Popular Baby Names Meaning Kind and Nice

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2016


A Baby Boy with his kind and nice expressions

There are many positive qualities parents in the world can turn into baby names, but “kindness” and “kindhearted” must be the most popular ones. We often wish that a kid grows up to be a good, kind, noble person, no matter what path of life he or she leads. All cultures and languages have names that have meanings such as kindness, nice, or kindhearted, and they are available for boys and girls. There are so many options, but you don’t have to open dictionaries to find them. We compile the best names for you, so you can combine them into interesting and beautiful names.

Best Baby Names for Boys Meaning Kind

Naming your baby boys with words that mean kind or kindness may not be as popular as “strong” or “success,” but they have great spiritual powers that you can infuse to your sons. Here are the best baby names for boys meaning kind and similar words:

  1. Abraham (Hebrew): a good ruler.
  2. Addi, Addy (Greek): kind, noble, lucky.
  3. Adelmo (German): a good protector.
  4. Aengus, Angus (Irish): the kindest of all.
  5. Ahsan (Arabic): having good attitude.
  6. Alexandre, Alexander, Alexandro, Alex (French, Greek, Spanish): good helper.
  7. Alfino, Alfin, Alfon (Greek): having good intention.
  8. Baldovino, Baldwin (Italian): a good friend.
  9. Bashir, Bashar (Arabic): the harbinger of good news.
  10. Benicio (Latin): a good friend.
  11. Benigno (Italian): kind and friendly.
  12. Bertoldo (German): a good leader, a kind leader.
  13. Binean, Beanon (Irish): coming from a good family.
  14. Blaise, Blaize, Blaze (Latin): a good friend.
  15. Daichi, 乃知 (Japanese): the tree of kindness.
  16. Daiki, 偉己 (Japanese): have good value, light of kindness.
  17. Damian, Damien (Greek): a good friend.
  18. Dario (Spanish): nice, kind.
  19. Davin (Irish): full of kindness.
  20. Dikara, Dzikri (Arabic): a good sign.
  21. Ellio (Latin): kindness and strength.
  22. Emery, Emerich (German): kind leader.
  23. Erdana (Turkish): a good person.
  24. Euandros, Evander (Greek): a good man.
  25. Eufronio, Efron (Greek): he who makes other people happy.
  26. Eugein, Eugenie, Eugene (Welsh): from a good family, a good birth.
  27. Eumenio, Eumenes (Greek): a good person.
  28. Eusebio (Hawaiian): a good pray.
  29. Ewein, Ewen, Ewan (Welsh): from a good family.
  30. Farid, Faris, Farris (Arabic): a good guardian.
  31. Faruq (Arabic): the kind, the right.
  32. Fergio, Fergie (Scottish): a good option.
  33. Frederich, Frederick, Freddie, Fred (German): a kind ruler.
  34. Gabriel, Gabe (Biblical): the harbinger of good news.
  35. Geffrie, Geffry, Geoffrey, Jeffry, Jeffrey (Italian): kind, nice.
  36. Gian, Gianni, Giancarlo (Italian): God is kind.
  37. Giovanni, Giovannie (Italian): God is good.
  38. Hasan, Hassan (Arabic): have good countenance and personality.
  39. Hossein (Persian): good, nice.
  40. Ivan (Russian): God is kind.

  1. Jan (Dutch): kindness.
  2. Joseph (Biblical): God pays the kindness.
  3. Kelemen, Kellman, Kalvin, Calvin (Hungarian): very kind.
  4. Khair (Arabic): the good one.
  5. Khalil (Arabic): good friend.
  6. Macaulay (Scottish): the son of kindness.
  7. Malik (Arabic): a good master.
  8. Masayoshi, 優好 (Japanese): a good kindness.
  9. Mauro (Spanish): humble and nice.
  10. Mikhail, Mikhael, Michael (Biblical): a good gift from God.
  11. Oliver (Scandinavian): very kind.
  12. Otis (Greek): a good listener.
  13. Rudiger, Rutger (German): famous for his kindness.
  14. Ryohei, 亮丙 (Japanese): nice and kind.
  15. Saleh (Arabic): right, nice, good.
  16. Sancho, Sanchez (Spanish): kind.
  17. Sandro (Italian): a good person.
  18. Simon (French): a good listener.
  19. Titus (Hebrew): nice, kindhearted.
  20. Tobias, Toby (Hungarian): a kind king.

