Best Baby Names with Precious Stone Meanings

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2016


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There are many ways to inject beauty into a child’s name, such as choosing baby names related to gemstones or precious stones. From various gemstones such as agate, ruby and sapphire to pearl and diamond, there are many names that reflect the beauty and light of these stones. They are not just limited to girl’s names; there are also many baby boy names that reflect the beauty of gemstones and precious stones.

Almost all languages and cultures have words for precious stones, and you can choose the best names to create a great combination for your baby. You can stick to the traditional form, or use the modernized style to create a more common, trendy name. Forget opening dictionaries one by one; we help you with these baby name selections you can choose from.

Best Baby Boy Names with Precious Stone Meanings

If you think that precious stone meanings are only limited to baby girls, you are wrong. There are many baby boy names that have meanings related to precious stones or gemstones, and you can use these names to infuse beauty and light to your babies. Here are some of the best names for baby boys that are related to precious stones or gemstones:

  1. Alankar (Sanskrit): jewelry, gold.
  2. Alenta, Alanta, Alan (Greek): pearl.
  3. Almasd (Armenian): diamond.
  4. Asjad, Ashad, Asad (Arabic): jewel, gold.
  5. Aurek (Polish): having golden hair.
  6. Aurele (French): gold.
  7. Aurelio (Latin): gold.
  8. Cameo (English): derived from Persian word “chumahan” that means “agate.”
  9. Crisanto, Chrisanto (Greek): flower of gold.
  10. Daiyu, 岱 輿 (Chinese): a black jade.
  11. Dar (Biblical): pearl.
  12. Elmas (Turkish): diamond.
  13. Eurig, Eric (Welsh): gold.
  14. Gaspar (Spanish): the treasure bearer.
  15. Gawahir, Jawahir (Arabic): jewels.
  16. Helmi (Finnish): pearl.
  17. Jaden, Jayden (English): variation of the word “jade.”
  18. Jasper (English): from Spanish word “Gaspar,” means “the treasure bearer.”
  19. Jed (English): variation of the word “jade.”
  20. Jett (English): from Latin word “gagates,” means “lapis stone.”
  21. Jorie, Jory (English): the shortening of the word “Marjorie,” related to pearl.
  22. Kailash (Indian): from the word “kailasa,” means “cyristal.”
  23. Kainan, Kai (Hawaiian): gold, gold jewelry.
  24. Kei, 恵 (Japanese); a square shaped jewel.

  1. Keichi, 圭一 (Japanese): the first son, a square shaped jewel.
  2. Kito (Swahili): pearl, a precious kid.
  3. Kohaku, 琥珀 (Japanese): amber.
  4. Koralo (Esperanto): coral.
  5. Lin, Lynn, 琳 (Chinese): jade.
  6. Mette, Matt, Matthew (Greek): precious pearl.
  7. Midas (mythological): name of king whose touch turns everything into gold.
  8. Neelam (Indian): sapphire.
  9. Oro (Spanish): gold.
  10. Ravid (Hebrew): jewel.
  11. Rhett (English): variation of Spanish word “rita,” meaning pearl.
  12. Ruben (Esperanto): variation of the word “rubena,” meaning ruby.
  13. Sovann (Cambodian): gold.
  14. Xanthus, Xanthos (Greek): having golden hair.
  15. Zildan, Zlatan (Czech): gold.

These baby boy names with gemstones meanings are very unique and exceptional, and you can use them to create creative names, or modify them to make them sound more traditional and common.

Best Baby Girls Names Meaning Gemstones

Gemstones are popular objects to derive names for baby girls. There are many baby girl names that have meanings related to gemstones or precious stones and metals. They can sound elegant, pretty, beautiful, classic, exotic, or sophisticated. Also, using literal names of gemstones as baby girl names is very popular, and surely makes your baby girl’s name sounds more exceptional.

Here are some of the best and most popular names for baby girls that mean precious stones or metals:

  1. Almas (Arabic): diamond.
  2. Almeta (Danish): pearl.
  3. Amber (English): name of a precious stone with typically yellow color.
  4. Ambre, Ambra (French, Spanish): amber.
  5. Arelia, Aurelia (Portuguese): have a heart of gold.
  6. Aura, Aurel (Latin): gold.
  7. Beryl (Greek): sea-green pearl.
  8. Bijou (French): jewel.
  9. Cheryl, Cher (English): darling, small beryl.
  10. Cordelia (Welsh): ocean pearl.
  11. Crystal, Cristal (English): a vocabulary that means a type of shining mineral.
  12. Dahra, Dara (Hebrew): pearl of wisdom.
  13. Dior, Doreen (French): gold, have golden shade.
  14. Emerald (English): a vocabulary means precious stone with typically green color.
  15. Garnet (English): name of a precious stone with typically red color.
  16. Gemma (English): variation of the word “gem.”
  17. Giada (Italian): jade.
  18. Gilda, Golda (English): blanketed with gold.
  19. Gita (Hungarian): pearl.
  20. Grita, Greta, Gretta, Grethel, Irta (Greek): pearl.
  21. Jade (English): name of a precious stone with typically green color.
  22. Jauharah, Jauria (Arabic): pearl.
  23. Luluah, Lulu (Arabic): pearl.
  24. Mag, Maggie, Maggy (Greek): pearl.
  25. Maeghan, Meghan, Megan (Irish): pearl.
  26. Maisie (Scottish): pearl.
  27. Manimala (Indian): a string of pearl.
  28. Manjusha (Indian): a box of jewelry.
  29. Mared, Maretta, Margaret (Scottish): pearl.
  30. Marigold (English): the gold of Mary (Mary + gold).
  31. Marta, Martha (Scandinavian): pearl.
  32. Medea (mythological): a sorceress in Greek mythology that helps Jason getting the golden fleece.
  33. Merete, Meta (German): short of the vocabulary that means “pearl.”
  34. Opal (English): name of a gemstone.
  35. Pearl (English): a popular vocabulary means gemstones from the sea.
  36. Peigi, Peg, Peggy (Scottish): pearl.
  37. Peninah, Penina, Penny (Biblical): pearl.
  38. Perla (Italian, Spanish): pearl.
  39. Perle (Yiddish): pearl.
  40. Ratana (Thai): crystal.

  1. Ratna (Indian): jewel, gemstone.
  2. Rita (Latin, Spanish, Polish, German): pearl.
  3. Ruby (English): name of a precious stone with red color.
  4. Safaniya, Safania, Saffana (Arabic): pearl.
  5. Shashai (Egyptian): necklace.
  6. Shinju, 真珠 (Japanese): pearl.
  7. Topaz (English): name of a gemstone.
  8. Ula (Irish): jewel of the sea.

Gemstones are popular names for baby girls, and they never get old. Adding precious stone names in your baby girl’s name will infuse the beauty and good quality of these stones into their life.

Naming a baby with gemstones or precious stones and metals is the way to inject spiritual power from these beautiful objects into your baby. Give your little ones precious baby names to add beauty and brilliance to their life.