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Last Updated: 23 Nov 2016
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When a baby is born, another question should have been popped up onto our mind, letting it wander and finding its peace. When a baby is born and it demands its first cries, there should have been a thousand reason for it to do so. Maybe it wants her Mumma. Maybe it demands her milk. Or maybe it still wants to be in the womb. Or probably it needs a little snuggle from its Daddy. However, when a baby is born, its anatomy has been completed. Do we realize that the head, the arms, the legs, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the organs, and all it has were made of a drop of sperm that was met with an ovum? The creation on the Earth is surely at its finest. The Creator of the universe is surely at its greatest.

But what most important is that the names are wisely and considerably chosen. Have a look on the beautiful list below for our baby sons’ names (along with the philosophy), and have fun choosing it!

Abraham Earl : A boy who can be a good leader, a good person, a good role model, and a warrior that can lead his nation into a better one.

  • Abraham (Arabic): Means Father of many nations
  • Earl (American): Means A noted warrior

The feminine of Abraham is Abrion. Abraham is originally taken from Torah and Bible, as well as Qur’an. So, it is actually a name that is pretty close to these 3 religions. Long time ago, Abraham was a father of many nations. He was a very wise and a person who stood with justice. Earl itself can support the first name, which have a meaning of a noted warrior. Contextually, it leads to the hope of parents that their babies can be a good leader, a good person, a good role model, and a warrior that can lead his nation into a better one.

Aaron Cale : A boy with a good and strong character and characteristic with also a faith to hold, like when he is standing in a mountain, he can claim his presence and be wise to his people.

  • Aaron (Hebrew): Means Mountain of strength
  • Cale (American): Means To be faithful

Additional :
Aaron is originally a Hebrew name. He was a brother of Moses, the leader and messenger of Torah. Aaron was known as someone who could keep his promise, and was a very strong person, physically. Cale itself has a meaning of the one to be faithful. The philosophy is more or less taken from there, in the hope of the parents to have a baby with a good character and characteristic and also a great personality.

Abdul Aldwin : a boy who is close to his Lord, and is also a good friend for other people; the one who have a good relationship with both human beings and the Creator.

  • Abdul (Arabic): Means The Servant of God
  • Aldwin (American): Means Old friend – in a good sense

Both are the mix of Arabic and English names. Abdul means the servant of God. Meanwhile, Aldwin takes its philosophy from an idea of an old friend. At first, we might think that this combination is an odd one. Yet, this actually has a deeper meaning behind that. Admittedly, this Abdul name is commonly used by Muslim parents. So, this name is created in the hope of the parents for their babies to obey the Creator, the Lord, the one who Creates universe. In the same time. Aldwin balances it all with the meaning of an old friend, a friend who often comes with a lot of good memories and siblings-relation.

Laurel Rand : a boy who is strong and consistent, beneficial for other people, and have a brave personality, this name is surely combined at its finest.

  • Laurel (English): Means A Laurel tree
  • Rand (English): Means Wolf shield

Laurel is a tree. A kind of tree that can be functioned as a safe place, protecting somebody from the sting of the sun, from any harmful wild lives down there, from anything a gaze could not even have. Besides, a tree is a green creation that can give a life from its oxygen. Rand itself tries to complete the philosophy by having “wolf shield” as the meaning. In a purpose to have a wish on a baby with strong, beneficial, and brave personality, this name is surely combined at its finest.

Audrey Roosevelt : a boy whose personality is noble and the characteristic is full with wise as if a beautiful field adorned with roses is the place he lives in.

  • Audrey (American): Means Noble strength
  • Roosevelt (American): Means A field filled with roses

This time is Audrey and not Aubrey. This time is Roosevelt, a newborn baby that is ready to face the world. Audrey and Roosevelt are like a match. Both complete each other; while Audrey stands for noble strength, Roosevelt is a pride for a field filled with roses. The parents who choose this beautiful baby boy name can hope to have a good baby boy whose personality is noble and the characteristic full with wise and beautiful field adorned with roses. Surely, in a world full of hatred, we will always be in need for more than one from this kind of people.

Isaac Gilbert : a boy who brings laughter and bright, like a young man as always.

