Beautiful Islamic Names for Girls with Meanings

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2016
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Arabian Baby Girl

There are thousands of baby girl names from around the world. Parents often confuse which one of those names that they will choose for their baby girls. Arranging a name for your baby girl may not be an easy task. You must go through some lists of baby names, literally. It takes time and a lot of consideration because after all, you must want the best name for your baby girl. Parents seek for the meaning of the names one by one before they give the name to their children.

For Muslim, giving Islamic names to the children is highly advisable because a name is more than just a combination of words, it is a prayer too. For that reason, almost all Muslim in the world are looking for Islamic names. Below is the list of Islamic names for baby girls. You can choose directly from the list, but you can also combine the name with the ones that you have prepared. Hopefully, your children will grow as great as their names.

Islamic Full Names for Girls with Meanings

Aqilla Fariza Mufia: A smart and obedient girl that brings out the light to life.

  • Aqilla (Islamic) means smart.
  • Fariza (Islamic) means light.
  • Mufia (Islamic) means obedient.

Annasya Adreena Saila: A girl who is born with love and affection. One day she will be a rich and prosperous person that shines like the sun.

  • Annasya (Islamic) means love and affection, it also means cheerful.
  • Adreena (Islamic) means rich and prosperous.
  • Saila (Islamic) means sunlight.

Romeesa Farzana: A heavenly beauty girl who is wise, smart, and lucky.

  • Romeesa (Islamic) means heavenly beauty.
  • Farzana (Islamic) means wise, smart, and lucky.

Azmya Nasira Raesha: A girl who is blessed by Allah and who is able to become a successful leader.

  • Azmya (Islamic) means a person who is blessed by Allah.
  • Nasira (Islamic) means successful, winner.
  • Raesha (Islamic – another form of Raisha) means a leader.

Azkayra Yasna: A girl whose heart as white as white rose, pure, and respected.

  • Azkayra (Islamic) means a person who is pure and respected.
  • Yasna (Islamic) means white rose.

Shabira Nazeefah: A pure hearted girl. She is calm and also patient.

  • Shabira (Islamic) means calm and patient.
  • Nazeefah (Islamic) means clean, pure.

Aiyra Ramsha Ziyan: A girl who is full of success and always respected by a lot of people.

  • Aiyra (Islamic) means successful.
  • Ramsha (Islamic) means beautiful like the moon.
  • Ziyan (Islamic) means elegant.

Adifa Ashalina Fauza: A smart, talented, sweet, fun, and victorious girl.

  • Adifa (Islamic) means smart and talented.
  • Ashalina (Islamic) means sweet and fun.
  • Fauza (Islamic) means victorious.

Arumi Nasha Razita: A daughter of Adam who is beautiful like a flower with delicate scent.

  • Arumi (Islamic) means the son and daughter of Adam.
  • Nasha (Islamic) means delicate scent.
  • Razita (Islamic – another form of Razeta or Razeeta) means flower.

Ayra Lashira Shabirah: A smart and patient girl, who is respected by a lot of people.

  • Ayra (Islamic) means respected, blessed.
  • Lashira (Islamic) means very smart.
  • Shabirah (Islamic) means a patient person.

Bariqah Kadziyah Tanzeela: A friendly and shiny girl just like a flower with delicate scent.

  • Bariqah (Islamic) means shiny.
  • Kadziyah (Islamic) means a flower with delicate scent.
  • Tanzeela (Islammic) means friendly.

Dhaafiyah Henna Nuraisha: A girl who is blessed with happy and luxurious life.

  • Dhaafiyah (Islamic) means luxurious.
  • Henna (Islamic) means blessed.
  • Nuraisha (Islamic) means a woman who lives a happy life.

Rizhan Alifiana: God loves this girl to be part of people who live in heaven.

  • Rizhan (Islamic) means people who live in heaven.
  • Alifiana (Islamic) means loved, liked.

Daania Ayra Saila: A respected girl that will shine her life with beauty.

  • Daania (Islamic) means beauty.
  • Ayra (Islamic) means respected, blessed.
  • Saila (Islamic) means sunlight.

Qaila Fakhra: A girl who is born to be a person with good speaking ability.

