Some Great Baby Girl Name with the Meaning of Quiet

Last Updated: 30 Nov 2016

Every mom always wants to give beautiful name and good/great meaning for their baby. To choose some combination name should be done carefully. It should be simple to pronounce, suitable to the baby, and it does not strengthen the baby. So, to make a combination name cannot be at random or just anything. It caused the name of the baby can reflect the dream or the future.

In this section we will discuss about the baby’s names with meaning of “quiet”. There are many kinds of names from many sources. There are from Indonesia, Arabic, Japanese, French, English, etc.

The baby’s name for the baby girl:

  1. Sunyi (Indonesia) means quiet and clear
  2. Sonya (Indonesia) means quiet and calm girl (the other name of Sunya)
  3. Yasu (Japanese) means calm, quiet and tranquil
  4. Malie (Hawaii) means quiet and calm
  5. Shizuka (Japanese) means quiet girl
  6. Maurelle (French) means dark and quiet
  7. Wening (Indonesia) means a girl with clear mind
  8. Shizuko (Japanese) means quiet girl
  9. Bening (Indonesia) means clear mind girl
  10. Khalishah (Arabic) means pure and clear
  11. Mirka (Cheko) means calm and quiet girl
  12. Ningsi (Javanese) means clear and all loving heart
  13. Hening (Indonesia) means silent, quiet, clean and clear girl
  14. Shalonta (African – American) means silent and quiet girl
  15. Ying (China) means a girl with heart like clear crystal
  16. Zerenity (English) means quiet or calm girl
  17. Roiqoh (Arabic) means clear and pure girl
  18. Meyrika (Chekoslovakia) means calm and quiet (the other name of Mirka)
  19. Saqinah (Arabic) means pure, soft, quiet and calm (the other name of Sakina)
  20. Shui (Chinese) means symbol of water, quiet and tranquil, clean and pure
  21. Luhtitisari (Javanese) means drop of tears which is clear
  22. Cadmi (Chamorro) means calm, quiet and there is no breezy
  23. Ding (China) means calm and stabil
  24. Galen (Yunani) means healer and calm (Gaelen, Gaellen, Galyn, Gaylaine, Gayleen, Gaylen, Gaylene, Gaylyn)
  25. Ka (Korea) means pure and clean, quiet and silent
  26. Kaiolohia (Hawaii) means a quiet ocean, a peace mind
  27. Lana (Irlandia) means interesting and quiet girl (the other form name of Alana and Elana)
  28. Mandara (Hindi) means calm and quiet
  29. Nalani (Hawaii) means quiet like heaven (the other form name of Nalanie, Nalamy)
  30. Naroa (Basqua) means quiet, calm and peace
  31. Nene (Japanese) means a girl who quiet and peace
  32. Ning (China) means peace, peacefull and quiet
  33. Noah (Hebrew) means quiet and calm
  34. Quinterie (Latin, French) means quiet (the other name form of Quita
  35. Reena (Greek) means peace, quiet ( the other name form of Reen, Reenie, Rena, Reyna)
  36. Saatvika (India) means calm and quiet girl
  37. Sakeena (India) means peacefull inspired from God
  38. Salama (Arabic) means peace and calm (the other name form of Zulima)
  39. Salome (lbrani) means quiet and calm (the other name form of Saloma, Salome, Salomy, Salomi)
  40. Samita (India) means calm girl
  41. Shamitha (India) means a girl who is calm and disciplin
  42. Sulamita (lbrani) means a girl who is calm and gentle
  43. Tranquila (Spanish) means quiet and clear
  44. Tullia (Irlandia) means quiet and peace (the other name form of Tulia, Tulliah)
  45. Umeno (Japanese) means nice and calm
  46. Yachiko (Japanese) means a quiet and beautiful girl
  47. Yashira (Afganistan) means low profile and quiet
  48. Yasu (Japanese) means gentle and quiet (the other name form of Yasuko, Yasuyo)
  49. Yong (China) means beautiful girl from quiet attitude