The Best Arrangement of Greek Baby Names for Boys with Meanings

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2016
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Greek baby boy

Greek Baby Boy

Selection of the good name for a girl or guy is not an easy thing to do. Before then we determine the selection of the most suitable name, we should do some things that will help us decide the appropriate name and we will choose. Selection of the proper name will be based on several things depending on the viewpoint of where we choose. Sometimes there are parents who choose the terms of the popularity of the name, there is also the attention to the meaning contained in these names and others. All that it has become commonly used as a benchmark in choosing a name for the child so that then the name will be selected later.

The problems most often occur and a lot is in the process of selecting a suitable word. As we know that there are indeed many sources including the names of the many languages of the world. We each have the freedom to choose a name for the child. Usually now the name chosen by the parents, no longer relying on just one language, but also a lot of parents who choose names from other languages in the world. Because there are many languages in the world, it also sometimes makes us confused. Well, as an illustration, here are a series of baby name can be selected specifically parents of a baby boy.

1. Hektor Abdias (A Male authority is always obedient to God)

  • Hektor (Greek) means the holder of power
  • Abdias (Greek) means servant of God

2. Luke Achiles (A Male carriers of a strong light like a hero in the war)

  • Luke (Greek) means bearer of light
  • Achilles (Greek) means to hero in the war

3. Adrian Lazaro (A rich man who always got help from god)

  • Adrian (Greek) means rich
  • Lazaro (Greek) means God's helper

4. Helios Leandre (A Men strong as a lion and become luminaries like the sun)

  • Helios (Greek) means Sun.
  • Leandre (Greek) means Strong as a lion

5. Lexander Agatho (A good man who has the spirit of a defender of mankind)

  • Lexander (Greek) means defender of mankind
  • Agatho (Greek) means Good

6. Herk Latrevo (A strong man who has a love and great compassion)

  • Herk (Greek) means Strong
  • Latrevo (Greek) means Love

7. Leandro Andreas (A strong man who has the courage of his life)

  • Leandro (Greek) means Brave
  • Andreas (Greek) means Strong

8. Lex Antolin (A Men who grew up as a protector of many people or mankind)

  • Lex (Greek) means protector of mankind
  • Antolin (Greek) means Evolving

9. Lucian Heraklees (A Male bearer of light and can also get the glory)

  • Lucian (Greek) means bearer of light
  • Heraklees (Greek) means Glory

10. Leocadio Andrusha (A Male strong, manly, clever and smart)

  • Leocadio (Greek) means clever, smart
  • Andrusha (Greek) means Strong, manly

11. Gaelan Aqtoris (A good man who has a calm nature and also patient)

  • Gaelan (Greek) means Calm, patient
  • Aqtoris (Greek) means Good

12. Licas Ariesto (A Male brave and strong like a wolf, and could be the best always)

  • Licas (Greek) means Wolves
  • Ariesto (Greek) means The Best

13. Geovanni Aristeo (A best man who always get the protection of god)

  • Geovanni (Greek) means God
  • Aristeo (Greek) means The Best

14. Athanasius Lysander (A Male savior of mankind ever-lasting)

  • Athanasius (Greek) means timeless
  • Lysander (Greek) means Savior of mankind

15. Gianni Atreo (A king who knows how to thank god)

  • Gianni (Greek) means Thank God
  • Atreo (Greek) means King

16. Arzachel Lucian (A Male carriers of light like the famous mathematician)

  • Arzachel (Greek) means mathematician
  • Lucian (Greek) means bearer of light

17. Gregory Athons (A Man who are always alert and always immortal name)

  • Gregory (Greek) means Alert
  • Athons (Greek) means timeless

18. Gino Balthasar (A Man who are always guarded by the god like a highborn)

  • Gino (Greek) means descendants of nobles
  • Balthasar (Greek) means Guarded God

19. Briareus Makar (A strong man whose life is always filled with luck and happiness)

  • Briareus (Greek) means Strong
  • Makar (Greek) means Lucky, happy

20. Myron Bacilio (A Male virtuous that has properties like kings)

  • Myron (Greek) means high Righteous
  • Bacilio (Greek) means Characteristically like kings

21. Giles Moriz (A Son of darkness are always trying to be a protector)

  • Giles (Greek) means Protectors
  • Moriz (Greek) means Son of darkness

22. Morphee Blasius (A Man who have the glory, and could be a powerful orator)

  • Morphee (Greek) means Say - sharp words
  • Blasius (Greek) means Jaya, magnificent

23 . Napolean Cauliz (A Man who is strong as a lion that could carry human victory)

  • Napolean (Greek) means lion
  • Cauliz (Greek) means Victory mankind

24. Alardo Castor (A Male workhorse that has properties like a prince)

  • Alardo (Greek) means Prince
  • Castor (Greek) means a diligent worker

25. Genio Nendra (A Male gentility were always able to get the glory)

  • Genio (Greek) means descendants of nobles
  • Nendra (Greek) means Men with victory

26. Niccolas Obelix (A Man who have the power so that it can be a human triumph)

  • Niccolas (Greek) means human succeeding
  • Obelix (Greek) means Strength

27. Chronos Panavela (A man who appreciate the time and could always be a loyal friend)

  • Chronos (Greek) means Time, boast
  • Panavela (Greek) means Friend faithful

28. Pearson Clearesta (A man who have a strong desire and could reach the summit of glory)

  • Pearson (Greek) means Stone
  • Clearesta (Greek) means peak of glory

29. Cleon Pasicrates (A man who have dominated so deserve the glory)

  • Cleon (Greek) means Glory
  • Pasicrates (Greek) means dominating everyone

30. Philander Chronos (A man who appreciate the time and boasts of mankind)

  • Philander (Greek) means Lover of mankind
  • Chronos (Greek) means Time, boast

Some of the above names actually only a few circuits only. Besides the fact there are many other languages that can be used. From the Greek language itself, there are many other names that are quite popular and can also be selected in accordance with the wishes. Some names just above the main circuit does have good enough grades to choose from. The rest we can actually still looking at a few other resources to finally be able to get what we do want later.