With these names, you can create the best names for your baby boys with beautiful meanings.

Best Baby Names for Girls Meaning Kind

There are many baby names for girls that have kind, nice or good as their meanings. Here are some of them:

  1. Abigail (Biblical): have good intention.
  2. Adiva (Arabic): kindhearted and nice.
  3. Agatha, Agata (Greek): kind, nice.
  4. Aisha, Aisa (Arabic): good, cheerful, nice.
  5. Aleksandra, Alexandra, Alessandra (Russian, Greek, Italian): a good protector.
  6. Alette (French): kind.
  7. Anna, Anne, Ann (Biblical, Hungarian): kindhearted.
  8. Annalisa (Danish): kind and elegant.
  9. Aretha, Oretha (Greek): kind, good.
  10. Astrid (German): beautiful and kind.
  11. Benigna (Spanish, Italian): good, kind.
  12. Bona, Bonnie, Bonny (Italian, Polish): nice, good.
  13. Charity (English): a vocabulary means a form of kindness.
  14. Cordelia (Latin): nice, kindhearted.
  15. Ellie, Elle (Greek): an eternal kindness.
  16. Elvira (Spanish): a good elf, fairy.
  17. Emily (Irish): doing the right thing.
  18. Eudora (Polish): a good gift.
  19. Fedra (Greek): a really good person.
  20. Giana, Gianna, Gianinna (Italian): God is good.
  21. Glenda (Welsh): nice, kind, pure.
  22. Gracia, Grace, Gracie (Latin): kind, fine, blessed.
  23. Hania, Hanna, Hannah (Biblical): kindhearted.
  24. Hasana, Hasanah (Arabic): kindness.
  25. Heddie, Heidi, Heddy, Hetty (Greek): kind, sweet, nice.
  26. Hendrika, Henrietta (German): a good house leader.
  27. Ida (Hebrew, Irish): kind, good, God is good.
  28. Joanna, Joanne, Johanna (French): God is kind.
  29. Juaneta (Spanish): God is kind.
  30. Khaira, Kyera, Kyra (Arabic): kindhearted, nice.
  31. Kiki (Spanish): humble and kind.
  32. Latifa, Latifah, Lateefa (Arabic): kind.
  33. Lia (Italian, Romanian): a good news.
  34. Lita, Leta (Latin): beautiful and kind.
  35. Livina (German): a good friend.
  36. Lucrezia, Lucretia (Latin): kindness.

  1. Midori, 実登里 (Japanese): kind.
  2. Niki (Persian): kindness.
  3. Ola (Hawaiian): kindness.
  4. Owena (Welsh): from a good family.
  5. Rania, Ranya (Arabic): kindness of heart.
  6. Rebecca (French): a good relationship.
  7. Reiko, 令伊子 (Japanese): kind, nice.
  8. Relinda (German): a kind princess.
  9. Ritha, Rita (Greek): kind, good.
  10. Ruth (Italian): a good friend.
  11. Safiya, Safia, Sofia (Arabic): a kind friend.
  12. Salima, Selima, Sally (Arabic): a good listener.
  13. Sandrine, Sandra (French): a good person.
  14. Tea, Teanna, Tiana, Tina (Spanish): humble and kind.
  15. Theresa, Teresa (historical): attributed to Mother Theresa, a humanist figure.
  16. Trisye, Trisha, Trisya (Latin): kindness.
  17. Winnifred, Winnie (German): a good friend.

Baby names that mean good or kind are the best forms of spiritual wish and prayers parents can hope for their little ones.