Best Baby Names Meaning Fast and Agile

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2016

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Baby Boy with His Ride

Fast, agile and swift are qualities necessary to survive in competition, and there are many baby names you can pick for the little ones that contain those meanings (Taylor Swift, anyone?). There are many names that signify meanings such as “fast”, “agile”, and “swift”, and you can create the best combination to inject their spiritual meanings to your kids. All cultures and languages have words for these positive qualities, so you can choose whatever you fancy to create the best name.

Forget opening a bunch of dictionaries to get the best name; we compile the best names you can think of to create names that contain qualities such as fast, swift, and agile.

Best Baby Boy Names Meaning Fast

Tall, swift and agile are positive qualities many parents want for their baby boys, among other things. Here are various baby boy names that mean tall, swift and agile:

  1. Akas (Indonesian): quick, agile, swift.
  2. Aklesh (Sanskrit): a quick, agile god.
  3. Alamimo, Alamo (Spanish): quick, swift.
  4. Alber, Albert (German): having a quick mind.
  5. Amaranto (Greek): agile, quick, fast.
  6. Archer, Archie (English): vocabulary often associated with “swift” and “fast”.
  7. Badri (Arabic): quickening the pace.
  8. Barak, Barrak (Hebrew): fast as lightning.
  9. Belen (Greek): swift as arrow.
  10. Boase, Boaz (Hebrew): swift, quick.
  11. Bo (Hebrew): fast and strong.
  12. Bolt (English): vocabulary that means running fast.
  13. Brice, Bryce (Irish): quick, swift.
  14. Budair (Arabic): walking fast.
  15. Chase (English): a vocabulary related to speed.
  16. Citino, Chitino (Latin): act swiftly.
  17. Daithi, Dahy (Irish): swift, quick.
  18. Dali (Indonesian): name of a small, swift bird.
  19. Dash (English): a vocabulary related to speed.
  20. Dharam (Sanskrit): something that is grasped swiftly.

  1. Dayton (English): speedy, fast.
  2. Eachann, Egan (Irish): swift, steadfast.
  3. Eachtar, Hector (Irish): steadfast, swift, quick.
  4. Eimar, Emer, Emery (Irish): swift, quick.
  5. Etor (Basque/Spanish): fast, swift.
  6. Evinrude, Evin (Norway): fast boat.
  7. Giras (Javanese): quick, fast, agile.
  8. Guayra (Quechua): as fast as wind.
  9. Hasting, Hastings (English): the quick one, the swift one.
  10. Hewell (English): the swift, quick, agile one.
  11. Jachin, Joaquin (Hebrew): he who strengthens and pushes.
  12. Javas, Jayvas, Jayvis (Sanskrit): swift, quick.
  13. Jay, Jaye (German): quick, fast, swift.
  14. Jesse, Jess (sport): from Jesse Owens, world-record Olympic runner, dubbed “the fastest man in the world”.
  15. Joshi, Josh (Swahili): running very fast.

  1. Kastas, Kostas (Greek): steadfast, quick, swift.
  2. Kohana (Sioux); swift man.
  3. Konstantin (German): steady, swift.
  4. Lemuel, Lemmy (Hebrew): swift, quick.
  5. Miles (English): from the vocabulary “mile,” the measurement for distance.
  6. Namir, Nameer (Afghan): quick, agile cat.
  7. Ozem (Hebrew): fast and eager.
  8. Recene (English): agile, swift, fast.
  9. Rider, Ryder (English): vocabulary associated with swiftness and speed.
  10. Rolf (German): fast wolf.
  11. Ryker (English): swift rider.
  12. Sebes (Hungarian): swift, fast.
  13. Sherween, Sherwin, Sherwind, Sherwyn (English): quick, fast.
  14. Sigmund (German): quick as wind.
  15. Simab, Seemab (African): swift, quick.
  16. Skeet, Skeat, Skeeter (English); swift, quick.
  17. Sohail, Suhail (Arabic): fast as wind.
  18. Stian, Stan (Norway): run very fast.
  19. Swift (English): English vocabulary that means fast.
  20. Tion, Theon (Latin): strong, steadfast, swift.
  21. Trent (Latin): a swiftly running river.
  22. Tulio, Tullio (Latin): swift, agile.
  23. Usain (sport): the first name of famous world-record runner, Usain Bolt.

