Best Baby Names Meaning Correct, Successful and Precise

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2016


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Being correct, precise and successful is something everyone wants to achieve in various fields of life, so make sure the baby names you give to the little ones reflect these qualities. Baby names that reflect positive qualities like being precise, successful and correct are popular for boys and girls, and you can get names from various languages or cultural backgrounds. Forget opening dictionaries to get name combinations, we got you covered!

From popular English names to Old World/Europe and Eastern names, we have selections of great baby names that reflect qualities like precise and successful. Choose the ones that you like and modify to suit your baby.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Correct, Precise and Successful

Naming baby boys with words that reflect positive qualities are always popular. There are many baby boy names that reflect qualities such as correct, precise and successful. Here are our selections of baby boy names with such qualities in their meanings:

  1. Abner (Biblical): father of the righteous.
  2. Apollo (mythological): the name of Greek God associated with truthfulness.
  3. Asdaq (Arabic): right, correct.
  4. Benjamin, Ben, Benny (Biblical): born in the right hands.
  5. Breixo (Portuguese): really right, really correct.
  6. Darman, Dharma, Dharman (Sanskrit): the right rules.
  7. Dilwyn, Dylan (Welsh): the blessed truth.
  8. Efrem, Efraim, Ephraim (Biblical): correct, ends well, successful.
  9. Efron, Effron (Biblical): correct, ends well, successful, bountiful.
  10. Elvir (Latin): the righteousness.
  11. Evencio, Even, Evan (Latin): correct, precise, right.
  12. Faruq, Faruk, Farroukh (Arabic): able to tell the right from the wrong.
  13. Findlaech, Finland, Finn (Irish): successfully right.
  14. Galene, Galina, Galen, Gale, Gayle (Greek): the right one.
  15. Govind (Sanskrit): successful, right.
  16. Jai, Jay (Sanskrit): right, successful.

  1. Jestyn, Justin (Latin): the righteousness.
  2. Justino (Portuguese): the right, the correct.
  3. Kairos (Greek): the right time, the right moment.
  4. Kenshin, 健伸 (Japanese): a simple truth.
  5. Khabir (Arabic): knowing the right one, knowing the truth.
  6. Masayuki, 勝之 (Japanese): the happiness of truth.
  7. Michio, 三千男 (Japanese): the right one, the true one.
  8. Minoru, (Japanese): the true one, the truth, the right.
  9. Osmar (English): impressive in its success.
  10. Pablo (Spanish): striving for success.
  11. Raisan (African): following the right path.
  12. Rushd, Rushdi (Arabic): being led correctly, led righteously.
  13. Saleh, Salih (Arabic): the right one, the correct one.
  14. Shiddiq, Shadiq, Sadiq (Arabic): always correcting, always making it right.
  15. Shinichi, 伸一 (Japanese): the right one, the correct one.
  16. Syah (Arabic): the right one.
  17. Truman (English): popular name consists of the words “true” and “man.”
  18. Varrel, Verel (French): the right one.
  19. Vere, Veryl (Latin): the right one.
  20. Wahid (Arabic): the true one, nothing compares.
  21. Yorke, York (English): looking for the truth, the correct path.
  22. Zachary (Biblical): always looking for the right path.

You can combine these names to make your own ideal composition, or creating modifications from existing names to create unique names. Many parents who prefer English names created English versions of the unique names from other languages, so you can do the same.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Correct, Precise and Successful

Names that mean correct, precise and successful are popular in girls as well as boys. Here are our selections of baby girl names that mean such qualities, and their derivatives:

  1. Aeera, Aira, Airah (Arabic): successful, precise, ends well, correct.
  2. Akemi, Akimi, 亮美 (Japanese): the truth of autumn.
  3. Alvarita, Elvaretta, Elvira, Evita (Spanish): one who speaks truthfully, correctly, precisely.
  4. Amita, Amissa (Biblical): the truth, the correct one.
  5. Daireann, Darien, Darreen, (Irish): successful, very well.
  6. Dena, Dinah, Dina (Biblical): correcting, making it right.
  7. Dilys, Dillys (Welsh): true, correct, right, loyal.
  8. Dinora, Dinorah (Biblical): making it right, correct.
  9. Fadillah, Fadilla (Arabic): the right one.
  10. Fidelity, Fidelia, Fidelita (English): the truth.
  11. Giraya (Biblical): the truth of God.
  12. Istinah, Iustina (Hawaiian): the right, the correct.
  13. Izni (Arabic): the truth, the correct.
  14. Jaira (Biblical): the truth of God.
  15. Juniavera (Biblical): young and truthful.
  16. Kane, (Japanese): the hands of truth.
  17. Khanifa (Arabic): being in the right, correct, true path.
  18. Layna, Lana (Greek): bright, correct, true.
  19. Maki, 万喜 (Japanese): the one who prays for righteousness, truth.
  20. Mayumi, 万友美 (Japanese): the beautiful truth.
  21. Michi, (Japanese): the right, the truth.
  22. Nazzaha (Indian): the purity, the righteousness.
  23. Niddha (Javanese): a child who corrects everything.
  24. Nikaa, Nikka (Russian): the right picture, the correct picture.
  25. Nimitya (Javanese): a child that makes it true, correct, right.
  26. Olethea, Oletha (Latin): the true, the correct.
  27. Onawa, Onaja (Native American): being woken up (to see the truth).
  28. Rasidah, Rashida, Rasyidah (Egyptian): being in the right, true, correct path.
  29. Saleeha, Saliha (African): right, precise, correct.
  30. Satya (Sanskrit): the right, the correct.

  1. Shadiqah (Arabic): right, correct, precise, true.
  2. Sorano, 宇宙音 (Japanese): the room of righteousness, the room of truth.
  3. Valerien, Valeria (Romani, Portuguese): the right one, the true one.
  4. Vera (Latin): the truth, the correct one.
  5. Verena, Verin, Vioreen (German): the right one, the true one.
  6. Verity (English): a vocabulary that means truth.
  7. Veronique (French): the right one, the correct one.
  8. Walanika, Varonika, Veronika (Hawaiian): the right picture.
  9. Wera (Polish): the truth, the right.
  10. Yamina, Yaminah (Arabic): the right one, the correct one, the precise one.
  11. Yvon, Yvonne (Biblical): righteous, truthful.

Finding names for baby girls is a thing many people love. You can look at the recommended names and find the right combinations for your little girls; the ones that sound elegant, pretty, or sophisticated. You can also create the more modern, English version of traditional names, or names from other languages.

Baby names that reflect positive qualities are great options for your little ones. Create the best baby names that reflect qualities like right, true or precise, and give your kids positive meanings for their life.