The Best Arrangement of Greek Baby Names for Girl with Meanings

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2016
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Greek Baby Girl

What is the difference between one and another? In addition to the physical form, one important thing that made the difference is the name. This name is an important legacy given by parents to their children. Given heritage is certainly the most important thing and is not given lightly. Before giving the name to the child, there are some things that should be considered and taken into account properly. The name given tentuk not just the name but must have a deep meaning that can become a prayer as what is expected by the parents later. It is important actually to give the best beautiful name especially for the baby girl.

In getting the name, there are many ways you can try to do. We can choose a name that is derived from a foreign language, or also from languages that have special characteristics such as religion and others. Language selection for the name of the child is free from anywhere, but there is the most important thing to consider is the child's development in the future. We should not only take the name, but it would be better to compose himself. Well, for those of you who need inspiration to give a name to your daughter, then here's a list of beautiful names for girls from Greek language.

1. Bernice Aafreeda (A beautiful woman who has a fascination with the power to bring victory)

  • Bernice (Greek) means Carrier Victory
  • Aafreeda (Greek) means Goddess of beauty

2. Astrella Bellanca (A women who shines like a star and be a strong fortress in life)

  • Astrella (Greek) means Small Stars
  • Bellanca (Greek) means Fortress

3. Auxilya Namara (A women are always happy being defenders of many people)

  • Auxilya (Greek) means Defender of mankind
  • Namara (Greek) means Happy

4. Athalitha Nemesia (A Female good heart that always be the upholder of justice)

  • Athalitha (Greek): means Young Girl Good Hearted
  • Nemesia (Greek) means Enforcement justice

5. Odelia Atlante (A beautiful women who like melodies and a hard worker)

  • Odelia (Greek) means melody
  • Atlante (Greek) means Work hard, persistent fighter

6. Orlin Azalea (A woman who always has a brilliant future is like something dry)

  • Orlin (Greek) means Sparkling Golden
  • Azalea (Greek): means Dry

7. Nickyta Berdine (A woman who could be the conqueror so as to achieve greatness)

  • Nickyta (Greek) means Conqueror
  • Berdine (Greek) means victory

8. Macaria Callista (A beautiful woman who had a good life)

  • Macaria (Greek) means Have a good life
  • Callista (Greek) means Beautiful

9. Carissa Marlene (A elegant woman who always gets a high position in life)

  • Carissa (Greek) means Grace
  • Marlene (Greek) means high tower

10. Chatrine Milesha (A lovely lady who always wanted to unite with others)

  • Milesha (Greek) means Unity
  • Chatrine (Greek) means Pure

11. Cherice Mulfy (A women were excellent and very much appreciated being able to appreciate the others)

  • Cherice (Greek) means Respect, respect
  • Mulfy (Greek) means Fine

10. Chrisella Magen (A cold-handed woman precious as pearls)

  • Chrisella (Greece) means crystal
  • Magen (Greece) means pearl

13. Mirtha Claresta (A smart woman who deserves the royal crown)

  • Mirtha (Greek) means Crowned
  • Claresta (Greek) means Smart

14. Cleonie Moria (A god choice female born into a well-known)

  • Cleonie (Greek) means Brands
  • Moria (Greek) means God's Chosen

15. Naida Cyrille (A noble lady like royalty ever can protect many people)

  • Naida (Greek) means Air flow
  • Cyrille (Greek) means glorious, high

16. Nelida Clydine (A women who have a sense of loving and compassionate so that it can be a noble lady)

  • Nelida (Greek) means Compassionate
  • Clydine (Greek) means the Great

17. Nestri Coralee (A young beautiful woman and wise in his life)

  • Nestri (Greek) means Wise
  • Coralee (Greek) means Virgin

18. Danayla Peony (A beautiful women who obey the commands of god)

  • Danayla (Greek) means God is my judge
  • Peony (Greek) means Flowers

19. Raylia Daphney (A female bearer of good news that could lead to victory)

  • Raylia (Greek) means Carrier Good News
  • Daphney (Greek) means Victory

20. Primalia Elsi (A beautiful women like flowers in the spring of obedience to god)

  • Primalia (Greek) means As spring
  • Elsi (Greek) means God is my oath

21. Emerald Phoebe (A beautiful women who shine like a jewel green eyes)

  • Emerald (Greek) means green gem
  • Phoebe (Greek) means Shines

22. Eleni Priskilla (A lovely lady bright and luminous like the classics)

  • Eleni (Greek) means Bright, light
  • Priskilla (Greek) means Ancient, ancient

23. Roula Ercilia (A lovely lady wise and affectionate)

  • Roula (Greek) means Wise
  • Ercilia (Greek) means Love, soft

24. Philantha Estefania (A Female flower lovers who deserves the crown of honor)

  • Philantha (Greek) means Lovers of interest
  • Estefania (Greek) means Crown

25. Esteva Stevanie (A beautiful women who can illuminate and the crown of honor in his life)

  • Esteva (Greek) means light bederang
  • Stevanie (Greek) means Crown

26. Selena Evanthe (A woman bercahay like the moon and beautiful like a flower)

  • Selena (Greek) means Month
  • Evanthe (Greek) means Flowers are beautiful

27. Evyn Sandrina (A woman who lives as a defender of mankind)

  • Evyn (Greek) means Live
  • Sandrina (Greek) means Defender of mankind

28. Seanne Evodia (A elegant woman who always wanted to make others happy)

  • Seanne (Greek) means Elegance
  • Evodia (Greek) means to make others happy

29. Estrid Syarinnee (A beautiful and attractive woman beautiful shine like a star)

  • Estrid (Greek) means star
  • Syarinnee (Greek) means interesting

30. Emilia Shireen (A beautiful and attractive woman who is ready to compete live)

  • Emilia (Greek) means Compete
  • Shireen (Greek) means interesting

Greek language is the language of the most ancient because it has been there since time immemorial. Nevertheless, it is possible indeed to still use the language in the present. Instead, using this ancient language, we can get the thrill of a classic in children, who then can make your child's name becomes more interesting because rarely use it. Well, this should be an option for parents who want their children to be different by choosing a name that is rarely chosen and used by others. Hopefully some of the above names on the list can provide inspiration for anyone who is currently looking for a suitable name for their daughter.