Best Islamic Names for Boys with Meanings

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2016
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Arabian Boy with his mother

Well, picking and choosing the right name for our sons is kind of not an easy stuff, since name means hope or something like that. Islamic names are pretty popular in nowadays. Besides it sounds beautiful, the names have strong hopes from each parent in the world. In this article we are going to give you the list of the best Islamic names for your son. In case you do not like the combination, you can always change them. Name means hope for the kids after all. So, here are the lists of best Islamic names for baby boys with meanings.

Aulian Basira Ghayda Fattana: A handsome and gentle leader who wisely uses the kindness and the cleverness.

  • Aulian (Arabic) means (other form of Aulia) a leader, full of spirit, angel, and a good friend.
  • Basira (Arabic) means wise, clever, and smart.
  • Ghayda (Arabic) means gentle and kind.
  • Fattana (Arabic) means very handsome.

Arfan Miyaz Awwa: A man that known for the cleverness, obedient to his God and loves to do good things.

  • Arfan (Arabic) means cleverness.
  • Miyaz (Islamic) means famous, loved by people.
  • Awwab (Islamic) means he obeys the God, the Daud Prophet nickname.

Azzam Khalif Ahmad: A moslem boy who has strong will to reach the successfulness.

  • Azzam (Arabic) means a strong will.
  • Khalif (Arabic) means success.
  • Ahmad (Arabic) means another name of Muhammad Prophet.

Andi Farzan Rayhaan Shakeil: A brave and handsome man with wise attitude and put his life in God’s way.

  • Andi (American-English) means the brave.
  • Farzan (Arabic) means wise.
  • Rayhaan (Arabic) means (other form of Rayhan) God is your savior.
  • Shakeil (Arabic) means (other form of Shakeel) handsome.

Athafariz Hizam Adnan Oktarian: The born of a man in October who has given with charismatic to help and calm down the hesitated soul.

  • Athafariz (Islamic) means a gift of charismatic
  • Hizam (Islamic) means the help.
  • Adnan (Arabic) means the soother of hesitated soul (other form of Adnani).
  • Oktarian (Indonesia) means that joyfully was born in October.

Arvino Xavier Faeyza Andres: The success of strong and brave man who has many friends and his life would be shiny time to time.

  • Arvino (Latin) means friends, alliances.
  • Xavier (Arabic) means shiny.
  • Faeyza (Arabic) means success and leveled-up life.
  • Andres (Greek) means (other form of Andreas) means strong and manly.

Athif Refat Shakeer: A boy who always loves and grateful of the God’s gifts and he later gets a class in the society.

  • Athif (Arabic) means loves and kindness.
  • Refat (Turkish) means the higher, greater.
  • Shakeer (Arabic) means (other form of Shakir) always grateful.

Arvino Nazril Rashaad: A perfect, kind, and forgiving creature who would be a great friend with good side of justice.

  • Arvino (Latin) means friends, alliances.
  • Nazril (Arabic) means perfect, kind, and forgiving person.
  • Rashaad (Arabic) means good side of justice.

Ahda Pian Mauza: A wise and smart boy who always has the God’s guidance, who is able to hide any bad thing.

  • Ahda (Islamic) means he gets guidance from God.
  • Pian (Vitnamese) means hidden.
  • Mauza (Islamic) means wise and smart person.

Artanabil Raqila Shahbaz: A strong boy who is able to lead the community and stand by the right thing as well as doing the virtues.

  • Artanabil (Arabic) means dependent, stand by the right thing, and be able to lead.
  • Raqila (Arabic) means a person who always does the virtues and good things.
  • Shahbaz (Islamic) means strong like an eagle.

Abdul Hanif Rahmadhani: A boy who was born in the ninth month of Arabic calendar and he obeys the principal of Islam as well as helping each other.

  • Abdul (Sanskrit) means a helper.
  • Hanif (Islamic) means a creature who obeys the rules of Islam.
  • Rahmadhani (Arabic) means (other form of Ramadan) the ninth month of Arabic calendar. It also means as burning into ashes.

Aijaz Parsa Muzakki: A boy with pure and sacred heart who always be blessed by God because he cleans his soul with alms.

  • Aijaz (Islamic) means a blessed creature.
  • Parsa (Persian) means pure.
  • Muzakki (Islamic) means who cleans himself with alms.

Abrisam Rafif Ashari: A boy that was born in healthy body and hopefully he would be a kind, gentle, and handsome man.

