Names Inspired by Nature and Astronomy for Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Last Updated: 30 Nov 2016

Having a baby is a great gift from God. As parents of a baby, you have to give the best name for your baby. As we know that a good name is not only the form of letter, but it will be the best pray when it has good meaning.

Talking about good name for baby, there are so many references about it. So, we can choose the best name for our baby. Actually, good name for baby can come from various origins. For example, we can use name that relatesto nature and astronomy. There are so many good names inspired by nature and astronomy. To make you easy when choosing a good name for your baby, you can use the list below.

Nature and Astronomy-Inspired Names for Baby Boy

  1. Altair (Astronomy) means the 12th brightest star in the sky.
  2. Archer (Astronomy) means half-horse Sagittarius grouping of stars.
  3. Atlas (Astronomy) means the famous Greek Titan.
  4. Bear (Nature) means bear.
  5. Birch (Nature) means a type of tree,
  6. Castor (Astronomy) means the brightest star in the constellation Gemini.
  7. Cliff (Nature) means cliff.
  8. Cloud (Nature) means like a cloud.
  9. Cosmos (Astronomy) means the entire physical universe.
  10. Dagwood (Nature) means a shining forest.
  11. Eagle (Nature) means eagle bird.
  12. Flint (Nature) means flint.
  13. Forrest (Nature) means forest, jungle.
  14. Galileo (Astronomy) means the famed Italian astronomer who searched the heavens.
  15. Grove (Nature) means small jungle.
  16. Holmes (Astronomy) means the largest object in the solar system.
  17. Janus (Astronomy) means a moon of Saturn.
  18. Jupiter (Astronomy) means the largest planet in solar system.
  19. Leaf (Nature) means leaf.
  20. Linwood (Nature) means river in the woods.
  21. Mars (Astronomy) means the fourth planet from the sun.
  22. Mercury (Astronomy) means the planet closest to the Sun.
  23. Oberon (Astronomy) means a large moon of Uranus.
  24. Oceanus (Nature) means sea titan.
  25. Phoenix (Astronomy) means a small constellation in the southern sky.
  26. Porseus (Astronomy) means a constellation in the northern sky.
  27. Rigel (Astronomy) means a blue giant star in the constellation Orion.
  28. Sirius (Astronomy) means the brightest star in the night sky.
  29. Stone (Nature) means near a prominent stone.
  30. Swann (Nature) means a swan.
  31. Tiger (Nature) means tiger.
  32. Well (Nature) means spring or stream.
  33. Wolf (Nature) means wolf.
  34. Wolfe (Nature) means running wolf.
  35. Wood (Nature) means wood.

Nature and Astronomy Inspired Names for Baby Girl

  1. Andromeda (Astronomy) means a galaxy was named after a princess in Greek mythology.
  2. Ariel (Astronomy) means the brightest moon of Uranus that will definitely shine.
  3. Aurora (Astronomy) means the beautiful natural light.
  4. Bianca (Astronomy) means a small moon of Uranus.
  5. Autumn (Nature) means season of fall.
  6. Callisto (Astronomy) means the third-largest moon in the universe.
  7. Calypso (Astronomy) means the moon of Saturn.
  8. Cassiopeia (Astronomy) means a constellation.
  9. Chrysanthe (Nature) means flower of gold.
  10. Cressida (Astronomy) means a moon of Uranus.
  11. Daisy (Nature) means eye of the day.
  12. Daffodil (Nature) means daffodil flower.
  13. Elara (Astronomy) means a moon of Jupiter.
  14. Faye (Astronomy) means a comet in the Jupiter family.
  15. Fawn (Nature) means little young deer.
  16. Gaia (Nature) means the earth.
  17. Halley (Astronomy) means a comet that can be clearly visible by the human
  18. Hazel (Nature) means hazel tree.
  19. Honey (Nature) means honey.
  20. Iris (Nature) means colors of rainbow.
  21. Ivy (Nature) mans climbing plant.
  22. Jade (Nature) means gemstone.
  23. Jasmine (Nature) means jasmine flower.
  24. Juliet (Astronomy) means a moon of Uranus.
  25. Libra (Astronomy) means the constellation in the easthern sky.
  26. Lily (Nature) means lily flower.
  27. Luna (Nature) means the moon.
  28. Lyra (Astronomy) means the harp-like constellation in th northern hemisphere.
  29. Magnolia (Nature) means magnolia flower.
  30. Miranda (Astronomy) means a major moon of Uranus.
  31. Montana (Nature) means a hilly land.
  32. Ophelia (Astronomy) means a small moon of Uranus.
  33. Olivia (Nature) means olive.
  34. Pandora (Astronomy) means a moon of Saturn.
  35. Phoebe (Astronomy) means a moon of Saturn.
  36. Portia (Astronomy) means the large moon of Uranus.
  37. Rosa (Nature) means rose blossom.
  38. Rosemary (Nature) means sea dew.
  39. Rosetta (Nature) means rose blossom.
  40. Ruby (Nature) means ruby gemstone.
  41. Sapphire (Nature) means sapphire gemstone
  42. Savannah (Nature) means grassland without trees.
  43. Sierra (Nature) means the mountains.
  44. Silver (Nature) means white precious metal.
  45. Spring (Nature) means spring season.
  46. Star (Astronomy) means star.
  47. Sol (Nature) means the sun.
  48. Titania (Astronomy) means the largest moon of Uranus.
  49. Vega (Astronomy) means the fifth brightest star in the night sky.
  50. Venus (Astronomy) means the second closest planet to the sun.

Well, those are names that are inspired by astronomy and nature. Hopefully the names above will help you to create the best name for your baby boy or baby girl.