessert.
  • Merlin Melvin means a leader and chief like an eagle who is strong, powerful, wise, and faith.
  • Perth Murray means a silent sea explorer having unpredictable surprises.
  • Kerwin Scully means a black man with white attitudes.
  • Sean Sloane means the elegancy of hero.
  • Tegan Tiernan means a strong and active king like a deer.
  • Torin Teague means a leader liking arts and music.
  • Trevor Abboid means a careful and religious man.
  • Ahern Ailin means a handsome man having many horses.
  • Aidan Aindreas means a masculine man getting enthusiastic to face his life.
  • Bacstair Beatie means a blessed baker.
  • Banning Beagin means a blonde  and sweet child.
  • Alair Angus means a happy man with unique strength.
  • Arthur Ahern means a strong man being the servant of God.
  • Hogan Barrie means a youthful and handsome person.
  • Aherne Ario means a success person having many houses.

Those are collections of Gaelic names for both baby girls and boys. Those convey good meanings that can represent a good hope for your baby. Choose these Gaelic names with nice meanings.