  • Isaac (Hebrew): Means One who brings laughter
  • Gilbert (American); Means Bright young man

Isaac Gilbert is a combination of Hebrew names, taken from the Holy Book of Christians. So probably, if we ever hope our kids to have a religious personality, taking this one name would be such a perfect choice. Isaac means someone who brings laughter. So for sure, it will be completed by the whole meaning of Gilbert which tags “bright young man” along. Hoping the best from the best names given.

Ehsan Caldwell : a boy whose characteristic is very wise; charitable and source of cold water who can calm the fire be in him.

  • Ehsan (Arabic): One that is charitable
  • Caldwell (English): Cold water source

a very unique name, combining both religious sides and sense with a modern one. Ehsan is taken from Arabic name which has a meaning of charitable. Specifically, Ehsan is an Islamic name. That charitable character planted, though, can be balanced with the meaning of Caldwell, which is cold water source. One that can be very special is going along with the tongue, the spell, and the combination of all. Like, it rings a bell. Do we hear the bell for this name?

Edmund Aiken : a boy who is rich with great personalities, added by the way he protects and guards the ones he loved, and strong, like a tree he is.

  • Edmund (English): Rich guardians
  • Aiken (English): Made from oak trees

a very English name one. This name has a very deep meaning behind. It collaborates Edmund which has a meaning of rich guardians. This rich guardians, then, even though it feels strong and brave, needs to be balanced with the Aiken, which has a meaning of “made from oak trees”. The deeper meaning comes when we have a look on the philosophy. Even though the hopes of the parents to have a rich, a guardian, it also needs to be standing on the ground and humble still, like a tree.

Sergio Angelo : a boy who serves the best to his Lord and is bringing good news like an angel, as well as a perfect fortune for everyone.

  • Sergio (Latin): Means attendant, servant
  • Angelo (Latin): Means image of angel

 Andrew Sage : a boy who is brave, wise, and strong like a warrior.

  • Andrew (Greek): Means warrior
  • Sage (English): Means wise

Reece Meredith : a boy who is passionate and enthusiastic in life, having also a great character to be a protector that is magnificent

  • Reece (English): Means Passionate, enthusiastic
  • Meredith (Welsh): Means magnificent chief or protector

David James : a boy who is royal and brave in a battlefield (as in life and its philosophy)

  • David (Hebrew): Means brave
  • James (English-Hebrew): Means royal

Benjamin Ethan : a boy who is loyal and honest with a great personality and a firm to be held

  • Benjamin (Hebrew): Means loyal and honest
  • Ethan (Hebrew): Means strong and firm

Sean Connor James : a boy who is praising his Lord because He is the Most Gracious one and who is also maintaining himself to be a great warrior or hero someday

  • Sean (Irish): Means God is Gracious
  • Connor (Irish): Means warrior or hero
  • James (English-Hebrew): Means royal

Keith Shannon : a boy who can calm the river he flows in and be the one like a forest where people can be feeling very safe and sound around him, but also deep in thought at the same time.

  • Keith (Irish): Means forest
  • Shannon (Irish): Means wise like a river

Antonio Bianco : a boy who is priceless and praiseworthy, the one who is also pure, white and shining like a jewel or diamond, nothing can compare.

  • Antonio (Latin): Means priceless and praiseworthy
  • Bianco (Latin): Means white and shining

Don Rocco : a boy who is respectful like its own title given and attached to its name, and is coming with a tough personality like no one has.

  • Don (Latin): Means respectful
  • Rocco (Latin from Rocky): Means tough, like a rock

Jack Taylor Scott : a boy who is hard working, as well as beautiful and strong like a tidal wave.

  • Jack (English): Means tough and brave
  • Taylor (English): Means cusp of a changing of the tides
  • Scott (Scottish): Means brave

Brynn Rhys : a boy who can reach his dream and be standing tall on the hill like a passionate man he is, as well as an amazing one with enthusiastic feeling of a stream.

  • Brynn (Welsh): Means From the hill
  • Rhys (Welsh): Means passionate and etcetera, related to the sense of it

Griff Kimball : a boy who is fierce in a good sense, a legend among the people surround him, the one with also a tendency to be a warrior or hero someday for his people.

