Celtic Names Idea for Baby Girl and Baby Boy

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016
Category: European Names
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A baby with Celtic hat

Name is nothing but there is no doubt that parents should choose a perfect name for the baby. It must be difficult to look for the baby name which comes with beautiful sound and deep meaning. It will be more difficult to get the unique name which is not too common. No matter what, parents should make careful selection about the name for the baby.

Searching from other cultures and countries will help them open more options of unique name after all. Celtic Names will be one great source for anyone who wants to give a different name for the baby boy and the baby girl.

For Baby Girl

Allene Aithne

The baby girl that becomes the new member of the family can be great attraction in the family of course. We can make sure that parents will not mind to express this from the name given to the baby girl. Celtic Names has the name which can express attractive meaning and it must be Allene. It is great name for the baby girl moreover when it is combined with Aithne which means fire. Allene Aithne means an attractive baby girl that is like a fire.

Berta Birkita

The baby girl who was born in modern world of course has a great challenge of life. That is why parents want to make the baby girl intelligent and strong. This hope can be expressed through the name for the baby girl. Berta that means intelligent surely will do this properly just likes Birkita that means strong. Berta Birkita means someone who is strong and intelligent.

Carey Carrol

The born of the baby girl will mean that there will be a great woman someday. In this circumstance, parents can use Carey from Celtic Name which means little and womanly. Although every baby looks the same, the baby girl can be the little one with womanly feel. It can be added with Carrol that means champion in Celtic. Carey Carrol means a little and womanly baby girl who can be a champion in her life.

Doreen Donella

The newborn baby girl looks very small and fragile but she will grow into fine woman someday. Parents of course will be pleased if the baby girl can grow into more than fine woman. In this circumstance, Doreen will be a great Celtic name choice which can be given to the baby girl. It means beautiful. When it is combined with Donella, her name will be superb because Donella means the world ruler. Doreen Donella means someone beautiful who can be the world ruler.

Enid Ethne

The next name for the baby girl can really be a beautiful and meaningful name. Enid can be chosen for the baby girl name and it means spirit. There is no question that the baby girl can bring the new spirit to the family. Hopefully she has the spirit for building a good life. Spirit of fire will be something needed by the baby girl to conquer the world that can be very challenging. In this circumstance, parents can add Ethne for her name. Ethne means fire. Enid Ethne means the baby girl who has spirit of fire.

For Baby Boy

Alan Akin

There are various kinds of name which can be found for the baby boy in Celtic Names and Alan must be one name which has familiar sound for people. In Celtic, Alan means handsome and it must be a perfect name which is referring to the handsome baby boy. Akin can be combined with Alan because it means warrior or hero. Alan Akin means handsome hero or warrior.

Becan Bevyn

The baby boy one day will be a strong man but for the parents, their baby boy will always be a baby boy. That is why there is nothing wrong to use a name which means small for the baby boy such as Becan in Celtic that means small. The next name which can be used is Bevyn which means young soldier. Becan Bevyn means the small baby boy who can be young soldier.

Carsen Caradoc

Many people always think that the baby boy should be someone strong and we can make sure that Celtic has the name for expressing the strong person. Carsen means rock and it can easily give the explanation about the strength of its owner. The baby boy can be strong man in the future but still he will need love so Caradoc should be added to the name. It means dearly loved. Carsen Caradoc means someone who is strong like rock yet dearly loved.

Druce Donovan

Celtic Names have so many options which can be chosen for the baby boy name including Druce. It means wise and everyone will be relieved if the baby boy can be someone wise in his life. Wise can bring good thing into his life for sure. It can be combined with Donovan that means strong fighter. Druce Donovan means someone who is wise and can be a strong fighter in life. With this quality, the baby boy will grow into fine gentleman in the future.

Evan Eoghann

Name which means stone is used a lot for the baby boy name because stone becomes the representation of the strength. There is kind of hope that the baby boy can be strong as stone. Celtic names have various names which mean stone including Evan. The baby boy that is named with Evan should be someone strong just like stone in the future. Although there is great hope for the baby boy to be strong, it is better if he also remains young. That is why Eoghann can be added to his name because it has young meaning. Evan Eoghann means someone who is strong like rock and always young.

There is kind of meaning which express the same wish for the baby such as stone which comes with the wish that the baby boy can be someone strong. Choosing the right name in Celtic should be done making proper research for sure.