Breton Names Idea for Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016
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There will always be a hard time for many parents when they want to choose the best name for their baby. Some parents maybe have the idea for the nickname of the baby but they have to find the right name combination for the name for creating the perfect full name for the baby.

Looking for the unique can be something big for parents unless they consider the name from other languages. Breton Names can be great source to find the unique and meaningful name for the baby boy as well as baby girl. Just consider the ideas below.

For Baby Girl

Anna Adelice

From so many ideas of Breton Names which can be given for the baby girl, Anna sounds like pretty familiar yet still beautiful name for the baby girl. In Breton, it means God was gracious and we can make sure that this name choice can be the representation about the great meaning of the baby girl as the grace from the God for the family. It can be combined with Adelice which means noble kind. Anna Adelice will bring the meaning of someone who comes from gracious God and becomes the noble kind.

Joice Jocosa

The baby girl in Breton names has so many ideas which can be used. Parents can consider Joice for the baby girl name because it does not sound too strange and it also has beautiful meaning at the same time. It means joy. For the family with deep religious life, the name can also be added with Jocosa since it means the Lord. Joice Jocosa can be the understanding of the parents that the baby girl is kind of joy that is given by the Lord.

Katell Katarin

The next great idea for the baby girl cannot be separated from pureness. Every girl was born in pure condition. Since it is baby girl, there is tendency that the parents want to the keep the pureness of the baby girl as long as possible. That is why name with pureness meaning will be attached to the baby girl until she is grown up. Katell and Katarin becomes the perfect name choice for this purpose because both mean pure.

Lou Loyce

The baby girl for many parents becomes the real light in their life. She can be the inspiration and spirit for the family. She can also bring happiness. She is just like the light for sure and this is enough for giving the name with light meaning for the baby girl such as Lou. Why do not combine it with Loyce which means fame or Lord? Lou Loyce is a cute name for the baby girl which has huge meaning. She is the light which is sent by the Lord to become famous.

Maely Muriel

The baby girl cannot be found without any love in the parents. Of course there will be a great love appears with the baby girl. It is all about love so name with the meaning love can be great idea for baby girl name. In Breton Names, the meaning of love can be represented beautifully by Maely. The love which is as bright as sea can be found from full name Maely Muriel since Muriel means sea bright.

For Baby Boy

Arzhel Aergad

It seems like people usually have expectation that the baby boy will be strong person in his life. That is why the name which can represent the power and strength will be given to the baby boy. In Breton Arzhel can be unique yet meaningful name for baby boy because it means the bear prince. The baby boy surely becomes the prince in the family. Aergad can be added because it has powerful meaning. It means strong in battle. Arzhel Aergad will be the bear prince who is strong in the battle of life.

Erwan Elouan

Man will be the head of the family. He will be the leader so he must be able to protect the family. In this circumstance, giving the name which can fulfill this expectation should be done to the baby boy. Erwan has simple meaning, yew. However, we can make sure that there is deeper meaning of the yew for family because it will influence health and wealth. When it is combined with Elouan that means good light, the full name will means someone who can bring the health and wealth because he is a good light for the family.

Harvey Kireg

There was a time when the man in the family would be sent to the battle field. That is why the baby boy will be given with the name which can represent the strong warrior. Although battle is not kind of common thing these days, the name which is inspired from the battle still sounds great. If parents think so, it will be good reason for giving the baby Harvey for his name. It means army warrior after all. Harvey can be followed with Kireg that means benevolence. This name sounds unique and meaningful for the baby boy.

Mazhe Maugan

When parents realize that the baby boy who was born in their family is the gift from the God, of course they will not mind to give the name with this meaning for the baby boy. Mazhe will be perfect choice of Breton name which means Gift of God. Maugan will never fail to express the thankfulness of the family for the healthy baby boy. This name means well born boy. Mazhe Maugan means the boy that is well born and becomes the gift of God.

Paol Pierrick

It must be great to have humble son and this can be strong enough reason for giving Breton name, Paol for the baby boy since it means humble or small. Pierrick which means stone can create great combination of name Paol Pierrick that means someone strong yet humble.

Parents just need to consider the Breton Names which can give the needed meaning for the baby name. Something unique yet not too strange will be perfect.