  • Qaila (Islamic) means a great speaker.
  • Fakhra (Islamic) means good, new.

Nabia Farzana: A clever and lucky girl throughout her life.

  • Nabia (Islamic) means clever.
  • Farzana (Islamic) means a wise and lucky person.

Dzikra Hannan Saiqa: A girl who always remembers Allah and who will always shines her life with gentleness.

  • Dzikra (Islamic) means Dzikir, remember Allah.
  • Hannan (Islamic) means gentleness, kindness.
  • Saiqa (Islamic) means shining.

Naureen Alishba: A beautiful shining girl.

  • Naureen (Islamic) means bright light.
  • Alishba (Islamic) means beauty.

Farzana Nazia Zenia: A wise, clever, and lucky girl who becomes the pride of her family just like a flower that blooms.

  • Farzana (Islamic) means wise, clever, and lucky.
  • Nazia (Islamic) means pride.
  • Zenia (Islamic) means flower.

Fawzia Nazinda Zhaafirah: A lucky girl who brings victory. She has a similar name to a liberal Baghdad woman who founded religious school.

  • Fawzia (Islamic) means victory, success.
  • Nazinda (Islamic) means a liberal Baghdad woman who founded religious school.
  • Zhaafirah (Islamic) means lucky.

Farzana Khalishah Sabhira: A clever girl who is born with purity and patience.

  • Farzana (Islamic) means wise, clever, and lucky.
  • Khalishah (Islamic) means pure.
  • Shabira (Islamic) means patient, calm.

Faryal Jauzaa Aafiya: A healthy girl who shines her life with beauty.

  • Faryal (Islamic) means angle, princess.
  • Jauzaa (Islamic) means star.
  • Asfiya (Islamic) means healthy.

Faraza Zahrany Alifiana: A respected and high rank girl who is always loved and has pure heart.

  • Faraza (Islamic) means success, high.
  • Zahrany (Islamic) means white flower.
  • Alifiana (Islamic) means likeable.

Fawzia Adreena Sheza: A religious girl who is always successful. She lives a prosperous life. Fawzia (Isamic) means successfulness, victory.

  • Adreena (Islammic) means prosperous, rich.
  • Sheza (Islamic) means religious girl.

Farzana Gazala Fadhilla: A lucky, attractive, clever, wise, and noble girl.

  • Farzana (Islamic) means wise, clever, and lucky.
  • Gazala (Islamic) means clever, attractive.
  • Fadhilla (Islamic) means noble.

Ghania Lanika Momina: A beautiful girl who is loyal and always does the best in her life.

  • Ghania (Islamic) means beauty.
  • Lanika (Islamic) means the best.
  • Momina (Islamic) means loyal.

Ghania Mardha Alena: A beautiful who is always blessed by Allah.

  • Ghania (Islamic) means beauty.
  • Mardha (Islamic – the short version of Mardhiyah) means the blessed from Allah.

Gazala Ziyan Mehrunisa: A beautiful and clever girl who is respected by a lot of people.

  • Gazala (Islamic) means clever, attractive.
  • Ziyan (Islamic) means elegant.
  • Mehrunisa (Islamic) means beauty.

Shahia Shazana: A clever princess who will always be successful.

  • Shahia (Islamic) means successful, clever, and lucky.
  • Shazana (Islamic) means a princess.

Gazala Sausan Azkadina: A clever girl who spreads kindness and religiousness.

  • Gazala (Islamic) means clever, attractive.
  • Sausan (Islamic) means a flower with delicate scent.
  • Azkadina (Islamic) means religious.

What do you think about the muslim baby girls names above? Have you found any of the names that interest you? Well, for parents who are waiting for their baby to be born perhaps it is not easy for you to pick the one that meets your hopes and wants at the same time. You can discuss the name with your spouse since it will be easier to choose.

You can write down the names that you like and make a list and after that you can compare it one by one. It takes time, but it is worth it. Hopefully, this Islamic Names for Girls list gives you the best suggestion and advice. Remember, giving an Islamic name to your baby requires patience and knowledge. Generally, all the baby’s names above have great meanings. So, good luck!