Cornish Names Idea for Baby Girl and Baby Boy

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016
Category: European Names
Playing in the sand
A Cornish boy is playing in the beach

Every baby will have special meaning for the family. Because of the special meaning of the baby for the family, parents do not want to give her or him any kind of name. The name must be special and beautiful. Finding the perfect name for the baby can take time after all. Nevertheless, people do not have to worry because the inspiration for baby name can be found from many places including from the name from other countries or cultures. 

Cornish Names can be great source of baby name inspiration. It will be helpful to find out further about some great name combination in Cornish.

For Baby Girl

Caya Hedra

The baby girl will always be like a beautiful flower in the family and giving name which means certain type of flower can be a good idea. In this circumstance, Caya surely will be a great name for the baby girl because it means a daisy. The born month of the baby girl can also be used as inspiration for the baby name. Hedra will be a perfect name for the baby girl who was born in October because Hedra means October. Caya Hedra means a daisy like baby girl who was born in October.

Alis Beryan

There can be a time when parents think that certain name sounds cute and great for the baby girl but it is too common. They want to give unique name to the baby girl after all so they have to consider unique and different name. Alice sounds very common name for the baby girl but it will be different if parents give Alis for the baby girl name. Alis is the Cornish version of Alice. Beryan is the name of a saint. Alis Beryan will be the name which brings all of good thing for the baby girl.

Jenny Ebrel

Jenny can be another name which is very familiar for people all around the world. There is nothing wrong to give this name to the baby girl moreover if parents know perfectly about the meaning behind this name. It is Cornish Name which means white wave. It is kind of wave which can bring purity to the family life just like the baby girl existence in the family of course. Ebrel means from April so it will be great choice for baby girl who was born in April. Jenny Ebrel means the white wave that was born in April.

Kerensa Mellyn

There will always be a great love which can be found in the family when there is baby girl born in the word. Love will always be a perfect name which can be given to the family. In this circumstance, people can use Kerensa which is a Cornish Name with the meaning of love. Mellyn will be a perfect name for the baby girl who was born with yellow hair because it means yellow haired. Kerensa Mellyn means yellow haired love.

Kayna Lowenna

Saint name actually becomes great inspiration which can be found in the Cornish Names. Some saint name can be found but we can make sure that Kayna can be a cute saint name which can be given to the cute baby girl. It can be combined with Lowenna that means joyful. Hopefully, baby girl named Kayna Lowenna can be someone like saint who brings the joy.

For Baby Boy

Alan Awen

The baby boy must also get a beautiful name which can be inspiration and prayer for the baby boy when he grows up. Alan sounds like very familiar name and in Cornish, it has very beautiful meaning. It is the name of Cornish saint and parents surely will have great expectation for the baby boy by giving him this name. Awen has the meaning of inspiration. It means that parents want to get the baby boy who is like a Cornish saint and can be inspiration for other people by giving him name Alan Awen.

Cador Carey

Name surely can be the expression of love because there are various kinds of name which has the meaning of love. This can also be found in Cornish Names. Carey for example has the meaning of the beloved one. It can indicate that the baby boy is surely beloved in the family. Cador is a Cornish king. There is kind of wish that the baby boy can be someone powerful like the king. Cador Carey will mean someone who is powerful and beloved like the king.

Daveth Cardew

A name can have different version in different language. David sounds like very familiar name for many people all around the world and Cornish Names have their own version of this name. Daveth can be used for indicating David but in different word. Parents can combine it with Cardew which means the black fort. Daveth Cardew for the baby boy means David who comes from the black fort. It is simple yet unique name for the baby boy for sure.

Ellery Goran

It must be great to have a baby boy who can be the hero of the family and we can make sure that giving the name which means hero can be the prayer which parents attach to the baby boy. In this circumstance, Cornish Names like Gorran can be considered because it means a hero. The beauty of the baby boy can also be expressed properly in Cornish Names. Ellery which means a swan will be the great option for expressing the beauty of the baby boy. Ellergy Goran means someone who is as beautiful as swan and can be a hero for his family.

Trystan Trethowan

Trystan means the noisy one and people can imagine how noisy a baby boy can be. Trethowan can refer to the place where the baby boy was born. It means from the farm by the sand hills. Trystan Trethowan means the noisy one who comes from the farm by the sand hills.

Great inspiration for baby name can be found from various sources. Cornish Names surely can be a great source which people can take inspiration from.