With these names, you can create the best name that signifies “fast” or “swift”, and incorporate them in the complete name for your little one.

Baby Names for Girls Meaning Fast

Various cultures and languages also have baby names for girls that signify “fast” or “swift”. These names are great to give positive allusions to your daughter’s name. Here are some great names related to words like fast, agile or swift:

  1. Alfieta, Alvita (Latin): agile, swift.
  2. Almeta, Alnetta (Latin): swift, fast, quick.
  3. Atalanta, Atlanta (mythical): the name of a Greek woman who could ran fast.
  4. Bibiana (Latin): eager, swift, agile.
  5. Cadence (English): vocabulary related to rhythm, tempo, especially fast tempo.
  6. Celerina (Spanish): fast, swift, quick.
  7. Chepala, Chapala (Indian): fast, swift, quick.
  8. Constantia, Constancia, Constantina, Constanza, Constance (Italian, Latin): steadfast, steady, quick.
  9. Daytona (English): speedy, fast.
  10. Dilys, Dillys (Irish): quick, fast.
  11. Dromicia (Greek): fast, swift, quick.
  12. Eimhear, Emer, Emery (Irish): swift, quick, agile.
  13. Erlinda, Erinda (Latin): eager to be quick, swift.
  14. Evelyn, Eveline, Evie (Irish): agile, swift.
  15. Fleda, Fleta (English): swift on her feet.
  16. Galen, Galena (Irish): small, swift and quick.
  17. Halah, Hala (Arabic): quick, swift, agile.
  18. Izri (Hebrew): quick judgment, swift retribution.
  19. Jaydan, Jayden (English): swift, quick.
  20. Jesse, Jessie (sport): from Jesse Owens, world-record Olympic runner, dubbed “the fastest man in the world”.

  1. Kenya (geographical): a country famous for its world-champion runners.
  2. Lefitray, Levy (Mapuche): quick sound.
  3. Lulu (Indonesian): swift and agile.
  4. Mabina, Mevin (Irish): swift, quick woman.
  5. Maeveen, Maeve (Irish): swift woman.
  6. Mehira, Mahira (Hebrew): running quick.
  7. Mikil (Hawaiian): quick, nimble, fast.
  8. Miles, Miley (English): from the vocabulary “mile”, the measurement of distance.
  9. Noumira (Arabic): nimble as a cat.
  10. Nyke, Nyka (Greek): speed, fast.
  11. Page, Paige (French): a fast, agile companion.
  12. Presta, Pristia (Spanish): quick, fast.
  13. Radinka (Czech): a bouncy, agile woman.
  14. Ranhita, Ranita (Indian): running very fast.
  15. Reese (Welsh): fast runner.
  16. Remus (Latin): swift, quick, fast.
  17. Rhaelynn (English): swift, quick.
  18. Rhianah, Rihanna (Arabic); swift, fast, quick.
  19. Rider, Ryder (English): vocabulary associated with speed.
  20. Saima (Arabic): swift, fast.
  21. Senona (Spanish): agile, high-spirited.
  22. Speedy (English): from the vocabulary “speed”.
  23. Tahliya, Thalia, Talia (Arabic); swift as wind.
  24. Tullia (Latin): eager, swift, agile.
  25. Viviana, Vivie, Vivi (Indonesian): swift, fast, quick.

Baby names that mean fast, agile and swift contain strong spiritual power for positive life qualities. Naming your babies with these words is a form of prayer and hope, and your children will hopefully grow with these positive qualities in their personality.