Bosnian Names Idea for Baby Girl and Baby Boy

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016
Category: European Names
Beautiful Bosnian baby

Many ways can be used for showing the love for the new baby in the family. Parents can prepare many things which can be the love representation for the baby but we can make sure that preparing the name will be very important for every parent with newborn. The newborn should have the name which is not only beautiful but also meaningful. However, parents usually do not want to use the name which is too common. Finding the inspiration of baby name from other countries or cultural backgrounds will help parents to get the baby name which is unique for sure.

There are many places in the world which have different culture and tradition. Bosnian Names can be considered if people want to get the name which is unique and different. It is taken from the Bosnian language which is used in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Serbia Montenegro, and the Republic of Kosovo. Here are some name ideas which people can use for the baby boy as well as the baby girl with beautiful meaning content.

For Baby Girl

Alisa Ajla

  • There are some reasons which make people should consider Ajla for the name for their baby girl. First of all, the baby was born at night under the moonlight. This name will represent the moment perfectly. On the other hands, this name can also represent the beauty of the baby girl which is similar to the moonlight. Alisa surely can be chosen for the baby girl name as prayer or representation of the meaning of the baby girl for the family. It means joy. Alisa Ajla can mean the joy which comes in the moonlight. What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl.

Amelia Aleza

  • There is great challenge which can be found by parents when raising the baby girl in this modern world.  There will be great worry as well but with good intention and prayers which can be attached to her name, the baby girl surely can grow properly in the future. Amelia is a great name with big meaning for the baby girl in Bosnian. It means trustworthy and this is kind of life quality which is very important in life. It can be added with Aleza which means joy. The baby girl should be able to find the joy in her life and bring the joy to anyone important around them. Amelia Aleza means someone who is trustworthy can joyful.

Alina Andela

  • The name for the baby girl can be influenced a lot by the way of life which is followed by her parents. It will be super easy to find parents who are very religious so they just want to give the name for the baby girl which is not only beautiful but also contains religious meaning. In this circumstance, Alina Andela can be a perfect choice. Alina has the meaning of citadel. It is the religious place which can represent the religious element of the parent’s life for sure. Andela means messenger. Hopefully, the baby girl can be the messenger of God in her life and it must be a good thing for the baby girl.

Sara Nadja

  • There is no doubt that Bosnian name comes with many beautiful name inspirations for the baby girl such as Sara. It means lady or princess and of course the baby girl can be a princess or a lady. Nadja will also be great name for baby girl since it means hope. Every birth of the baby surely will bring hope to the world or at least to the family.

For Baby Boy

Amin Aleksander

  • The baby boy can get the grand and beautiful name from Bosnian inspiration after all. Amin can be a good choice for the baby boy because it means truthful. It must be great if the baby boy can be someone truthful in his life. It surely can be the basic of life preference for the baby boy. Aleksander means the defender of man and there is big expectation that the baby boy can be someone who is at least able to protect the family. Amin Aleksander will be a unique yet great name for the baby boy for sure.

Aaron Aiden

  • The next beautiful name option for the baby boy must be Aaron Aiden. There is no doubt that the meaning behind this name in Bosnian will make every parent of baby boy amazed. Aaron means the shining light and we can make sure that the baby boy becomes the shining light for the family. Aiden means help. The baby boy should be able to help others and more importantly, it must be great if the baby boy can find great help when they face problem in his future life.

Anis Alen

  • Every parent surely has great understanding about how hard life can be. In this circumstance, parents just want to make sure that their baby can face the hardness of life properly. It is important to have good friend in life but for finding the good friend, someone must be friendly first. That is why Anis can be a great name for the baby boy since it means friendly. Parents can try to combine it with Alen which means little rock. There is no better name choice which can represent the baby boy but Alen. Baby boy can really be a little rock after all. Anis Alen is great and unique Bosnian name for baby boy which parents should consider.

Zain Mustafa

  • Naming the baby boy with Mustafa will make him special because this name has the chosen one meaning.  When it is combined with Zain which means friend, people can imagine the beautiful meaning of Zain Mustafa name. It can mean the chosen friend and it will be something which makes his life meaningful.

Choosing the name for the baby boy and the baby girl even from the Bosnian name inspiration should be considered very carefully. It must sound beautiful yet the meaning should also be as beautiful as its sound.