Best Italian Girl Baby Names with Meanings

Last Updated: 18 Aug 2016
Category: European Names

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Cute Italian Baby Girl eat pasta

Are you currently confused to find a name for your child? If yes, then you need not worry because it is not only you who were confused, but many parents are confused in determining suitable and fitting name for their baby. Selection of a baby name can indeed be done very freely which depends on what and how we want. If we want to implement in accordance with the name of the surrounding culture, may be it is done. But it is possible also for us to choose the name of other languages in the world one of the Italian language. Moreover, it is the name of this language is currently preferred by many people in many parts of the world.

It shows that the Italian language has a charm that is quite popular, and many have. But indeed we must realize and understand that choosing a name for a baby should not be done arbitrarily but must be thought out carefully. There are some important points that should be a point of attention which is the value contained in the sense of the name. Certainly, the value of the meaning of the name must be a good and positive so that it can become a prayer about what they could see in his life. For helping you to find the best reference for the name, actually here bellow there are some names for baby especially for girl that you can choose.

1 . Agnella Benedetta (Female pure and clean which is always blessed god)

  • Agnella (Italy) is to be clean
  • Benedetta (Italy) means blessed

2 . Belladonna Abrienne (feminine pretty girl like an angel)

  • Belladonna (Italy) means angel
  • Abrienne (Italy) means Feminine

3 . Elena Agata (good girl who always shines and has a bright future)

  • Elena (Italy) means to shine
  • Agata (Italy) means virtuous, good

4 . Angelia Elenore (A pretty girl like an angel who is always glowing in his life)

  • Angelia (Italy) means Like angels
  • Elenore (Italy) means Light

5 . Enrichetta Aniela (good and beautiful girl like an angel who could become the ruler)

  • Enrichetta (Italy) means ruler.
  • Aniela (Italy) means angel

6 . Gabriella Annata (Girl beautiful and graceful descent of the angels)

  • Gabriella (Italy) meaning of the angel Gabriel
  • Annata (Italy) means beautiful, graceful

7 . Gianetta Arabela (girl hero who has a compassionate nature to everyone)

  • Gianetta (Italy) means mercies
  • Arabela (Italy) means the Eagles hero

8 . Gianina Beatrix (merciful girl whose life is filled with happiness)

  • Gianina (Italy) means Beneficent
  • Beatrix (Italy) means happy woman

9 . Illeana Armonie (The girl who has a bright future as a priceless gift from God)

  • Illeana (Italy) meaning clear
  • Armonie (Italy) means a priceless gift

10 . Beatricia Lucette (the girl who always blessed and can illuminate a lot of people in the vicinity)

  • Beatricia (Italy) means Blessing
  • Lucette (Italy) means Light

11 . Belinda Lucie (A pretty girl like flowers but has a sharp mind in the analysis)

  • Belinda (Italy) means long hose shield
  • Lucie (Italy) means Flowering

12 . Aldene Mariangela (prudent girl who has the good looks and clean)

  • Aldene (Italy) means wise
  • Mariangela (Italy) means handsome clean

13 . Mirella Allecra (pretty girl who is always filled with pleasure in his life)

  • Mirella (Italy) means shaped
  • Allecra (Italy) means Happy

14 . Maura Amadora (pretty girl who has a love that always protects like a forest)

  • Maura (Italy) means forest
  • Amadora (Italy) means the gift of love

15 . Bianka Nicci (Pretty girl and white are always able to achieve victory in various things that he did)

  • Bianka (Italy) means White
  • Nicci (Italy) means Victory

16 . Monalisa Carolyn (the girl who gets the glory and always be able to live freely)

  • Monalisa (Italy) means Noble
  • Carolyn (Italy) means Free

17 . Neroli Cannelita (Pretty girl beautiful as the flowers in the garden)

  • Neroli (Italy) means orange
  • Cannelita (Italy) means Garden

18 . Paolina Clariee (small and simple girl who always can remove trouble)

  • Paolina (Italy) Small means, simple
  • Clariee (Italy) means Deleting

19 . Claudina Donielle (beautiful girl who was always able to get people to come visit)

  • Claudina (Italy) Guest meaning
  • Donielle (Italy) means Women

20 . Donisha Perla (pretty girl who is valuable as a pearl)

  • Donisha (Italy) means Lady
  • Perla (Italy) means pearl

21 . Donielle Perlita (A pretty girl like pearls are very valuable and precious)

  • Donielle (Italy) means Women
  • Perlita (Italy) means Pearl

22 . Editta Pietrina (the girl who had a strong desire to change the life to be rich)

  • Editta (Italy) means Kaya
  • Pietrina (Italy) means stone

23 . Epifania Renata (The Girl who can always keep pace with the times and always prioritize the future)

  • Epifania (Italy) means Manifestation
  • Renata (Italy) means Updated

24 . Raena Feliciana (A queen who have an adventurous spirit and also very optimistic and energetic)

  • Raena (Italy) means queen
  • Feliciana (Italy) means Energetic

25 . Fiorella Riviera (beautiful girl and beautiful like flowers and also a view of the beach)

  • Fiorella (Italy) meaning Flowers
  • Riviera (Italy) meaning Beaches

26 . Gabbie Florenza (beautiful girls who grow up with healthy is always protected god)

  • Gabbie (Italy) means Woman of God
  • Florenza (Italy) means Subur

27 . Geovana Rossella (yohanes beautiful girl and beautiful like a rose)

  • Geovana (Italy) means Women John
  • Rossella (Italy) means Beautiful roses

28 . Sienna Teresina beautiful girl and sacred that has a face Redness)

  • Sienna (Italy) means Redness
  • Teresina (Italy) means holy name

29 . Giacinta Teodora (beautiful girls and beautiful like a flower which was a gift from god)

  • Giacinta (Italy) means flower names
  • Teodora (Italy) means Gift

30 . Venita Tristessa (girl forgiving despite a lot of sadness in life she lived)

  • Venita (Italy) means Forgiveness
  • Tristessa (Italy) means Sadness

After considering some arrangement of the name from Italian above, hopefully, it can help you and other to get more inspirations. After you have collected the inspiration for your girl baby, it is good way for you to decide which the best name that will be really match with your baby. The name also can be a good and positive hope by the parent to their kids whether able to be a success woman later on or not. Sure, most parents want their kids will grow well and healthily and to be a successful people in the future better what they’ve got today.