Best Indian and Hindu Names for Girls with Meanings

Last Updated: 23 Nov 2016
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An Indian girl is praying

Choosing a name of a baby girl could be very fun, so fun it takes days for parents to decide. In Hindi or India mythology, a girl is a pure being that has to be taken care of very carefully. When it comes to choosing the name, the purity and wish is as crucial as the myth. Following through the era, some modern Hindi family do not bother with other so called modern names that will affect their kids’ names. They are proudly stick to the culture, seeing the root, feeling and stepping the nurture, hoping that someday their baby girl could be as amazing as they wish for.

If you are one of those parents who are now seeking for the bets names for your baby daughter, then the following lists might help. Some are taken from Hindi mythology, while some are also taken from Sanskrit. Hindi and Sanskrit both have a strong relation, impacting one another and creating a great wish, a future woman to lead the world to a better path. If you are ready, then take your notes and have some fun listing the favorite ones. One or two, combine them altogether to make a variety, making everyone surround it proud and happy. Enjoy!

Ambar Abhirati: a girl who is as pure and priceless as a jewel and smells define, almost like a goddess who can bear a lot of children, filling the Earth with peace and hopes.

  • Ambar (Hindi): Means odoriferous and pure like a jewel
  • Abhirati (Hindi): Means a mother of goddess

Amhi Ambrosia: a girl whose herself is a perfect definition of immortal, the one who can always be remembered no matter how far or how deep the body is buried right after, like a love to a mother to her child.

  • Amhi (Hindi): Means mother or a woman who gives birth and love her child unconditionally
  • Ambrosia (Hindi): Means immortal being, unbeatable, strong, and tough

Asha Candra: a girl who is living her life to the fullest, never be afraid of anything, and is the one who loves nature.

  • Asha (Sanskrit): Means a woman who is lively and pretty much alive
  • Candra (Sanskrit): Means having a particular fond for nature

Indira Chandra: a girl who is able to make everyone love her, simply because of her great and splendid personality, and also the one who is as pretty as the moon, shining so bright lighting the people from the dark.

  • Indira (Sanskrit): Means the great woman of Vishnu who is also splendid
  • Chandra (Sanskrit): Means of the moon

Devika Chaunda: a girl who is cute, is also read to shine like a moon to the people of night, in a hope to be a shining one

  • Devika (Sansrkrit): Means a little goddess
  • Chaundra (Sanskrit): Means of the moon, another form of Chandra or Candra

Khrisna Jayane; a girl who is able to give a victory for her people someday, the one who is victorious and also glowing in the dark.

  • Khrisna (Sanskrit): Means dark blue
  • Jayane: Means victorious

Leela Lalita: a girl who is very loyal to her playmate Khrisna and is also very pleasant and playful to befriend of, the meaning is all covered Leela as well.

  • Leela (Sanskrit): Means playful
  • Lalita (Sanskrit): Means a girl who is pleasant

Raifalia Nayantara: a girl who is as wonderful as a flower, making her able to be also blooming, forgiving warrior, who would never be afraid of anything.

  • Raifalia (Hindi): Means a forgiving warrior or soldier
  • Nayantara (Hindi): Means a wonderful flower

Rhea Sagita : a girl is motherly and beautiful, the one whose love is as great as a love of a mother to her kids, and also the one who can only be replaced by a beautiful song of a rose.

  • Rhea (India): Means motherly and beautiful
  • Sagita (Hindi): Means the hymn or the song of a rose

Vadya Suchandra : a girl who is very wise, is loved by the people surround her and also the one with a pretty face, never make people tired of her.

  • Vadya (India): Means wise
  • Suchandra (India): Means beautiful

Arya Apsaras : a girl who loves nature, as well as the one who understand how it is to respect culture along with nature, the one who close to the philosophy of forest and water both combined together; as an additional meaning, she is also the one called the noble goddess.

  • Arya (Hindi): Means noble goddess
  • Apsaras (Hindi): Means the one who follows the spirits of nature

Ellora Charumati : a girl whose personality is as beautiful as her mind, so she can decide the best and be the wise one living on the earth, besides, she is also the one taking the philosophy name of pure cave temples in India.

  • Ellora (Hindi): Means the one name that is given to the temples, the pure one in India
  • Charumati (Hindi): Means beautiful mind with also a wise personality

Gauri Damayanti : a girl who is shy, but at the same time is also holding a great history of being a beautiful princess once upon a time.

  • Gauri (Hindi): Means yellow or pale, also meant to be shy
  • Damayanti (Hindi): Means a beautiful princess in Hindu legend and history

Lila Meena : a girl who is precious, the one who is taken the name after precious stone and is also old-fashioned one, in a positive and a good sense.

  • Lila (Sanskrit): Means a charming and old fashioned girl
  • Meena (Sanskrit): Means a precious stone

Maya Neela : a girl who is glowing in the dark, taken from sapphire, enlightening everyone with her charm and her ability to act like a very wise person, a goddess she is.

  • Maya (Sanskrit): Means a beautiful and devine goddess next to Devi, in Hindu legend
  • Neela (Sanskrit): Means sky blue or sapphire

Aryla Bhavana: a girl who is pure and noble, very respectful, and is always knowing what to do and think towards her environment

  • Aryla (India): Means pure and noble
  • Bhavana (India): Means soft and clear feeling, a sentiment to keep

Chetta Anandio: a girl whose knowledge is as wide and deep as an ocean, is able to bring the people surround her to the state of being acknowledged, but also the one that is fun.

