Great Baby Names Meaning Scholar or Intelligent

Last Updated: 13 Sep 2016


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Intelligence is a great quality to have in life, and there are many baby names that express parents’ wish for smart, intelligent children. Popular names with “intelligence,” “smart,” or “scholar” are available in many languages and backgrounds, and you can choose, combine, and modify them to create the best names possible. There are many great names for boys and girls, and we compile them for you. Get the best name combinations and express your wish for smart, intelligent, and scholarly kids.

Best Baby Boy Names Meaning Smart or Scholar

Naming boys with names that mean intelligence is popular from era to era. Baby boy names with such meanings are popular in the West and East, and you can use classic, modern, or exotic-sounding names. Here are some of the best names for baby boys that have such meanings:

  1. Aalim, Alim (Arabic): religious scholar.
  2. Abner (Hebrew): intelligence.
  3. Adalbert, Albert (German): intelligent and noble.
  4. Aldo (Italian): wise.
  5. Apollo (mythological): the Greek god of intelligence.
  6. Aristotle (Greek): from the name of a renowned scholar and philosopher.
  7. Aydin (Arabic): smart, intelligent.
  8. Berto, Bert, Bertie (Spanish): smart, intelligent.
  9. Bertrand, Bert (German): a smart leader.
  10. Callahan (Irish): from the word that means “smart.”
  11. Cassady, Cassidy, Casey (Irish): smart, intelligent.
  12. Cato (Greek): intelligent, smart.
  13. Charles (English): from the name of famous evolutionary theorist, Charles Darwin.
  14. Cleary (Irish): smart, scholar.
  15. Conroy (Irish): wise adviser.
  16. Dexter (Latin): smart, intelligent, and resourceful.
  17. Edison, Eddie, Eddy (English): from the name of famous inventor, Thomas Alpha Edison.
  18. Egbert (Old English): resourceful, smart.
  19. Ethan (Biblical): name of a character famous for its intelligence.
  20. Fateen, Fatin (Arabic): the smart one.

  1. Fletcher (English): a man who makes an arrow.
  2. Gaines (English): from the word “genius.”
  3. Gilbert (German): an intelligent young man.
  4. Hakim, Hakeem (Arabic): scholar, philosopher.
  5. Hewitt, Hewie, Howie, Hugh (German): one of the brightest.
  6. Higgins (Irish): smart, intelligent, scholarly.
  7. Hubert (German): intelligent, bright.
  8. Huey (Welsh): smart.
  9. Hugo (Spanish): smart, bright.
  10. Humberto, Humbert (Spanish): intelligent, bright, smart.
  11. Isaac (historical): from the name of famous physician and mathematician, Isaac Newton.
  12. Kayne, Kane (Irish): intelligent warrior.
  13. Kendry (Madagascar): a wise man.
  14. Labib, Labeeb (Arabic): wise, scholarly, sensible.
  15. Marcial, Marshall (Dominican Republic): intelligent, wise, smart.
  16. Mica, Micah, Mika (Scandinavian): a smart raccoon.
  17. Newton (historical): from the name Isaac Newton.
  18. Nikka (Turkey): smart, bright, talented.
  19. Pandit, Pandhit (Indian): scholar.
  20. Rajit (Sanskrit): smart, brilliant.
  21. Ramhart, Reinhart (German): very smart, intelligent.
  22. Raymond (Old Norse): intelligent, smart.
  23. Ronald (Old Norse): intelligent, wise, smart.
  24. Sampson, Samson (Hebrew): having high intelligence.
  25. Senan, Seanan, Sean (Irish): smart, intelligent.
  26. Scally, Scully (Irish): from the word that means “scholar.”
  27. Skylar (English): from English word “scholar.”
  28. Spencer (Old French): derived from a name of person tasked with food distribution.
  29. Washington (English): from the word meaning “the intelligent one.”
  30. Zeki, Zaki, Zachary, Zac (Arabic): intelligent.

With these baby boy names, you can either choose the name you like, or experiment with variations of the names to create unique and exceptional names.

Best Baby Girl Names Meaning Smart and Intelligent

There are many baby girl names that reflect qualities like intelligence or scholarly, and they are from various languages and cultural backgrounds. Here are some great, recommended names for your baby girls with meaning such as smart, intelligent, wise, and scholar:

  1. Akili (Swahili): smart, bright.
  2. Alberta (German): the feminine version of “Albert,” meaning smart.
  3. Albertyne (German): the feminine version of “Albert,” meaning smart.
  4. Alvie (German): an intelligent, noble friend.
  5. Apollonia (Greek): the female version of Apollo, the god of wisdom and intelligence.
  6. Athena (mythological): Greek goddess of war and wisdom.
  7. Beatrice, Beatrix (literature): names of characters in Shakespeare and Dante’s works, and also from the name of Beatrix Potter, famous writer and scholar.
  8. Bernadea, Berta, Berthe, Bernadette (German, Sweden): intelligent maiden, smart young girl.
  9. Bryn (Welsh): the name of a liberal art school for women in Pennsylvania.
  10. Cassidy, Casey (irish): smart, intelligent, bright.
  11. Chalondra (African American): an intelligent person.
  12. Erin (historical): name of inspirational teacher Erin Gruwell.
  13. Etheline, Ethelind, Ethel (German): bright, intelligent.
  14. Farzana, Farzaana (African): bright, smart, intelligent.
  15. Fateena, Fateen, Fatina (Arabic): smart, bright.
  16. Galena (Spanish): a smart, bright girl.
  17. Harriet (historical); from the name of famous abolitionist Harriet Tubman, and a writer of anti-slavery novel Harriet Beecher Stowe.
  18. Helen (historical): from the name Helen Keller, the pioneer of education for deaf-mute people.
  19. Huberta (German): bright, intelligent.
  20. Kaila, Kayla (Arabic): smart, bright, intelligent.

  1. Kyna, Kynna (Gaelic): intelligent, smart.
  2. Labiba, Labeeba (Arabic): intelligent, intellect.
  3. Lashirah, Lashira (Arabic): smart.
  4. Magna (Latin): literally “strength, large,” which is also a part of scholarly degree distinction, magna cum laude (with honor).
  5. Malala (famous figure); name of the youngest Nobel Laureate and the name of education activist for girls.
  6. Margaret (historical); name of the first female Prime Minister in Britain.
  7. Marie (historical): from the name Marie Curie, the inventor of Polonium and Radium.
  8. Mika, Mica (Scandinavian): a smart raccoon.
  9. Monisha, Moneesha, Maneesha (Indian): intelligent, intellect, bright.
  10. Nabeeha, Nabiha, Nabihah (Arabic): intelligent, bright.
  11. Nikka, Nika, Nike (Turkish, Greek); smart, bright.
  12. Patia (Greek): superiorly bright.
  13. Prudence (Old English): intelligent, wise, cautious.
  14. Sage (Latin): wise.
  15. Scully (English): from the word “scholar.”
  16. Sofia, Sophia, Sophie (Latin): wise.
  17. Skylar (English): variation of the word “scholar.”
  18. Thrisha, Thrish, Trisha, Trish (German): intellect, intelligent.
  19. Trinity (Latin): the name of the oldest university in Ireland.
  20. Veta (Old English): smart, intelligent.
  21. Virginia (literature): from the name Virginia Woolf, famous feminist author and essayist.
  22. Zakiya, Zakia (Arabic): smart, intellect.

Baby names that mean intelligent are great hopes for your little ones. With these names, you can find the best combination to give your baby names full of spiritual power and intelligence.