Best Baby Names Meaning Gratitude and Thankful

Last Updated: 13 Sep 2016


A baby is born is a Grace from God

Being grateful and thankful is an important life lesson, and there are many baby names that reflect those qualities. There are many names that reflect words such as thank you, thankful, gratitude, or grateful. Many of them root from classic or ancient eras, but there are also modern-sounding names. You can choose classic or modern names for boys and girls, and you can modify the names to create the best arrangements. These names are available from various languages and backgrounds, since grace, gratitude and thanks are concept all countries know.

Do you want more inspirations than the most popular names? Forget opening dictionaries just to find the perfect names; we took care of the list for you. Here are the lists of great names that mean thankful, gratitude, and grateful, and create the best names you think the most suitable for your little ones.

Best Baby Boy Names Meaning Gratitude and Thankful

Teaching your baby boys how to be grateful and thanks is important. Here are the best names you can choose:

  1. Amadeus (Latin): God’s grace, God’s blessing.
  2. Apikai (Polynesian): the gift from father.
  3. Armagan, Armaghan (Turkey): blessing, grace, gift, favor.
  4. Asante (African): thank you.
  5. Asher, Ash (Hebrew): blessed, grateful, thankful.
  6. Athaya, Attaya (Sanskrit): grace, blessing.
  7. Aziz (Arabic): blessing.
  8. Benedict (Latin): blessed.
  9. Bendt, Bennie, Benny (Danish): blessed.
  10. Benito, Benicio (Latin, Spanish): blessed.
  11. Benoit (French): blessed, graced.
  12. Boone (French): blessing, grace, favor.
  13. Caiden (Hebrew): from the word that means “thankful, grateful.”
  14. Carwyn, Corwyn (Welsh): grateful, blessed, a blessed love.
  15. Didan, Zidan (Italian): gift from God.
  16. Dizon, Dejon (African): blessing from God.
  17. Donatello (Latin): gift from God.
  18. Dorofey, Dorofei (Russian): God’s blessing.
  19. Edward, Edwin (English): a wealthy friend.
  20. Ercole (Italian): a good gift.

  1. Evano, Evan (Latin): the most beautiful blessing.
  2. Fateh, Fatih (African): blessed, gifted.
  3. Fjodor, Fyodor (Russian): gift from God.
  4. Galeno, Galen (Latin): a blessed kid.
  5. Giovanni, Geovanni (Italian): the most beautiful blessing.
  6. Grant (English): a vocabulary means favor or gift.
  7. Hans (Biblical): a beautiful blessing.
  8. Jaden, Jayden (Hebrew): thankful, grateful.
  9. Jeremie, Jeremy (French, English): a gift that uplifts.
  10. Jonathan (Hebrew): God gives, God provides.
  11. Kuron (African): blessing, thanks.
  12. Mads (Danish): God’s gift.
  13. Matteo, Mateo (Spanish): grace from God, gift from God.
  14. Matfei (Russian): God’s gift.
  15. Matheus, Mathius (Latin): God’s gift.
  16. Matthew, Matt (English): from the word that means grace from God.
  17. Mubarak (Arabic): blessed with luck.
  18. Nathan, Nat, Nate (Hebrew): God gives, God blesses.
  19. Shakir (Arabic): the grateful one.
  20. Shukri (Arabic): thankful.
  21. Sridatta (Sanskrit): God’s gift.
  22. Theodore, Theodorus, Theo (Latin): God’s gift, God’s blessing.
  23. Theon (Greek): a good blessing.
  24. Yohance (African): God’s gift.
  25. Zephano, Zephan, Stephan, Steven (Biblical): gift from God.

These baby boy names are rooted from various languages and cultures, so you can have a lot of alternatives for baby names. Use these names to welcome a Thanksgiving baby or if you just want to put the sense of gratitude and thankful for the presence of your kids.

Best Baby Girl Names Meaning Gratitude and Thankful

There are many baby girls names that reflect thanks, gratitude or grateful, and many of them are classic-looking names that sound elegant, although there are modern versions you can try. Here are some of the best baby girl names you can choose from:

  1. Aissa, Aisha (African): blessed, grateful.
  2. Anjeli, Anjali (Sanskrit): blessing, grace.
  3. Antonie (German): giving help for the poor.
  4. Ashanti (African): thank you.
  5. Blezinsky, Blaze (English): from the word “blessing.”
  6. Charity (English): a vocabulary related to giving a favor or help.
  7. Charmaine (French): bountiful orchard.
  8. Cherise (English): from the word “cherish,” means appreciate or feel grateful.
  9. Demetria, Demi (mythological): a Greek goddess related to harvest.
  10. Dina, Dinah (Russian): giving, blessing, gracing.
  11. Donata, Donatella, Donna (Italian): blessing from God.
  12. Dora (Greek): gift, grace, present, blessing.
  13. Dorottya, Dorothy (Hungarian): God’s gift.
  14. Eleadora (Spanish): gift from the sun.
  15. Feodora (Russian): God’s gift.
  16. Galena (Latin): blessed kid.
  17. Grace (English): a vocabulary that means favor or blessing.
  18. Gracia (Spanish): thankful, grateful.
  19. Gratia, Gracia (Latin): grateful, thankful.
  20. Gwyneth (Welsh): blessed.

  1. Hamida, Hamidah (Arabic): the grateful one.
  2. Hiba, Heba, Heeba, Heebah (Arabic): gift, present.
  3. Jana, Janalynn, Janalee (Czech): beautiful blessing.
  4. Jendayi (Egyptian): grateful, thankful.
  5. Joan, Joanna, Johanna, Hanna, Hannah (Biblical): grace, blessing, gift.
  6. Kuron (African): blessed, thanks.
  7. Lavania, Lavanya (Indian): grace, gift.
  8. May (mythological): the Greek goddess of spring.
  9. Mercy, Merci (English, French); grace, compassion.
  10. Nancy, Nancine, Nance (English): from native word “nanuk,” means thankful or grateful.
  11. Nathania (Hebrew): God blesses, God gives.
  12. Nawal (Arabic): gift, present.
  13. Odelia (Anglo Saxon): grateful, thankful.
  14. Prisha (Sanskrit): God’s blessing.
  15. Rain (English): name of weather occurrence that is often associated with bounty.
  16. Relinda, Raylene (German): a kind, giving queen.
  17. Sadina (African): blessed with crown.
  18. Sibongile (South African): thank you.
  19. Shakira, Shakera, Syakira (Arabic): the grateful one.
  20. Sunniva (Scandinavian): gift of the sun.
  21. Susannah, Susan, Susanne, Suzanne (Scottish): God’s blessing.
  22. Teodora, Theodora (Latin): gift from God.
  23. Vannia, Vania (Persian): gift from God.
  24. Wynne, Wynona (Welsh): blessed.
  25. Yeva (Russian): blessing, gift, present.

Beautiful names for baby girls can convey beautiful meanings as well, including gratitude, thanks, blessing and other related words. Since there are many popular names that have beautiful sounds and meanings, you are free to choose some words that can be combined into your favorite names to name the little girls.

Naming your baby with words that mean gratitude or thanks is great for a lot of reasons; you may want to teach them gratefulness and humility, or you simply want to welcome a Thanksgiving baby. Whatever the reasons are, you can create the best baby names to teach humility to your little ones.