Best Names that Has Meaning ‘Light and Bright’ with the Meaning

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

a boy

A Boy under the bright sunshine

Are you currently searching for a name for your baby? Of course the search process will take a long time because there are so many names that can be selected. You can select the option that is most appropriate and most suitable that could provide an opportunity for your child later on in the future in order to grow well. Even the name is usually stored in a variety of meanings and also a very good sense that could make the child according to the name. By using a particular name, it is expected that in the future, the child will be like the meaning of the name used.

All parents would want their children to be useful to himself, his family and also a lot of people in this world. If we as parents do want a child to be useful and contributes a lot to many people in the world, so it is better we start from selecting the right name. One choice of names from which to choose is which means light or bright. With a name that has meaning, then the child's future is expected to be able to provide much enlightenment and also benefits to anyone in the vicinity. Every parent surely would be proud if his son could get this thing.

Well, to help you and anyone to get the name that has meaning light and bright, we present the following. The names below are all of them have a sense of light and also the light drawn from many languages and countries around the world so you can choose according to your wishes. The most important is where you need to give the name that will prove what you want later on in the future when the kids grow up.


  1. Khandra (Sanskrit) means light
  2. Aylin (Scotland) means light of the Sun
  3. Akiko (Japan) means Sinar Terang
  4. Luminita (Romania) means the Small Light
  5. Wynne (Celtic) means Light brights
  6. Juan (Chinese) means Beautiful Light of the Moon
  7. Sveta (Slavic) means Sinar Terang
  8. Eleanore (Greek) means Light
  9. Sorcha (Scotland) means Light
  10. Thanh (Vietnam) means Light Bright
  11. Shuang (China) means Light, Clearly
  12. Emelda (French) means Light Permata Hijau
  13. Sahirah (Egypt) means the Net of Light
  14. Xiuhtonal (Nahuatl) means Cahaya Mulia
  15. Parvani (Hindu) means Light of the Moon
  16. Ngaio (Maori) means reflecting light
  17. Orlanda (Latin) means bright as the Sun.

  1. Orah (Christian) means God is my Light
  2. Kayley (Italic) means Light, Lovely
  3. Neleh (Canada) means Light Beautiful
  4. Kalea (Hawaiian) means Light brights
  5. Lucina (Germany) meaning giver of light
  6. Elena (Spain) means Something Light
  7. Lucianna (Italy) means Graceful Light
  8. Clarice (French) means the Net of Light
  9. Evelina (Italy) means Light, Gives Life
  10. Bertha (Germanic) means Light Shines
  11. Anuradha (Hindu) means Bright Star
  12. Riefani (Muslim) woman means Nobility The Luminous
  13. Alohilani (Hawaii) means Sky Light
  14. Jelena (Russia) means the Rays of Light
  15. Urit (Israel) means Light brights
  16. Ylenia (Romania) means Light
  17. Melina (Greek) means Colour Yellow Light
  18. Electra (Greek) means Bright, Shining


  1. Gianluca (Italy) means Light Bearer
  2. Amal (Hindu) means Light brights
  3. Jomei (Japan) means Light
  4. Aland (English) means Bright Like the Sun
  5. Dagoberto (Germany) means Radiant As Sun
  6. Clarence (Latin) meaning is clear, the Light
  7. Bertram (Germanic) means Light
  8. Mun Hee (Korea) means Light
  9. Bob (English) means Light Brands
  10. Avner (Christian) Bright Light
  11. Dayton (English) means The City of Light
  12. Gama (Latin) means Light, Star
  13. Delbert (English) means Light As Day
  14. Galeno (Spain) means Illuminated Kids
  15. Moswen (Egypt) means Light Skin
  16. Lucaias (Greece) Light Bringer
  17. Herbert (Germany) means Light, Ruler, Mighty Army

  1. Hayyu (Vietnam) means Light of the Sun.
  2. Zohar (Hebrew) means Bright Light
  3. Shraga (Yiddish) means Light
  4. Kent (England) means Light brights
  5. Ming Hoa (Chinese) means Smart, Glowing
  6. Lucien (France) means Light, Rays
  7. Zhio (Unis3x) means Light
  8. ROBERT (English) means Light brights
  9. Dagbjart (Scandinavia) means Daylight
  10. Phyre (Armenian) means Burned By Light
  11. Zahir (Arabic) means Shines Bright
  12. Anshumant (Sanskrit) means Glowing, Shimmering
  13. Ziv (Hebrew) means Very Light
  14. Khandra (Sanskrit) means Light
  15. Wilbur (Germanic) means Light.
  16. Vigee (Scandinavia) means Luminous
  17. Elegant (Wales) means Circles of Light
  18. Aaron (Israel) means Light Shines

From the above names actually many options we could easily find inspiring name that will be suitable to be given to the baby. In addition, we should pay attention to several things, including the sex of the baby will be given the name. Giving the name had to be adjusted by gender because there has used different names for men and for women. The name we give to girls should indeed be distinguished by the name that will be distinguished for male children. Well, the list presented above, we should know which names are most suitable for use later. We have to be focus on the name list of the name female or male depending on what the gender of our baby whether male or female. Those must be considered carefully because it will influence the result of the name later on in the future of kids.

In addition, we should also understand that there are indeed some confidences in choosing a name. Some are relying on the belief that certain names then became synonymous with certain groups be it ethnic, religious, and others. Well, if you are one who believes it, then it ought to you choose a name for your child according to the group. For example, if you are a Muslim, then the names that can be selected are an Islamic and or derived from Arabic. But if you do not have confidence in it, then you are free to choose whatever name is important to have a positive value. Those names above are the best selection of the name which can be selected for those who want to make their kids grow as ‘light and shine’.