Baby Names with Lively Meaning for Boys

Last Updated: 30 Nov 2016

We all know that names becomes the most important things to share whenever the baby had been born. It can be because names are the wishes from the parents for their baby.

The names are usually good words or good meaning from many origins or languages. It does not have to too long but the essence is the words are the representative of the good hopes for the baby.

One of the examples that people often seek for is the names for the babies which has meaning of enthusiastic, energetic, lively or active. Here below are some examples of the names for the baby boys from many origins.

For the baby boy’s names which means lively or active, you may find difficulty to look for in some search engine. Thanks to the community, now you can look for deeper and easier towards this article that gives you more inspiring names.

Baby Names with Lively Meaning for Boys

  1. Akas (Indonesia)
  2. Aswangga (Javanesese)
  3. Dahey (Irish)
  4. Dahy (Irish)
  5. Daithi (Irish)
  6. Daity (Irish)
  7. Eimhin (Irish)
  8. Evan (Irish)
  9. Evin (Irish)
  10. Evinrude (Scandinavian)
  11. Ewan (Irish)
  12. Kesegowaase (Indian)
  13. Kohana (Indian)
  14. Onata (Indonesia)
  15. Satyawati (Javanesenese Kawi)
  16. Guinandra (Javanesenese)
  17. Gail (English)
  18. Gale (English)
  19. Gayle (English)
  20. Guyon (English)
  21. Sprague (German)
  22. Tulio (Latin)
  23. Veit (Latin)

Other baby names that have more meaning beside lively meaning in its word:

  1. Barnaby (Irish) means an different kind of person yet attractive showed by its impression of 3 syllables
  2. Breaker (English) means a hope from the parents to have a child who can break the bad previous system or circle
  3. Dart (British) means river, strong and energetic
  4. Finian (Irish) means rainbow that colors up the world
  5. Harley (English) means synergic and strong
  6. Ivo (English) means having lots of energy
  7. Keagan (English) means the rise
  8. Keenan (Irish) means working well
  9. Mateo (Spanish) means the bravery like Matthew Saint
  10. Francis (French) means free; skillful; independent
  11. Kelly (Irish) means aggressive and strong
  12. Vito (latin) means conqueror and lively
  13. Vitus (Latin) means tall and lively
  14. Racer (English) means fast; cool; New
  15. Ranger (English) means expanding; the latest; popular
  16. Rogue (German) means hero; lively; masculine
  17. Ziv (Slavic) means strong; hard worker; lively
  18. Springer (English, German, Dutch, Jews) means springy; lively
  19. Ving (Indian) means new life; new energy
  20. Marvel (Latin) means strong
  21. Maverick (English) means solution giver
  22. Wilder (German) means kind; nice
  23. Cassius (German) means strong and active
  24. Arlo (Italian) means strong will and active
  25. Vidal (Spanish) means honesty; active; strong
  26. Rush (English) means speediness, active, lively
  27. Tarmo (Finnish) means Energy; live; strong; active
  28. Angus (Latin) means energy; strength; force; active