  • Griff (Welsh): Means fighting chief
  • Kimball (English): Means warrior chied

Shiloh Ezra : a boy who is very clever so clever he can be a helper for everyone, and also the one with peaceful mind, no matter how hard the life gets

  • Shiloh (Hebrew): Means the peaceful one
  • Ezra (Hebrew): Means helper

Jordan Zachary : a boy who is flowing so calm like a river and also the one blessed with patience in a hope for the Lord to remember him

  • Jordan (Hebrew): Means the river
  • Zachary (Hebrew): Means the Lord remembered

Haley Nolan : a boy who is skilful and clever or in other words is called ingenious, and the one with also noble and graceful

  • Haley (Irish): Means clever and skilful
  • Nolan (Irish): Means noble

Levi Jeremiah : a boy who is joined and attached, very close to God (in a hope of their parents) so the Lord exalts

  • Levi (Hebrew): Means joined and attached
  • Jeremiah (Hebrew): Means the Lord exalts

Luke Alexander : a boy who is hoped to be a great person and also the one who can lead his people to goodness, light giving blessed he could have in the future.

  • Luke (Greek): Means light giving
  • Alexander (Greek): Means the great

Hu Sabra : a boy who loves nature, as well as the one who is blessed with a very good personality, blessing patience is with him no matter what.

  • Hu (Egyptian): Means love nature
  • Sabra (Egyptian – Arabic): Means patience

Raymond Jocelyn : a boy who can be a very wise person, so wise he could be the best protector ever, and the one with also a great personality.

  • Raymond (French and German): Means the wise protector
  • Jocelyn (French): Means a nice person

Angel Xavier : a boy who is angelic, both from the personality, the idea, the sense, as well as the physical being, and the one who can be a good house for the people surround him.

  • Angel (Greek): Means messenger from God
  • Xavier (Basque): Means the new house

Nour Gamal : a boy who is a walking light, in a hope to be the candle in the dark, to bt the light in the middle of nowhere and also the one with handsome face.

  • Nour (Egyptian – Arabic): Means the light that is luminous
  • Gamal (Egyptian): Means handsome

Louis Russell : a boy who is well known as a warrior that is also famous, making his land proud of him because of his bravery and consistency, and also the one with redhead.

  • Louis (French): Means the warrior, the famous one as well
  • Russell (French): Means the one whose head is red

Soren Magnus : a boy who is trusted by Lord to have a good strict personality in him, of course in a good sense, as well as the one that is great, seen by his people that his huge heart is the one to win.

  • Soren (Danish): Means strict
  • Magnus (Danish): Means great (and also in the sense of Latin)

Eugene Achilles : a boy who is considered as the one with noble and gracious personality, and is added with bravery he has in him as his habitat.

  • Eugene (Greek): Means Noble
  • Achilles (Greek): Means a warrior that is brave

Adom Abasi : a boy who always receives blessings in a form of help from his Lord, and also the one with a pretty strict feeling to have

  • Adom (Egyptian): Means the one who is blessed by help
  • Abasi (Egyptian): Means stern in a good sense

Axel Bartram : a boy who is always struggling to get a peace, for him and also for the people surround him, besides he is also the one who is  glorious and is considered one among the raven, a very strong and loyal bird in its kind

  • Axel (Danish): Means the chief or the leader of peace
  • Bartram (Danish): Means the strong bird that is glorious

Dru Brylee : a boy who never gets to see him sad, making sad face, simply because he is very strong in a sense of feeling and physics, and also the one with noble personality.

  • Dru (American); Means or based on variant of Andrew
  • Brylee (American): Means very passionate

Sike Dakota : a boy who is always trying to befriend anyone, and is very comfy and cozy for other people to come to him as a friend, and also an open minded one

  • Sike (American Native): Means the house, the home
  • Dakota (American Native): Means a good friend

Hula Turner : a boy whose eyes are sharp like a blade, and clear like the eyes of an eagle, and is targeting something very precisely like the bird itself.

  • Hula (Native American): Means the eagle
  • Turner (Native American): Means the one with amazing personality

The 37 baby names are being spoken out, along with its philosophy. The best ones are in the hands of us, the parents. Make it the best time of our life when we choose it. Think about it more than once and be the wishes free. For sure, the names are nothing without a good raising in their entire life. After all, names are the greatest. Parents are in charge. Flower or tree, a rose or a field, an oak or a laurel, the best wishes coming from the parents who love them no matter what. Are we now ready to raise one good protector for humanity?

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