  • Abrisam (Islamic) means gentle and handsome.
  • Rafif (Islamic) means a kind boy.
  • Ashari (Islamic) means the healthiness.

Azril Haikal Alindra: A boy that was born in perfectly from the little one up to the great one, having a brave soul and strong like a temple that describes the greatness.

  • Azril (Arabic) means (other form of Nazril) perfect, good, and forgiving.
  • Haikal (Arabic) means a great thing.
  • Alindra (Sanskrit) means an architecture term for Hindu’s temple that describes the greatness.

Abrisam Keifer Auladi: A boy with good heart and handsome look.

  • Abrisam (Islamic) means good heart, gentle, and handsome.
  • Keifer (Germany) means (other form of Keiffer) other form of Cooper.
  • Auladi (Islamic) means my son.

Abizard Faraz Raufa: The best boy that would have the high state in society like a overflow goldmine.

  • Abizard (Arabic) means goldmine.
  • Faraz (Arabic) means high state in the society.
  • Raufa (Arabic) means (other form of Rauf) the best.

Abdul Fahreza Idris: A son of Idris who has obedient like a servant and brave like a knight.

  • Abdul (Arabic) means a servant.
  • Fahreza (Arabic) means knight.
  • Idris (Islamic) means the second Prophet, Idris.

Auzan Rudi Syauqi: A son who will always be missed by the family and would be famous because of the kindness and full of victory in life.

  • Auzan (Islamic) means (other form of Fauzan) Victory, triumph.
  • Rudi (Germany) other form of Rudiger means Famous due to the Kindness.
  • Syauqi (Scandinavian) means Longing, Conqueror.

Azril Rahandika Alfariq: A son that was perfectly born, has a kind heart, forgiving creature, and loves the beautifulness yet smart, that will always be brave like a great knight.

  • Azril (Arabic) or other name of Nazril means Perfect, Good, and Forgiving.
  • Rahandika (Sanskrit) means a Great Knight.
  • Alfariq (Arabic) or other name of Alfaruq means he loves goodness and smart.

Almeer Izhar Mauza: A son who will always honest like a prince that brings goodness and loyalty.

  • Almeer (Arabic) or other name of Almir means A Prince and Honest.
  • Izhar (India) means loyalty.
  • Mauza (Arabic) means goodness.

Abizar Sarfraz Faizan: A boy that was born as a leader who will always remember his God and also priceless like a goldmine.

  • Abizar (Arabic) means goldmine.
  • Sarfraz (Sanskrit) means raise his head.
  • Faizan (Islamic) means a leader.

Afzar Haziq Musyaffa’: A son who is clearly clever and smart yet will always get the help.

  • Afzar (Islamic) or other name of Afsar means clear.
  • Haziq (Islamic) means clever and smart.
  • Musyaffa’ (Islamic) means always get the helps.

Abrar Zaigham Satriani: A son who is strong like a lion and brave like a knight yet comes from the virtues.

  • Abrar (Islamic) means the virtues.
  • Zaigham (Islamic) means lion.
  • Satriani (Indonesia) means like a knight.

Atthar Mauza Satriya: A son that has a pure kindness like a fighter.

  • Atthar (Arabic) or other name of Athar means pure.
  • Mauza (Arabic) means goodness, virtues.
  • Satriya (Indonesia) means a fighter, hero.

Arsalan Yazid Abbasy: A son who strong like a lion and hopefully he could be a great man in business.

  • Arsalan (Persian) means a lion.
  • Yazid (Islamic) means more, a lot.
  • Abbasy (Arabic) means hard-working.

Abdul Raafi’ Zaidan: A son who will always help each other like the shine of the lightning.

  • Abdul (Sanskrit) means a helper.
  • Raafi’ (Islamic) means the shine of lightning.
  • Zaidan (Islamic) means a gift, superiority.

Ahmad Syarif Maulvi: A son who has kindness, admirable, and honorable behavior.

  • Ahmad (Islamic) means admirable.
  • Syarif (Islamic) means honorable.
  • Maulvi (Islamic) means kindness and gentle.

Aufa Zabdan Altamis: A brave son like a commander as gifts from God, exactly from Allah.

  • Aufa (Islamic) means exactly.
  • Zabdan (Arabic) means gifts.
  • Altamis (Arabic) means a commander.

Ashad Firaz Dhyiaulhaq: A son with focus mind and responsible like the shine of light.

  • Ashad (Arabic) means the most responsible person.
  • Firaz (Arabic) means have a focus mind.
  • Dhyiaulhaq (Arabic) means the shine of light.