  • Chetta (India): Means wide and deep in thought with knowledge
  • Anandio (India): Means fun and cheerful

Mishka Nayan: a girl whose eyes are beautiful and is the definition of love, like a symbol of her parents to love unconditionally.

  • Mishka (Hindi): Means gift of love
  • Nayan (India): Means beautiful eyes

Wanda Shatara: a girl who can be very pleasant for the people surround her, giving her love and compliment to everyone, as well as the one who can be a good shelter for everyone to pour their feelings and sadness at the same time.

  • Wanda (India): Means complimenting
  • Shatara (Hindia): Means umbrella

Gayatri: a girl who is very good at singing, so good her voice can also bring her prosperous personality to the world like a queen she is.

  • Ida (Hindi-English-German): Means prosperous, diligent, and hard working
  • Gayatri (Hindi): Means a singer with a beautiful voice

Janna Haripriya: a girl who is considered as beautiful as paradise, the one who can also pour the world in with her prosperous personality.

  • Janna (Hindi); Means paradise
  • Haripriya (Hindi) Properous

Nila Tara: a girl whose personality is as fun and pure as sky, giving the people surround her happiness, calming breeze people would be feeling so safe and sound to be around her.

  • Nila (Sanskrit): Means blue
  • Tara (Sanskrit – Irish): Means a hill

Adya Aiswarya: a girl who is born on Saturday, and is also the one who is wished to be prosper someday, helping people in need and loving each other.

  • Adya (India): Means the one born on Saturday
  • Aiswarya (India): Means prosperity, prosperous, or prosper

Faiza Chopra: a girl who is surrounded by luck in her life, being able to call herself lucky but also the one who can be considered as one of those princess in a kingdom, who will also have a great personality and future.

  • Faiza (India): Means luck and fortune
  • Chopra (Hindi): Means the great family of king and queen

Isazia Jivin: a girl whose heart is as pure as white stone, having been able to make job and money by herself, making her the one with good hard working personality.

  • Isazia (India): Means the white stone
  • Jivin (Hindi): Means the one who seek for living and goodness in life

Lavanya Kaniya: a girl whose personality is full of affection, love, and the affectionate side she has is used to claim herself as someone who is as clever and respectful as a princess.

  • Lavanya (Hindi): Means the beauty, the affection, the love all the world has
  • Kaniya (India): Means a princess (also used and known as Kanya)

Apala Charumati: a girl who is very endearing and adorable, followed by a beautiful personality and the one with all the wise, and beautiful mind.

  • Apala (Hindi): Means endearing and adorable
  • Charumati (Hindi): Means beautiful mind and wise personality

Sarika Mora: a girl who is gorgeous and is very thoughtful at the same time, letting her life filled with so many goodness from the inside and outside.

  • Sarika (Sanskrit): Means gorgeous
  • Mora (Sanskrit): Means thoughtful and endearing

Nayana Madhulika: a girl who is ready to give as much beneficial as possible to people surround her like a bee, like honey, and also the one who sees with her beautiful eyes.

  • Nayana (India): Means another form of Nayan which means beautiful eyes
  • Madhulika (India): Means honey, the sweetest, and most beneficial honey one could ever find

Reva Sarindi: a girl who is tough and prosperous at the same time, like a rain, she can also be the one who is very loyal to the one she loves.

  • Reva (India): Means rain (taking the philosophy of rain that is beneficial and tough)
  • Sarindi (India): Means loyalty

Ahalya Amaravati: a girl who is calm and bringing the calm to the earth, like the night to the day, and also the one who is beautiful and please to gaze just like Ambrosia.

  • Ahalya (India): Means the night
  • Amaravati (India): Means full of the field of Ambrosia

Behula Arundhati: a girl who is perfect, and is perfect to be married and made a wife, and that will be a perfection to the east star, taking the name after it.

  • Behula (India): Means a perfect wife
  • Arundhati (India): Means the east star

Dakshina Damayanti: a girl who is competent in almost all field she is passionate at, the one who can also be as pretty, clever, and respectful as a princess.

  • Dakshina (India): Means competent
  • Damayanti (India): Means a princess, taking the name after a princess

Jyotis Ishani: a girl who is shining bright like the light of the sun, giving the world her best so that people can start smile all over again; she is a true definition of a lovely girl, indeed.

  • Jyotis (India): Means the light of the sun
  • Ishani (India): Means a girl, a perfect one

Karuna Kamala: a girl whose heart is as soft and generous, living like a lotus.

  • Karuna (India): Means generous
  • Kamala (India): Means lotus

Look closer and see how names are given and combined. Most of the names combination above consist of two words, and they are all based on the sense of giving a pretty name for a pretty baby girl. Though it does consist of two words or three words max, one can always add one more to the arrangement. After all, the perfection of one name can be sensed only by the parents, making the name a simple and classy, yet descriptive identity as a representation for their babies. Do not forget to always communicate the plan of the names with your spouse, because it takes two to create a baby’s name.

Finally, through the names of baby girl in India or Hindi cultures and in a hope to have a great and positive insights, make sure that you also know very well about the origin and the history. Thus, a further research is needed, to make the name is as beautiful as much as the one made with love. Of course, the reference above is not tied, in which you can always combine to three or four arrange of names to make it perfect. As the last hope, it is a wishful thinking to hope that your kids are raised well as much as you want them to be and picture them to bring goodness into the Earth.