65 Best British Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Last Updated: 17 Aug 2016
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British Baby Girl

British Girl

There are thousands of fabulous English names for baby girl. Each and every one of them has beautiful and wonderful meanings. Name is the first gift you will present to your baby girl. Therefore, you should choose it wisely so your daughter can feel proud of her name and be reminded of your sincere prayer and hope for her in every step of her way.

England has hundred years of history and it has strong relations to other cultures around the world. That’s why it is common to find an English name originated from other language such as Greek, French, Italian or the Biblical Hebrew. If you want to give an English name for your newborn daughter, you are very lucky because you have tons of options. So, to help you pick the most beautiful and exquisite name for your baby girl, here is a list of English girl names to inspire you. The names on this list come with the meaning and the country of origin as well so you really know what lies behind the name you choose for your daughter.

1. Abigail Jordan : a girl whose birth becomes the joy of her father. In the future, her life will be easy and smooth just like a flowing river.

  • Abigail (Hebrew, Biblical) means father’s joy. She was David’s wife in the Bible who was famous for her beauty and wisdom.
  • Jordan (Hebrew, Biblical) means to flow like a river.

2. Addison Scarlett : a girl whose personality is awesome and vibrant like the color red.

  • Addison (English) means awesome.
  • Scarlett (English) means red, a character of a very powerful woman in Margaret Mitchell’s bestselling novel, Gone With the Wind.

3. Agatha Nickolette : a good and kind girl who brings serenity and peace to her surroundings.

  • Agatha (Greek) means good and kind.
  • Nickolette (Greek) means serenity.

4. Aileen Lacey : a feminine and pure girl who brings light to her society.

  • Aileen (Irish) means light.
  • Lacey (English) means feminine and pure.

5. Alexandra Brooke : a defender of mankind who is also elegant and gracious.

  • Alexandra (English) means defender of mankind.
  • Brooke (English) means elegant and gracious.

6. Alice Moira : a girl that is fated to be noble.

  • Alice (English) means noble.
  • Moira (Greek) means destiny.

7. Beatrice Leticia : a happy girl who will bring joy and happiness to her loved ones.

  • Beatrice (Latin) a bringer of joy.
  • Leticia (English) means happy and joyful.

8. Belinda Freya : very beautiful and noble girl.

  • Belinda (English) means very beautiful.
  • Freya (Scandinavian) means noble woman.

9. Camilla Zara : a perfect princess.

  • Camilla (Arabic) means perfect or complete. A feminine form of Kamal (Arabic)
  • Zara (Hebrew) means princess.

10. Candice Briella : a very beautiful girl with sparkling personality.

  • Candice (Greek) means sparkling.
  • Briella (English) means exalted beauty.

11. Charlotte Alita : a girl who will be free to spread her wings and fly.

  • Charlotte (French) is a feminine form of Charles which was used by many Queens in history. It means free man.
  • Alita (English) means winged.

12. Daphne Clarabelle : a bright and beautiful girl who also smells very sweet like a laurel bay leaf.

  • Daphne (Greek) means laurel tree.
  • Clarabelle (English) means bright and beautiful.

13. Denise Brianna : a strong girl who is blessed with creative mind.

  • Dennis (English) means creative mind.
  • Brianna (Celtic) means strong or exalted.

14. Diana Clover : a lucky girl who has the beauty and good characters of the Goddess Diana.

  • Diana (Latin) is a Roman Goddess who is associated with fertility.
  • Clover (English) is a wild flower which often used to symbolize luck.

15. Edith Farin : an adventurous girl who will always win in every single battle she faces in life.

  • Edith (English) means successful warfare.
  • Farin (English) means adventurous.

16. Eleanor Faelyn : a girl that shines bright like a pretty fairy.

  • Eleanor (Greek) means shining or a very bright light.
  • Faelyn (English) means pretty fairy.

17. Elspeth Grace : a girl that will always be blessed by God’s protection and strength.

  • Elspeth (Scottish) means God is my strength. This is a variant of English name Elizabeth.
  • Grace (English) means mercy or blessing.

18. Felicity Haven : a joyous and happy girl who can be a sanctuary for people in need.

  • Felicity (Latin) means joyous and happy.
  • Haven (English) means a sanctuary or a safe place.

