Baby Names with “Good” Meaning

Last Updated: 10 Oct 2016
good, looking, cute baby
A daughter always good looking with her favorite dress

As a parent, we want to give our baby beautiful, meaningful and characterize name. Name is a pray from parent for their children. There are many names that meaningfully come from wide range language that meaning with “good”. The word” good” itself a personification or pray as the baby with name means with this word will have good fortune, good looking, and many more. If you are looking for unique, beautiful and meaningful “good” baby names, then this can be your inspiration.

 Baby girl names with meaning “Good”

  1. Agatha , this names comes from Ancient Green. The Latinized form from Greek name Agathos that meaning goods.
  2. Bihter. It is Turkish name that literally means “most good”.
  3. Bonnie. English. It means “pretty”. It derived from Scottish word bonnie that derived from Middle French bon that means “good”.
  4. Chang. Chinese. It means flourish, good, sunlight, prosper that usually use for masculine.
  5. Chidimma. Western Africa, Igbo. This means “god is good” in Igbo language.
  6. Chika. Japanese. Chika come from combination word 千(chi) that meaning thousand. The other chi is 智that means wisdom, intellect, or from chi  散 that means scatter. It combined with佳 (ka) that meaning with good, beautiful.  
  7. Chioma. Western African. It means “good God.”
  8. Eudocia. Greek. It means good suppose, good think, imagine.
  9. Eudora. Greek. It means good gift.
  10. Eudoxia. ancient Greek. It means good reputation, good judgment.
  11. Eunathe. Greek. It means good blooming, good flowery.
  12. Eulalia. Spanish, Italian, ancient Greek and English. Eulalia come from Greek eulalos that means sweetly speaking, good to talk.
  13. Eunice. biblical, biblical latin, and English. Eunice means good victory.
  14. Eunomia.  Ancient Greek. Eunomia means good order, good law, and custom.
  15. Euphemia. ancient Greek and Archaic English. Euphemia means to use words of good omen. It notifies speak, to declare good.
  16. Euphrasia. ancient Greek. Euphrasia means good cheer.
  17. Eupraxia.  ancient Greek. Eupraxia means good conduct, good action or exercises.
  18. Euterpe.  ancient Greek. Euterpe means delight, good cheer.
  19. Evangeline. English. Evangeline means good news.
  20. Felicitas. Late Roman. German. Felicitas means good luck, good fortune.
  21. Gittel. Yiddish. Gittel means good.
  22. Miyu. Japanese. Miyu means beautiful, gentleness, superiority.
  23. Sachiko 幸子. Japanese. Sachiko means happiness, good luck.
  24. Sunita (Indian) Sunita means good guidance, righteous.
  25. Waimarie(Maori) Waimarie means good luck.

Baby boy names with meaning “good”

  1. Aitor. Aithor come from Basque that means “good father”. Come from Aita“father” and on that meaning “good”.  This is a name from legendary ancestor of basques.
  2. Avetis. (Armenian). Avetis means “good news”
  3. Agathangelos. Late Greek. Means “bearer of good news”.
  4. Bahman.  Persian. The name derived from Modern Persian from Vohu Manah that meaning “good mind”. This is name of Zoroastrian god in Persian mythology.
  5. Behnam.  Persian. Behnam literally means good name, “reputable”.
  6. Behrooz. Persian. Behrooz meqans “fortunate”, literally also means good day.
  7. Bonaccorso. Italian. It is form from Medieval Italian name from “bono” that means good and accorso that means rush, help.
  8. Bonaventura. Italian. Bonaventura is means “good fortune.
  9. Boniface. Boniface come from Late Latin mean “good fate” from bonum means good and fatum means fate.
  10. Dagda. (Irish mythology). Means “good god” in Celtic.
  11. Darius. English, Romania, Biblical latin And Lithuanian. It means good.
  12. Darma. Indonesian. Darma means “good deed” or duty in Indonesian that ultimately derived from ancient language Sanskrit dharma.
  13. Dobrogost. Medieval Slavic. This means good guest.
  14. Dobromil. Medieval Slavic. It means good , gracious, dear.
  15. Dobroslav. Croatian,Czech, Serbian and Medieval Slavic. It means good glory.
  16. Eulid. Greek. Euclic means good gift. 
  17. Eugene. English. Eugene means well born.
  18. Euripides. Ancient Greek. Euripides means good throw, good swings.
  19. Eusebios. Ancient Greek. Eusebios means good worship, good honor.
  20. Eustachys. ancient greek. Eustahys means good, ear of corn.
  21. Hideyoshi. Japanese. Hideyoshi means excellent, outstanding, respectable, good, and virtuous.
  22. Jia. Chinese. Jia means good, beautiful, and auspicious.
  23. Kapono. Hawaiian. Kapono means the good one.
  24. Rashad(Arabic) Rashad means good sense or good guidance.
  25. Sushila. Indian. Sushila means man with good character. Well mannered man.
  26. Svang. Indian. Svang means good looks.
  27. Suchart. (Thailand) Suchart means born into a good life.
  28. Sudarshan (Indian) Sudarshan means beautiful, good looking.
  29. Suharto(Indonesian) Suharto meaning good, mean with wealth, prosperity, treasure.
  30. Sumantra (Indian) Sumantra means good advice.
  31. Sumati (Indian, Hinduism) Sumati means wisdom, good mind.
  32. Yoshi (Japanese ) Yoshi means good luck, virtuous, respectable.
  33. Yeong suk (Korean) Yeong Suk means flower, petal, good pure, charming.

There are names that dedicated for “good” meaning. If you want to give this name for your baby, you can combine with other meaningful names. These names are origin from varies language in around the world. Choose the name that unique and different from your native language is one idea for creating inspired name for your children.