Exotic Baby Names Ideas

Last Updated: 30 Nov 2016
Exotic Baby

The newborn in the family sounds like new hope and new happiness for the family. There are many things which must be prepared by we can make sure that preparing the best name must be the very first thing which should be done by parents.

Many name ideas can be found from all around the world but recently people are looking for the name which sounds different and more importantly exotic. In this circumstance, there are some great ideas which can be used for giving the name which has exotic feeling within. It must be great name for the newborn.

Exotic Baby Names For Boys

  1. Adriano (Italian or Spanish) means man from Adrian.
  2. Dante (Italian) means enduring. But, many people recognized this name because it is often associated with Dante’s Inferno that is very famous.
  3. Rocco (Italian) means rock.
  4. Mathias (Scandinavian or Welsh) means the gift of God. Mate or Matt can be considered as nickname.
  5. Leif (Scandinavian or Swedish) means son or descendant.
  6. Taj (African Urdu) means exalted. It also means crown in Sanskrit.
  7. Omari (African Swahili) means God the highest. In Egyptian, it means high born.
  8. Kapono (Hawaiian) means proper one or righteous one.
  9. Cruz (Portuguese or Spanish) means cross.
  10. Krishna (Hindi) refers to the superior being or deity of a Hindu. Dark blue, dark, or black is the meaning in Sanskrit.
  11. Reza (Persian) means the consent or the will.
  12. Abasi (Eyptian or Swahili) means the stern.
  13. Leonardo (Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish) means lion or bold. The nickname includes Lenard or Lenny.
  14. Kenji (Japanese) means strong and vigorous or intelligent second son.
  15. Laszlo (Hungarian or Slavic) means rules with glory.
  16. Bodhi (Sanskrit) means awakening or enlightment.
  17. Adal (German) means noble.
  18. Alastair (Gaelic or Scottish) means defends mankind. Alai or Alis is the nickname often used.
  19. Albion (Celtic) means white cliffs. In Latin, it means white or from Britain.
  20. Alden (English) means wide friend or old friend. It is alternative of Alvin.
  21. Aldrich (Teutonic) means battle counsel.
  22. Ari (Hebrew) means lion.
  23. Aslan (Turkish) means lion.
  24. Audrick (German) means noble ruler.
  25. Bjorn (Scandinavian or Swedish) means bear.
  26. Burgess (Celtic or English) means citizen.
  27. Carlisle (English) means from the walled city.
  28. Cian (Gaelic or Irish) means ancient.

Exotic Baby Names For Girls

  1. Amelie (French) means striving or industrious. Emmy or Milia can be the nickname.
  2. Alessandra (Italian) means defender of mankind and at the same time, it is also the feminine form of Alexander. The nickname includes Alex, Sandra, Lexie, and more.
  3. Giana (Italian) means the God is gracious. It also becomes the variant of Jane that is pretty common name.
  4. Caterina (Italian or Portuguese) means pure. It also becomes the variant of Catherine. As for the nickname, Cate, Kate, Katie, Kit, or Katya can be used.
  5. Kaira (Scandinavian) means pure. It is also the abbreviation of Catherine. Karah, Kathy, and Kay are the nickname.
  6. Alegra (Italian) means lively or cheerful.
  7. Imani (African) means faith.
  8. Neema (African Swahili) means born in prosperity. Born to wealthy parents is the meaning in Egyptian.
  9. Carmela (Hebrew, Italian, or Latin) means vineyard, orchard, or garden. Israel has Mount Carmen which is considered as the paradise.
  10. Evelina (Celtic) means light. It has other meaning in different language such as life in English, Italian, and Russian. Eila can be used as nickname.
  11. Aviana (English) means origin unclear.
  12. Cosimia (Greek) means of the universe.
  13. Mariko (Japanese) means reason or benefit and straight or true.
  14. Giselle (French or German) means pledge or oath. Gilla is the nickname.
  15. Aisha (Arabic) means lively. It is also the name of the favorite wife of Prophet Mohammed.
  16. Khadijah (Arabic) means premature child. It is also the name of the first wife of Prophet Mohammed.
  17. Mina (German) means the resolute protector. It is the nickname of Wilhelmina. Lapis lazuli gemstone is its meaning in Persian.
  18. Verena (Dutch) means from the bridge.
  19. Lakshmi (Hindi) means a good sign. It is name of Vishnu wife as well as the good fortune goddess.
  20. Isis (Egyptian) is the name of the strongest Egyptian goddess.
  21. Rashida (Egyptian) means righteous.
  22. Ada (African) means first daughter. Happy or prosperous becomes the meaning in English. In Hebrew, it means adorned or beautiful.
  23. Kali (African) means energetic. In Greek, it means rosebud while in Hawaiian, it means hesitation. Kali is the wife of Shiva in Hindi.
  24. Adah (Hebrew) means ornament or beautiful.
  25. Berdine (German) means glorious.
  26. Camila (Arabic) means complete or perfect. It is the feminine form of Kamal.
  27. Carlin (Irish) means the little champion.
  28. Ciara (Irish) means the dark haired one.

Many options of exotic name can be found. Parents just need to choose the most suitable one for the baby boy or baby girl.