19. Fiona Allegra : a pure girl whose life will always be blessed with joy.

  • Fiona (Gaelic) means white or pure.
  • Allegra (Latin) means joyous

20. Geraldine Edina : a strong and brave girl who is blessed with wealth and prosperity.

  • Geraldine (German) means rule by the spear.
  • Edina (English) means rich and prosperous.

21. Germaine Marisa : a girl that is not afraid to voice his opinion even in the middle of large audiences.

  • Germaine (Celtic) means loud voice.
  • Marisa (Latin) of the sea.

22. Gillian Aldwin : a youthful girl who will always be a shoulder to cry on for her friends.

  • Gillian (English) means youthful.
  • Aldwin (English) means wise friend.

23. Gloria Emory : a brave and powerful girl who is blessed with perpetual glory.

  • Gloria (Latin) means glory or glorious.
  • Emory (English) means brave and powerful.

24. Hannah Lorraine : a queen that is full of grace.

  • Hannah (Hebrew) means grace. Hannah was mentioned in the Bible as the mother of Samuel.
  • Lorraine (English) means queen.

25. Harriett Jade : a beautiful and precious girl that will take charge of her household.

  • Harriett (English) means ruler of the household.
  • Jade (English) means a very precious green gem.

26. Hilary Maitane : a funny and joyful girl that is loved so dearly by her families.

  • Hilary (English) means funny or joyful.
  • Maitane (English) means lovable.

27. Imogen Tatum : innocent and nice girl.

  • Imogen (English or Irish) means innocent
  • Tatum English) means nice and kind.

28. Irene Nella : a girl who brings peace and light to her surroundings.

  • Irene (Greek) means peace.
  • Nella (Greek) means light.

29. Irvette Teagan : a girl who will grow into an attractive poet.

  • Irvette (Irish) means attractive
  • Teagan (Irish) means poet.

30. Jacqueline Annalee : a God’s gift that will become a great successor of her family.

  • Jacqueline (French) means a supplanter.
  • Annalee (English) means God’s grace.

31. Jennifer Bonnie : a beautiful and charming girl.

  • Jennifer (English) means pretty and beautiful.
  • Bonnie (Scottish) means pretty and charming.

32. Jessica Evelyn : a prosperous girl that will become the bringer of life.

  • Jessica (Hebrew) means rich and prosperous.
  • Evelyn (Celtic) means the bringer of life.

33. Justine Giselle : an honest and just girl that will always keep her oath.

  • Justine (English) means honest and just.
  • Giselle (Teutonic) means oath.

34. Katherine Devona : a pure and innocent girl with divine persona.

  • Katherine (Greek) means pure or innocent.
  • Devona (Celtic) means the divine one.

35. Kimberly Hope : a beautiful girl like a royal meadow whose life is blessed with a lot of hope.

  • Kimberly (English) means royal meadow.
  • Hope (English) means wish or prayer.

36. Lily Maesen : a girl that is very strong and capable despite of her purity and innocent.

  • Lily (English) is a white flower which symbolizes purity and innocent.
  • Maesen (English) means stone worker.

37. Lucia Mabel : a lovable girl that brings light to her society.

  • Lucia (Italy) means graceful light.
  • Mabel (English) means lovable.

38. Mandy Arlene : a lovable girl that will always stay true to her words.

  • Mandy (English) means worthy of love.
  • Arlene (Celtic) means oath.

39. Margaret Landry : an excellent leader that will rule her subordinates to a bright path.

  • Margaret (Persian) means a child of light.
  • Landry (English) means a ruler or a leader.

40. Maxine Piper : a girl that is born with great talent in art.

  • Maxine (English) is a feminine form of Max. It means the greatest.
  • Piper (English) is a person who plays pipe.

41. Millicent Ida : a strong and prosperous girl.

  • Millicent (English) means strong.
  • Ida (English) means prosperous.

42. Naomi Lina : a tender and sweet girl who always bring pleasantness to her family.

  • Naomi (Hebrew) means pleasantness.
  • Lina (Arabic) means tender and sweet.

43. Natasha Harmony : a girl that is born in Christmas day and will bring peace and harmony to her society.

  • Natasha (Russian) means born on Christmas day.
  • Harmony (English) means pleasing combination.

