The Best Arrangement of Asma ul Husna and Arabic for Girl Baby Name with Meaning

Last Updated: 14 Nov 2016
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Arabian Couple with their Daughter

One of the traditions of Muslims is often given the name of their child by using the properties of god and also the Arabic language. Both are becoming one of the things that happened a long time and even become a habit, which until now has been chosen and implemented by many Muslims. Selection of the name of the two forms is done so that the child has properties that are properties possessed by a god. Likewise with the use of the Arabic language is selected as one of the important part because their scriptures were written in Arabic. It also may be one factor why many spread Islam throughout the world, and the Arabic language also became widely known.

Talking about the choice of names for the baby by using a combination of the names of God in Arabic, was until now there are so many that are used by Muslims in many countries around the world. Well, if you too are interested to use these names, then here are a few names that you can use later. But it is a series of names below are special for you who have a baby girl. For the baby name with this concept for boy has been written before.

1 . Hafidzah Al-badi (A girl who is a memorizer of quran that continue to give beauty)

  • Hafidzah (Arabic) means penghapal
  • Al-badi (Asmaulhusna) means almighty creator of beauty

2 . Fatimah An-nafi (A girl who always gives benefits like child apostles)

  • Fatimah (Arabic) means child apostles
  • An-nafi '(Asmaulhusna) means almighty giving benefits

3 . Abidah Al-muta'ali (A girl who devout who have high glory)

  • Abidah (Arabic) means devout worship
  • Al-muta'ali (Asmaulhusna) means almighty & noble

4. Khadizah Al-ghaniy (A girl who are rich treasure and a heart like)

  • Khadizah (Arabic) means wife of the prophet
  • Al-ghaniy (Asmaulhusna) means almighty supreme rich

5. Aisyah Al-hamid (A girl who has terpujii properties just like the apostle wife)

  • Aisyah (Arabic) means The prophet's wife
  • Al-hamid (Asmaulhusna) means almighty blessed

6. Dalilah Al-waliy (A girl who could be the protector and giver street light)

  • Dalilah (Arabic) means jalan bright
  • Al-waliy (Asmaulhusna) means almighty protective

7. Dhawiyah Al-matin (A girl who have soft hearts or the kind that has the firmness of faith)

  • Dhawiyah (Arabic) means smooth
  • Al-matin (Asmaulhusna) means almighty teguh

8 . Durrah Al-hakim (A wise girlwho looks like a precious pearl in the world)

  • Durrah (Arabic) means pearl
  • Al-hakim (Asmaulhusna) means almighty wisely

9 . Dina Al-muqit (A girl who always continues to maintain his religion firmly)

  • Dina (Arabic) means religion
  • Al-muqit (Asmaulhusna) means almighty guard

10 . Inayah Al-jalil (A perfect woman who always get the protection of the gods)

  • Inayah (Arabic) means protection
  • Al-jalil (Asmaulhusna) means supreme perfect

11 . Hafsah Al-halim (A girl who forbearing and patient wife as apostles)

  • Hafsah (Arabic) means wife apostle
  • Al-halim (Asmaulhusna) means almighty trustees / wait

12 . Kaltsum Al-mu'iz (A beautiful girl who always could glorify himself and his god)

  • Kaltsum (Arabic) means beautiful woman
  • Al-mu'iz (Asmaulhusna) means almighty glorify

13 . Kalima Al-wahhab (A girl who have an attitude of giving so much favored including by god)

  • Kalima (Arabic) means preferred
  • Al-wahhab (Asmaulhusna) means almighty giver

14 . Sakinah Ar-rahim ( A girl who is tranquility and always get merciful from god)

  • Sakinah (Arabic) means tranquility
  • Ar-rahim (Asmaulhusna) means almighty merciful

15 . Aisyah Al-Quddus (A holy women in a healthy and happy life like prophet’s)

  • Aafiyah (Arabic) means healthy congratulations
  • Al-Quddus (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty supreme holy

16 . Aaliyah Al-muhyi (A noblewoman girl who has a prosperous livelihood and can support others)

  • Aaliyah (Arabic) means nobility
  • Al-muhyi (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty in turn

17 . Aathifah Ar-Rahim (A kindly girl as the gift from god)

  • Aathifah (Arabic) giving
  • Ar-Rahim (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty merciful

18 . Adzkiya Al-khaliq (An intelligent girl of god almighty god)

  • Adzkiya (Arabic) means smart
  • Al-khaliq (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty supreme creator

19 . Afiqah Ar-razzaq (An quixotic girl who given the abundance of sustenance)

  • Afiqah (Arabic) means the incredibly generous
  • Ar-razzaq (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty sustenance

20 . Aizyah Al-latif (A kindly woman who is full of energy and chirpy)

  • Aizyah (Arabic) means energetic, joyous
  • Al-latif (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty supreme soft

21 . Alifah Al-basit (A welcoming and friendly girl who was given the abundance of delights)

  • Alifah (Arabic) means in friendly
  • Al-basit (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty bestow scrumptious

22 . Almhira AL-Hafiz (A princess who always can maintain himself and family)

  • Almhira (Arabic) means daughter of king
  • AL-Hafiz (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty Maintainer

23 . Alya AL-Jalil (A girl who is perfect that came from the sky)

  • Alya (Arabic) means the sky
  • AL-Jalil (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty supreme perfect

24 . Aminah Al 'Adl (A fair and trustworthy girl by many people)

  • Aminah (Arabic) means trustworthiness
  • Al ‘Adl (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty in justice

25 . Altafunissa Karim (A kindly girl who was also incredibly generous)

  • Altafunissa (Arabic) means the girl soft
  • Karim (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty merciful

26 . Almeda Al-Wasi (A vast girl who has a strong ambition in life)

  • Almeda (Arabic) means ambitious
  • Al-Wasi (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty broad

27 . Aqila AL-Wadud (A pity girl who is great and glorious)

  • Aqila (Arabic) means great, glorious
  • AL-Wadud (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty pity

28 . Alesha AL-Hasib (A girl who always protected by god)

  • Alesha (Arabic) means always protected god
  • AL-Hasib (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty counters

29 . Akilah AL-Qayyum (A smart girl who always on her mind)

  • Akilah (Arabic) means smart
  • AL-Qayyum (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty own stand

30 . Aiziah AL-Wajid (A girl who is very nobble and always to be inventors)

  • Aiziah (Arabic) means very noble
  • AL-Wajid (Asmaulhusna) means Almighty Inventors

After seeing and reading the thirtieth series of names above, there may be some that fit and you can choose. But it is before you decide to choose a selection of a proper name; it helps if you try to plan everything very well. There are many indeed that must be planned and customized, including the child's future that we want. Everyone does want their children especially women became a pious and dutiful to his parents. If we want our daughters like that, then the step and the best way to do are to choose an appropriate name. If you are a Muslim, then the most appropriate way to do this is to choose a name derived from the Arabic language which is coupled with the properties of god.