Lists of Names with Meaning Thinkers for Baby Girls and Boys

Last Updated: 13 Nov 2016
think, thinking
Baby boy is thinking about something

You should consider the beauty and meaning if you want to give a name for your baby because the name is something that will last a lifetime. With artists and broadcasters who create works that are original and unique, then you can give it a name that is original and unique that can be remembered easily and gives a distinct impression when its name was called. Period evolving makes you must find the modern name and suitable with your baby character. Before you give the name of hereditary or in accordance with the traditions, culture and beliefs, you need to see in advance whether you picked the name is appropriate for today. Perhaps the name of your family are still good used in ancient times, but today, the name is not reasonable to use. If you want to get the best name, then you must find the name early so you have plenty of time to choose a list of names. Name requires a few words, not just one word. When you are pregnant, you should spend their time searching for the right name. Do not choose a name without consideration or rename hurry, whereas previously the name you choose carefully. You can make a beautiful name and unique by combining two or three words.

You are free to explore ideas to make a creative name and decide the best name. However, you should be careful. Think of the effect that the name you have given to your child in the future. The name should not be difficult for your child in the next life and your child should also feel comfortable with the name. You can name your child with something that is popular today. Nowadays, many people are on call to their babies. Some people give a nickname based on an abbreviation of the full name. But yet there are people who give a different nickname than the original name. Although the name of a small look cute, but little name should also be selected appropriately.

You do need a source of inspiration to give it a proper name. A modern family would not follow an ancient tradition. They prefer to seek inspiration from a variety of sources such as scriptures, books, commercials, movies, and so forth. You must make sure that the name you select is right. The trick is that name has already had a positive meaning and represents the character you want. If the name is the work of your own, then you should choose a name that is suitable for use in all ages of children. If your child's name is derived from a foreign language, then make sure that the spelling in the name is accurate and easy to write. Do not uses a name that is too long and finally discuss the name with your partner because of the name must be agreed upon by both partners. In this article, there are lists of baby names that have meaning thinkers.

16 Lists of Names with Meaning Thinkers for Baby Girl

  1. Afkar means thinkers (Arabic).
  2. Minerva means thinkers (Greece).
  3. Fronia means thinkers (Greece).
  4. Raison means thinkers (French).
  5. Hayyata means thinker, encouragement, and soulful (Germany).
  6. Hibratu meaning thinkers and passionate (Germany).
  7. Huette means thinker, encouragement, and soulful (Germany).
  8. Lasut means intelligent thinker (Indonesia-Manado).
  9. Raissa means thinker, encouragement, and soulful (France).
  10. Huberta meaning thinkers and passionate (Germany).
  11. Bertie meaning thinkers and passionate (Germany).
  12. Berty meaning and intelligent thinkers (Germany).
  13. Huetta means thinker, intelligent, energetic, and encouragement (Germany).
  14. Elmira means thinker, happy to do work at home, industrious, artistic, hardworking, have a soul filled with the spirit, quick to understand, has a good taste, has a goal, and have a strong desire (Characteristics).
  15. Gweneth means thinker, prejudice, always busy, please entertainment, adventurous, have a lot of ideas, dynamic, have a lot of ideas, creative, like change, like something that varies, and smart (Characteristics).
  16. Gabriela means thinker, independent, has a gentle disposition, hardworking, courageous, decision makers, can speak well, have a strong desire, critical of others, friendly, sociable, kind, stubborn, brave, and always blessed (Characteristic).

23 Lists of Names with Meaning Thinkers for Baby Boys

  1. Fakih means thinkers (Arabic).
  2. Adwin means astute thinkers and artists (Africa).
  3. Repi means thinkers (Indonesia-Manado).
  4. Keegan means a thinker (Ireland).
  5. Kegan means a thinker (Ireland).
  6. Kagan means a thinker (Ireland).
  7. Aristotle means the best minds (Greece).
  8. Arquimedes means good thinkers (Greece).
  9. Kagen means a thinker whose spirit (Ireland).
  10. Keagan means a thinker full of spirit (Ireland).
  11. Gil means thinker with a very strong desire, reverence, love to travel, and either (Characteristics).
  12. Greg meaning thinker with a very strong desire, hardworking, kind, variety, soft, and need time to be alone (Characteristics).
  13. Gerry means thinkers, has a strong desire, hard worker, redundant, emotionally, do not like to be restricted, like change, kind, gentle, and varied (Characteristics).
  14. Gabi means thinker, shy, friendly, always blessed, critical of others, independent, and have a strong desire (Characteristics).
  15. Ogilvie means open to all opportunities, diligent, always blessed, and full of inspiration, have a good taste, adaptable, intuitive, experts in communication, energetic, thinkers, and diligent (Characteristics).
  16. Grady means to have a strong desire, independent, hardworking, dependable, requires a lot of freedom, responsible, critical to others, thinkers, and diligent (Characteristics).
  17. Gilbert means thinker, well, filled with respect, have a strong desire, shy, friendly, easy to adapt, dynamic, full of bustle, frequent traveling, and diligent (Characteristics).
  18. Goran meaning gentle, hardworking, well, critical to others, unique, honest, thinkers, have a strong desire, self-contained, healer, and has properties as a guide (Characteristics).
  19. Giovanni meaning thinker, always blessed, inspirational, intuitive, independent, artistic, sensual, romantic, have good taste, critical to others, healers, have a strong desire, full of ideas, honest, and have a nature guide.
  20. Gaylord means to have a strong desire, critical of others, gentle, reliable, requires freedom, independent thinker, an expert in communication, and has a soul counselor (Characteristics).
  21. Gazella means thinker, stubborn, courageous, decision makers, have good communication skills, often traveling, independent, full of spirit, have a strong desire, logical, and strong (Characteristics).
  22. Gillian means to have a strong desire, artistic, unique, independent, and critical of others, have the ability to speak well, always blessed, thinkers, and have a good taste (Characteristics).
  23. Gordon means thinker, hardworking, unique, has a musical talent, reliable, have a strong desire, healer, gentle, has a soul as mentors, and smart (Characteristics).

As has been described above that in choosing a name, you should have some consideration. You can ask for advice to other family but you also have to look for yourself. You can choose which name is nicer to use your child. Advice from others will help you to obtain the best name. The name is not only in terms of beauty, but also views of the meaning that is in the name. Give it a name with meaning thinkers for your child is a very appropriate decision because it means you can expect your child to be a great thinker. Famous people who find a new breakthrough as scientists are people who have great ideas.

In addition, a name with meaning thinker means your child will not be careless in his life. Your child will not do anything without a reason. It is the hope that is good for your child for the future; your children will always think before they pass up and say something in front of others. Thinkers can also be interpreted as someone who always acts carefully and cautiously. It is very important to have a child because the child will grow into an adult. The child will get along with other people, so he should know the right behavior and bad behavior. He must be able to act without harming others.

Name meaning this thinker is the hope that the child would have the character as an adult. You can combine multiple names into one, but the meaning remains the major thinkers because in the list one name has many meanings such as thinker, hardworking, gentle, kind, friendly, diligent, intelligent, can speak well, have a strong desire, critical of others, strong, hardworking, kind, variety, soft, gentle, energetic, full of spirits, and other characters. All these characters are good characters expected by all parents to their children.