Russian Full Names with Meaning for Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016
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Are you familiar with the name “Maria Sharapova” or “Andrei Arshavin”? Yes! Those are names of public figures in sports. These names, surely, are Russian names; they are absolutely sport public figures from Russia. Russian names sound interesting to take as your baby’s name actually. It is sure even though you are not Russian. The uniqueness of the names and, of course, the meaning of the names must be the primary consideration in giving your child name.

So, are you parents-to-be? Are you preparing for your baby’s name? It is not that so complicates thing to be done soon. Here is a provided list of babies’ name combination in Russian along with their meaning. When you are preparing for your baby’s name, you must have searched through books or internet nowadays. It is quite easy currently to get some inspirations on a baby’s name.

You, as parents, surely want to name your baby with a meaningful name, don’t you? Even though there are so many names that you are getting confused to choose, you can make a small research or list the most favorable names for your little boy or girl. You can firstly choose the name based on the meaning. I bet that the meaning represents your wish upon your child. You do not need to be worried or confused, frankly speaking. Just take a look at this list of Russian babies’ names first to find some inspirations.

In the first list, it is provided some combinations of Russian names for baby girls. These names consist of two names in two words which are combined to make a meaningful wish written as a baby name. Here are the twenty five name combinations for female babies which are suggested to ponder.

25 Female Russian Combinations of Baby Names

  • Agafya Aleksandra (Агафя Алекса́ндра): the good defender of mankind.
  • Agnessa Anzhelina (Агне́сса Анжели́на) : the holy angel or messenger.
  • Anastasiya Bronislava (Анаста́си́я Брониславa) : resurrection of the glorious protector.
  • Annushka Fedora (Аннушка Фёдорa) : the graceful gift of God.
  • Anya Evgeniya (Аня Евгения) : grace of the well-born.
  • Arina Boleslava (Арина Болеслава) : the peace and big glory.
  • Borbala Dunyasha (Борбала Дуняша) : the one who is foreign but good-seeming.
  • Borislava Zinaida (Борислава Зинаида) : the battle glory of Zeus.
  • Dunya Evpraksia (Дуня Евпраксия) : seeming to have good conduct.
  • Ekaterina Roza (Екатерина Ро́за) : the pure rose.
  • Esfir Fekla (Есфирь Фекла) : star of the God’s glory.
  • Faina Liouba (Фаина Любa): the light of love.
  • Filippa Galina (Филиппа Гали́на) : the lover of horses who is calm.
  • Galina Valeriya (Гали́на Валерия) : being calm, tranquil, and healthy.
  • Gavriila Asya (Гавриила Ася) : the man of God’s resurrection.
  • Irina Gulistanskiy (Ирина Гюлистанский): peace of the rose-land.
  • Luba Katyusha (Люба Катюша) : love of the little pure one.
  • Raisa Yelena (Раи́са Елена) : the prepared torch.
  • Sofiya Sashura (София Сашура) : the wisdom of mankind defender.
  • Sonya Yaroslava (Соня Ярослава): the wisdom in spring glory.
  • Sveta Roksana (Света Роксана) : light of the dawn.
  • Svetlana Yeva (Светлана Ева) : light of the life.
  • Yevgeniya Zarya (Евгения Заря): the well-born morning star/ sunrise.
  • Zhanna Ludmila (Жанна Людмила): God is gracious to people’s favor.
  • Zoya Yevpraksiya (Зоя Евпраксия) : living live with the good conduct.

In the second list, there are names for boys that you can choose to ponder to be given to your baby boy. The names are taken from famous Russian names for boys. Furthermore, each word is combined with another word to create a deep meaning for your baby. Here are the twenty five names for baby boys which are considerable to take.

Male Russian Combinations of Baby Names.

  • Afonka Leonid (Афонка Леонид) : the immortal son of lion
  • Alyosha Kliment (Алëша Климент) : the famous warrior who is gentle and merciful.
  • Andrei Kolmogorov (Андре́й Колмогоров): the warrior of hill.
  • Aristarkh Nazariy (Аристарх Назарий): the best ruler of Nazareth.
  • Avgustin Bogatyr (Августи́н Богатырь): the venerable hero.
  • Daniil Khariton (Даниил Харито́н): God is my judge who is full of kindness.
  • Dmitriy Pankratiy (Дми́трий Панкратий):loving the earth with all power.
  • Dorofey Efim (Дорофей Ефим) : the gift of God which is pious and holy.
  • Faddei Konstantin (Фадде́й Константин):the one who is courageous with steadfast courage.
  • Feliks Feodor (Феликс Фёдор) : the happy and lucky gift of God.
  • Gedeon Ferapont (Гедеон Ферапонт): the mighty warrior of worshipers.
  • Gleb Illarion (Глеб) (Илларион) : the bread of joyfulness or happiness.
  • Ieronim Igor (Иероним Игорь: the holy name of bow warrior.
  • Ilarion Timofy (Иларион Тимофій): being joyful and happy to honor God.
  • Inna Innokentiy (И́нна Инокентий) :the strong water which is harmless and innocent.
  • Ivan Svyatopolk (Иван Святополк): God is gracious and holy.
  • Makariy Aleksandr (Макарий Алекса́ндр: : the blessed defender of men.
  • Maksim Feofan (Максим (Феофан): the greatest manifestation of God.
  • Maxim Vitaliy (Максим Виталий) : the greatest meaning of life.
  • Mikhail Svyatoslav (Михаи́л Святослав): the angel with God’s blessing and glory.
  • Nikolai Evgeniy (Никола́й Евгений): the victor of people who is well-born.
  • Stefan Gennadiy (Стефан Геннадий) : the crown of nobel.
  • Vasiliy Vsevolod (Василий (Всеволод):the king of all rulers.
  • Vasya Kazimir (Вася Казимир): the king who commands peace.
  • Vladimir Venedikt (Влади́мир Венедикт : the peaceful ruler who is blessed.

Those are 50 combinations of Russian names for baby girls and boys that you can take to combine with your family name. You can also find some other combinations yourselves; as parents, you are encouraged to look for other origins too to mix with Russian as long as it sounds good. Of course, as parents, you want the best name and the meaning beyond for your precious one.