Best Baby Names Meaning Traveler or Explorer

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2016
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Mom and Daughter ready to explore the world

Exploring and traveling are activities that make us humans, because we naturally want to know about many things, and baby names that reflect these activities can be great choices for your children. Names that reflect activities such as traveling and exploring, or names of famous explorers, are great to put sense of adventure in their life and identities. There are many names related to traveling and exploring, and they are available from various languages and culture.

Forget opening various dictionaries or books to find the best names. We have lists of the best baby names you can pick for the little ones, whether baby girls or baby boys, which are related to traveling and exploration.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Traveler or Explorer

Being an explorer is one of popular “dreams” and goals of many boys. Baby boy names that are related to traveling or exploration will make your baby boy’s life more adventurous. They probably will find inspiration from their names.

  1. Abel (historical): from the name Abel Tasman, a European explorer who visited Tasmania for the first time.
  2. Arpad (Hungarian): traveler, wanderer.
  3. Austin (geographical): the name of a famous city in Texas, famous for its music and culinary culture.
  4. Bonaventura (Italian): a good traveling.
  5. Brendan (Irish): from the name St. Brendan, an Irish saint who was famous as a sailor and explorer.
  6. Charles (historical): from the name of traveler, explorer and biology expert Charles Darwin.
  7. Christopher, Christos, Chris (Greek): the name of a saint that protects travelers.
  8. David (historical): from the name David Livingstone, who explored Africa.
  9. Doran (Irish): from Irish Gaelic name Deoradhan, means wanderer.
  10. Drake (historical): from the name Francis Drake, a famous circumnavigator.
  11. Edmund (historical): from the name Edmund Hillary, a famous mountaineer.
  12. Ernest (historical); from the name Ernest Shackleton, an explorer who traveled to Antartica.
  13. Farren (English): wanderer.
  14. Ferdinando, Ferdinand (German): traveler, wanderer. Also from the name of famous circumnavigator, Ferdinand Magellan.
  15. Francis (historical): from the name Francis Drake, a famous circumnavigator.
  16. Jacques (historical); from the name of Jacques Cousteau, famous explorer, and Jacques Cartier, an explorer in Canada. It can also be modernized into Jack.
  17. Marco, Mark (historical): from the name Marco Polo, a famous traveler and travel writer.
  18. Nash (geographical): short from Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, famous for its country music culture.
  19. Neil (historical): from the name Neil Armstrong, the name of famous astronaut.
  20. Peregrine, Perry (English): wanderer, traveler.
  21. Roald (historical): from the name Roald Amundsen, traveler to North and South Poles.
  22. Scot, Scott (Scottish): wanderer.
  23. Sydney, Sid (geographical): name of a city in Australia.
  24. Tripp (English): from the word “trip,” means journey.
  25. Wendale, Wendell (German): an old guy, wandering wanderer.
  26. Yuri (historical): from the name Yuri Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut.

Baby boy names that mean traveling or exploration will make your baby boys grow into more adventurous kids. Combine the best names and find the best combination for the young travelers.

Baby Girls Names Meaning Traveler of Explorer

Traveling and exploring are not just limited to boys; many baby girls names reflect the history of traveling and exploring among women around the world. Baby girl names with travel-inspired sources will also make your little girls become more adventurous and inspired in doing exploration themselves. Many of these names are also based on actual travelers or explorers in history. Here are some great names you can combine for your baby girls:

  1. Amelia (historical): from Amelia Earhart, famous American pilot and navigator.
  2. Annie (historical): from the name Annie Peck, a female mountaineer.
  3. Blair, Blaire (historical): from Blair Niles, one of the founding members of the society of women explorers in the US.
  4. Bonnie, Bonny (English): short from Italian “Bonaventura,” means a good traveling.
  5. Constance (historical): from the name Constance Gordon-Cumming, a female explorer who traveled much to Asia.
  6. Deidra, Deirdre (Gaelic): sorrowful wanderer.
  7. Farren (English): wanderer.
  8. Georgia (geographical): name of a state in the US.
  9. Gertrude (historical); from Gertrude Shelby and Gertrude Emerson, founding members of the society of women explorers in the US.
  10. Helen (historical): from Helen Thayer, the name of a female explorer to the North Pole.
  11. Hillary (historical): from the name Edmund Hillary, a famous mountaineer.
  12. Ida (historical): from the name Ida Pfeiffer, a female traveler who explorer various countries around the world.
  13. India (geographical): name of a country. The name has been adopted by famous people such as India Arie and India Eisley.
  14. Isra (Arabic): night journey.
  15. Karen (historical): from the name Karen Thorndike, a solo circumnavigator.
  16. Louise (historical): from Louise Arner Boyd, a female Arctic explorer.
  17. Marguerite (historical): from Marguerite Harrison, one of the founding members of the society of women explorers in the US.
  18. Odessa (Greek): variation from the name “Odysseus,” famous sailor in Greek mythology, and also the English word “odyssey.”
  19. Saira (Arabic): traveler, wanderer.
  20. Sally (historical): from the name Sally Ride, a female astronaut.
  21. Savanna (geographical): the name for a vast grassy area in Africa. You can also use the variation “Savannah,” which is the name of a city in southern part of the US.
  22. Sylvia (historical): from the name Sylvia Earle, an ocean explorer.
  23. Valentina (historical): from the name Valentina Tereshkova, a female cosmonaut.
  24. Vanda, Wanda (German): a wandering family.
  25. Wendy (English): variation of Wanda.
  26. Zaria (geographical): name of a major city in Nigeria.

There are many baby girl names that are inspired from famous or historical travelers and explorers. Having those names in your little girl’s names will motivate them to explore, and inspire them to (hopefully) become a traveler and always-curious wanderer. You can also teach them the figures behind the names to inspire your little girls even further.

Adventure, travel and exploration are activities that open our mind to new thoughts, views and possibilities. Choose the best combination from these baby names to give wanderlust spirit to your babies.