Absyar Rafeyfa Adima: A son who will always be happy as the pioneer of the world.

  • Absyar (Arabic) means be happy.
  • Rafeyfa (Islamic) or other name of Rafey means a pioneer.
  • Adima (Scotland) means the world.

Abizard Altan Muttaqi: A son who was born in the dawn. A son who always does the right thing and obeys to Allah. A son who will always be given so many gifts like a goldmine.

  • Abizard (Arabic) means a goldmine.
  • Altan (Turkish) means the dawn.
  • Muttaqi (Islamic) means the right thing, obeys to Allah.

Arrazi Firaz Kawakibi: A son who loves the focus mind in order to reach the maximum result and shine like a star in the bright night.

  • Arrazi (Arabic) means love, satisfy.
  • Firaz (Arabic) means focus mind.
  • Kawakibi (Arabic) means the stars.

Abdul Nabil Kafin: A handsome son who would be a great, honorable, and kind man yet obeyed to the God.

  • Abdul (Arabic) means a servant.
  • Nabil (Islamic) means honorable, kind, and superiority.

Azril Rafisqy Arfadhia: A son that was perfectly born and having a kind heart as the Greatness of Allah.

  • Azril (Arabic) or other name of Nazril means perfect, kind, and forgiving.
  • Rafisqy (Islamic) means perfect and kindness.
  • Arfadhia (Islamic) means the Greatness.

Auzan Daffaa’ Ardias: A son as the happiness, honorable, and the victorious of family. Hopefully he would be the good self-defense.

  • Auzan (Islamic) or other name of Fauzan means the victory.
  • Daffaa’ (Islamic) means having the good self-defense.
  • Ardias (Indonesia) or other name of Ardiz means happiness, honorable.

Arkaan Nuriel Erizally: A son who was born in healthiness and able to be the life light, honorable, kind, and love each other.

  • Arkaan (Islamic) means honorable.
  • Nuriel (Arabic) means light.
  • Erizally (Indonesia) means healthy, kind, love each other.

Azril Alli Zaflan: A son who was born with kindness and forgiving yet in the good place to reach the glory of life.

  • Azril (Arabic) or other name of Nazril means perfect, kind, and forgiving.
  • Alli (Arabic) or other name of Ali means the best, the greatest.
  • Zaflan (Islamic) means the glory.

Abizar Arfan Raqqila: A man who always spreads the good will and virtues to each other.

  • Abizar (Islamic) means the spreader.
  • Arfan (Islamic) means he always knows everything.
  • Raqqila (Arabic) or other name of Raqila means the virtues.

Adhara Dwi Rafka: The second son who has many friend like stars in the sky.

  • Adhara (Arabic) means the star’s name in Canis Galaxy.
  • Dwi (Indonesia) means the second.
  • Rafka (Arabic) means friends.

Arkie Malique Zhafran: An angel who will always be able to be the light in the darkness.

  • Arkie (Latin) means black, darkness.
  • Malique (Islamic) means angel.
  • Zhafran (Islamic) means the lucky, the winner.

Althaf Rifqie Abrisam: A handsome boy with gentle heart.

  • Althaf (Islamic) means gentle.
  • Rifqie (Islamic) means kind.
  • Abrisam (Islamic) means handsome.

Aijaz Eshaal Kesawa: A boy with glowing hair and blessed by Allah with the great ending.

  • Aijaz (Islamic) means blessed.
  • Eshaal (Islamic) means solutions, accomplishment.
  • Kesawa (Javanese) means glowing hair.

Abbad Nailun Nabhan: A man who always gets the honor and worships his God.

  • Abbad (Islamic) means he always worships his God.
  • Nailun (Islamic) means he gets the honor in life.
  • Nabhan (Islamic) means honorable.

Abdu Ariqin Halim: A man with good attitude and gentle.

  • Abdu (Islamic) means God’s creature.
  • Ariqin (Islamic) means good attitude.
  • Halim (Islamic) meas gentle.

Atiqul Mukminin: A man who sets free the moslem slaves.

  • Atiqul (Islamic) means he sets the slaves free.
  • Mukminin (Islamic) means Islam followers.

Abraruz Zahidin: A man who does the virtues from Zuhud society.

  • Abraruz (Islamic) means he does the virtues.
  • Zahidin (Islamic) means down-to-earth society.

Adam Faiz Al-Arkhan: A man who puts the example, glorious, and honorable.

  • Adam (Islamic) means the example.
  • Faiz (Islamic) means the glory.
  • Arkhan (Islamic) means honorable.