Old Egyptian Kingdom Era Names

Last Updated: 23 Nov 2016
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Ancient Egypt is known as one of the most advanced civilization in the past, with culture so rich it has been well preserved for over thousands of years. Ancient Egypt, however, is not just known as one of the greatest ancient histories. Its classical culture and infamous architecture remain surprisingly intact and even up to this day, is still considered to be amongst the most influential civilizations that greatly inspires modern culture today.

Choosing one of these old Egyptian kingdom era names for your baby might seem a bit odd because they are not as popular as other baby names of English origin, but if you are looking for a unique yet tasteful name for your baby, look no further. Here are 38 Egyptian baby boy names as well as 29 baby girl names for you to consider and pick.

38 Egyptian baby boy names

These Egyptian baby names are perfect for your baby boy. They are masculine, and they also have such powerful meanings. Who wouldn’t want to steal these old Egyptian kingdom era inspired names?

  • Amun: God of mystery.
  • Anzety:God of Busiris.
  • Azibo: Earth.
  • Bes: Brings joy.
  • Cheops: Or also known as Khufu to the Greeks, is the name of an Egyptian Pharaoh. One of his best known legacy is the Pyramid as the great Pyramid of Giza was built under his reign.
  • Darius: The name of one of the most well-known rulers of the Persian Archaemenid Empire. Under his reign, he ruled over 40% of the world’s population.
  • Darwishi: Saint.
  • Garai: Conqueror.
  • Geb: The name of The Egyptian God of the Earth and also a member of the Ennead of Heliopolis, or a group of 9 deities in Egyptian mythology that were worshipped at Heliopolis.
  • Harakhty: Disguise of Horus.
  • Horus: Far away, distant one.
  • Idogbe: Brother of twin.
  • Jabari: Brave.
  • Jibade: Related to royalty.
  • Kaphiri: Hill.
  • Khafra: The name of an Egyptian Pharaoh ruling the 4thDynasty, the son of Khufu whose legacy was the great Pyramid of Giza.
  • Khalid: Eternal.
  • Lukman: A prophet.
  • Luzige: Locust.
  • Makalani: Clerk.
  • Matsimela: Root.
  • Mempbis: From Memphis.
  • Menkaura: The name of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.King Menkaura, or also known as King Menkaure, was a quite benevolent and generous ruler unlike his predecessors.
  • Moses: Taken out, drawn out of the water.
  • Moss: Son.
  • Neb er tcher: God of the universe.
  • Nizsm: Disriplined.
  • Osiris: The name of Egyptian God, the son of Nut and Geb, he was known as the God of the underworld.
  • Phoenix: Phoenix, Deep red. This is a unisex name.
  • Ptolemy: Name of a Pharaoh, Ptolemy Lagides, he was a general under Alexander The Great who then turned into as a successor who founded a dynasty and ruled for 3 centuries.
  • Qeb: Father of the earth.
  • Ra: Sun
  • Radames: name of an Egyptian hero.
  • Senusret: also known as Sesostris, the king of the 12th He reigned right after the murder of his father, King Amenemhet.
  • Tarik: Morning star.
  • Tuya: Ancient Egyptian.
  • Teremun: Loved by his father.
  • Ur: Great.

29 Egyptian baby girl names

Looking for an Egyptian name for your little princess? You don’t have to be stuck with Cleopatra! As beautiful as Cleopatra is, it is not your only option. There are still so many names that ooze beauty, and power.

  • Acenath: Originated from the Egyptian culture, it means “She who belongs to the Goddess.” Acenath is also known and mentioned in the Book of Genesis, as a woman whom given by the Pharaoh to Joseph, the son of Jacob.
  • Akila: Intelligent.
  • Anippe: Roughly translated as Royal-Mare. She was the daughter of the River Nile in Egypt.
  • Astarte: The name of Egyptian goddess, she was known as the goddess of war and was worshipped in Egypt, amon the Hittites, Ugarit, and Canaan. She later married Seth, the murderer of Osiris.
  • Bahiti: Fortune.
  • Chione: The name of mythical daughter of the Nile.
  • Eshe: Life.
  • Hathor: One of the most famous goddesses in Egypt. She was famous for her wild horned cow headdress. She was the goddess of love and beauty and associated with joy, happiness, pleasure, passion, and fertility.
  • Hatshepsut: First among noble
  • Isis: The name of one of the oldest goddess of ancient Egypt. Although her origin is unclear, the one thing for sure is that she was renowned for her magic skills and also for the depth of her love. She was powerful, yet feminine. This name also means, “the woman of the throne.”
  • Jamila: Chaste.
  • Kamilah: Perfection.
  • Keket: Or also known as Kauket, she was one of eight primordial goddesses of ancient Egypt. She was the goddess of darkness.
  • Khepri: Morning sun.
  • Layla: Born at night.
  • Lotus: Flower.
  • Masika: Born during rain.
  • Nabirye: Mother of twins
  • Nefertari: Name of a queen, the wife of Ramesses the Great
  • Nefertiti: The beautiful woman has come. Also the name of an Egyptian queen, the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who was renowned for her mezmerizing beauty. She was one of the most powerful women in ancient Egypt as she ruled alongside her husband, and thought to may have ruled after her husband’s death.
  • Neith: The divine mother. Also the name of a patron deity of the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. She was known an ancient goddess of war and weaving.
  • Nephthys: Means, woman of the temple precincts. Nephthys, or also known as Nebthet and Nekhat, was a member of the Great Ennead of Heliopolis. She was the daughter of Nut and Seb, and unlike her siblings – Osiris and Isis, she was not very popular. a fierce protector of the Pharaoh, and represented the cycle of death and rebirth which is why she was known as the Goddess of Mourning.
  • Rashida: Righteous.
  • Sachmis: One who is powerful. Also the name of ancient Egyptian warrior Goddess who was depicted as a lioness. Sachmis, or Sekhmet, was also renowned for her healing power and thought to be the Pharaohs protecter as she led them in the war.
  • Sagira: Little one.
  • Selma: Peaceful.
  • Tadinanefer: She was given beauty.
  • Urbi: Princess.
  • Zaliki: Well born.