44. Olivia Destinee : a girl who is destined to be very talented, useful, and loved deeply by people around her.

  • Olivia (Latin) means olive tree.
  • Destinee (English) means fate, destiny or fortune.

45. Paige Muriel : a girl who will protect her loved ones with bright light

  • Paige (English) means attendant.
  • Muriel (English) means bright.

46. Paris Regina : a queen that possesses the elegance and exquisiteness of Paris.

  • Paris (English) is the capital city of France.
  • Regina (English) means queen.

47. Patricia Karen : a noble and pure girl.

  • Patricia (Latin) means noble. It is a feminine form of Patrice.
  • Karen (Danish) means pure and innocent.

48. Phoebe Joanna : a gift from God that will spread lights to her surroundings.

  • Phoebe (Greek) means the shining one.
  • Joanna (English) means gift from God.

49. Prudence Neda : a girl with good judgment that will become a wealthy protector for her loved ones.

  • Prudence (English) means good judgment.
  • Neda (English) means wealthy protector.

50. Raven Skye : a girl who will soar free and high like a raven in the sky.

  • Raven (English) means black bird.
  • Skye (English) is another form of sky.

51. Rosalie Darla : a beautiful and lovable girl just like an exquisite rose.

  • Rosalie (English) is a diminutive of rose.
  • Darla (English) is taken from the English word darling.

52. Rowena Hazel : a girl with fair reddish brown hair.

  • Rowena (Celtic) means fair haired.
  • Hazel (English) means reddish brown color.

53. Samantha Florence : a pretty girl that will always flourish because God listens to her prayer.

  • Samantha (Hebrew) means) God heard.
  • Florence (Latin) means flourishing, as in flower.

54. Shannon Liberty : a smart and wise girl whose life is blessed with freedom.

  • Shannon (Irish) means wise little owl.
  • Liberty (English) means freedom.

55. Sharon Luvena : a beautiful and lovely little girl.

  • Sharon (Hebrew) is a beautiful flowery shrub.
  • Luvena (English) means beloved little girl.

56. Stella Dawn : a beautiful girl that resembles sparkling stars in the middle of the dawn.

  • Stella (English) means star.
  • Dawn (English) means the time before the sun rises.

57. Tracy Cordelia:  a brave girl that is full of compassion.

  • Tracy (English) means brave.
  • Cordelia (Latin) means warm-hearted and very compassionate.

58. Trudy Ellen : a girl whose strength enlightens and protects her family.

  • Trudy (German) is a diminutive form of Gertrude. It means a spear of strength.
  • Ellen (English) means shining. This is a variation of Helen or Eleanor.

59. Ursula Faith : a girl whose faith to God is very strong.

  • Ursula (Latin) means bear.
  • Faith (English) means have a strong trust, especially to God.

60. Valerie Kendra :  a brave girl and protector of human.

  • Valerie (English) means valiant or brave.
  • Kendra (English) means protector of man.

61. Veronica Darlene : a lovable girl with kind personality just like Veronica.

  • Veronica (Biblical) was the woman who wiped Jesus’ face during his journey to the Calvary.
  • Darlene (English) is taken from the English word darling.

62. Victoria Crystal : a girl whose life is shone by glory and victory.

  • Victoria (English) means glorious and victorious.
  • Crystal (English) a very clear and high quality gem.

63. Wendy Sienna : a girl with a very colorful life.

  • Wendy (English) means white. It is also a name of a famous character in J.M. Barrie’s book, Peter Pan.
  • Sienna (Italian) means reddish brown.

64. Yvonne Eliza : a girl who is very strong because God is on her side.

  • Yvonne (German) means archer.
  • Eliza (English) means God is my glory. This name is a short form of Elizabeth.

65. Zoe Madeleine : a girl whose life will be prominent, strong and successful like a high tower.

  • Zoe (Greek) means life.
  • Madeleine (Greek) means high tower.

Those names are very nice, right? If you have found some names you like from this list, the next step is to choose the best one for your baby girl. Name is very important so there is no need to rush, take your time and sleep on it if you think it is necessary. Hopefully this list can be useful for you and good luck choosing the best name for your baby girl!