Best Baby Names Meaning High, Great and Glorious

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

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Best Baby Names Meaning High, Great and Glorious

Names that mean “tall,” “high,” “glorious” and “great” have powerful impact; baby names with such meanings sound very distinctive and can affect how your children think of themselves. Tall, great and glorious are positive adjectives that all languages and cultures have, so you have a lot of choices in names that bring great meanings for the kids. Forget opening dictionaries to find the best names; you can find the best names here and use them to create the best name for your babies.

There are various names for baby boys and girls that mean tall or glorious; here are various names you can choose from.

Best Baby Boy Names Mean High and Great

Choosing names that mean tall, high or great is very popular, especially if a parent wants to name a baby boy. There are many baby boy names that signify such positive qualities such as tall, glorious, grand, and noble. Here are the best selections of names you can choose for your baby boy:

  1. Aaron (Hawaiian): a high mountain, glorious, noble.
  2. Abram, Abraham (Hebrew, Biblical): noble father.
  3. Akihiro, 了浩 (Japanese): greatness, glory.
  4. Alfian, Alfien, Alfin, Alvin (Irish): noble, glorious.
  5. Arkhan (Arabic): noble, tall, glorious.
  6. Aro (Hawaiian): glorious, high, noble.
  7. Augustus, August, Augustine (Latin): glorious, noble.
  8. Azam (Arabic): noble, glorious, high.
  9. Bartram, Bertram (Danish): the glorious raven.

  1. Boryslaw, Boris (Polish): glorious in battle.
  2. Chad (African American): glorious love.
  3. Connan, Conan, Connor (English): glorious, high.
  4. Constantine (historical): a name of Roman emperor being praised as the first Christian emperor.
  5. Cyrill (English): glorious, noble.
  6. Cyrus (historical): name of several Persian kings, also has the close meaning with Greek “kyrios,” meaning king.
  7. Derian, Darian (African): glorious, high.
  8. Devine, Devyn, Devin (Latin): noble, glorious.
  9. Eiji, 叡司 (Japanese): glory, nobility, peace.
  10. Eloni (Polynesian): the grand one, the glorious one.
  11. Grandy, Grady (English): variation from the word “grand.”
  12. Gustin, Justin (Latin): noble, glorious.
  13. Harmaen, Harmaan, Herman (Latin): noble, high, glorious.
  14. Hiram (Hebrew): having glorious position, high status.
  15. Ivan (Russian): God is glorious, mighty.
  16. Jalal, Jalil (Persian): glorious, glory.
  17. Jan, Janek, Janus (Polish): God is grand.
  18. Kenward (English): brave and noble leader.
  19. Ladislav, Ladislaus (Czech): leading with glory.
  20. Leslaw, Leslie (Polish): noble, grand.

  1. Lord (English): a name from English vocabulary that signifies greatness.
  2. Magnus (Irish): grand, great.
  3. Majid (Persian): respected, praised, glorious.
  4. Maxel, Maxwell (Latin): greatness, glory.
  5. Maximus, Maxim (Latin): the highest, the grandest.
  6. Otto (historical): name of the founder of Holy Roman Empire.
  7. Osbert (English): noble, smart, glorious.
  8. Osgood (English): praised as glorious, praised highly.
  9. Rado, Rados (Czech): glorious happiness.
  10. Rafi (Arabic): praised highly, praised as glorious.
  11. Rasean, Raesan (African): glorious God.
  12. Solomon (biblical/historical): name of a grand king of Israel.
  13. Temaru (Polynesian): glorious sun.
  14. Vishal (Sanskrit): the great one.
  15. Yeremia, Jeremy (Biblical): praise the God.
  16. Yoshio, よし男(Japanese): noble soldier, glorious man.

With these various names for baby boys, you can create the best name combination that signifies greatness, grandness and nobility for your little one.

Baby Girl Names Mean High and Great

There are many baby girl names that have positive meanings such as tall, grand, glorious or noble. All cultures and languages have the words to name baby girls with such words. Here are the best names for baby girls that you can give to signify these positive qualities:

  1. Aitana, Attania, Tania (Portuguese): noble, grand, glorious.
  2. Aldyth (Aborigine): noble, glorious power.
  3. Alexandra, Alexandria (historical); the feminine form of Alexander, the name of famous conqueror and king.
  4. Aliya, Alya, Aaliya, Aaliyah, Allie (Arabic): grand, noble.
  5. Athalia (Sanskrit): the greatness of God.
  6. Audrey (English): noble and glorious power.
  7. Augusta (Latin): grand, glorious, noble.
  8. Austina, Austen, Austin (English): glorious and grand.
  9. Baha (Arabic): noble, high, glorious.
  10. Basilia, Basil (Greek): the great queen.
  11. Berenike, Berenice, Bernice (Greek): the bringer of glory.
  12. Birgitta, Birgitte (Danish): the glorious one, the noble one.
  13. Breonna, Bria, Bri (English): grand, noble, strong.
  14. Brighid, Brigit, Bridget (Irish): the glorious, noble one.
  15. Camilla (Latin): greatness, grandness.
  16. Cleoma, Cleo (Greek): the glorious name.
  17. Cleopatra (Greek): the glory of father.
  18. Deviela (Greek): high, noble love.
  19. Dona, Donna (English): the glorious, noble, high leader.
  20. Earlene, Arlene (Anglo Saxon): the grand one, the noble one.

  1. Edlyn (Anglo Saxon): from the noble.
  2. Elfreda, Elfrida, Elfride (German): noble and wise.
  3. Farnaz (Arabic): the glorious beauty.
  4. Galila (Arabic): the high, glorious, grand one.
  5. Gitte (Danish): the high, glorious one.
  6. Gloria (Portuguese, Latin): the grandness, the greatness.
  7. Ionna (Biblical): the great God.
  8. Kirena (Greek): noble, high, grand.
  9. Mahesa, Mahisa (Indian): the great one, the glorious one.
  10. Maja (Scandinavian): great, grand, high.
  11. Majesta (Latin): grand, majestic.
  12. Majida, Majidah (Arabic): the one with noble, glorious heart.
  13. Maura, Maureen (Irish): the noble, the grand, the glorious.
  14. Mei, May (Hawaiian): the noble.
  15. Meghan, Megan (Greek): as noble as pearl, glorious.
  16. Moira (Irish): the grand, the noble, the glorious.
  17. Nana, Nancy (Hebrew): the greatness, grandness, glory.
  18. Onatah, Onata, Ona (Iroquois): noble daughter of earth.
  19. Rama (Hebrew): glorious, noble.
  20. Rhiannon (Welsh): the noble queen, the great queen.
  21. Rhonda, Rhona (Welsh): the glorious one.
  22. Roderica (German): glorious, noble leader.
  23. Roxana, Roxane, Roxanne (historical): the name of Alexander the Great wife.
  24. Sigmunda (Germany): noble, high, glorious protector.
  25. Sigourney (English): the great conqueror.
  26. Valda (Germany): the glorious leader.
  27. Valeska (Slavic): the noble leader.
  28. Vallessa, Valleska (Polish): glorious, great leader.
  29. Yamanda, Yonda (African): glorious, noble, look like a queen.
  30. Zaneta (Hebrew): the glory of God.

Many names for baby girls and boys signify nobility, glory, and greatness, and you want to inject these great qualities to your little ones. Give them names that they can be proud of, and see how these great baby names present spiritual power in their life.