Baby Names That Meaning with Vigilant

Last Updated: 10 Oct 2016
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Names for your children can be means many things and associated with personifications. However, you need to write out the most desired option for your children name as the most. Those name can be unique, earthy, classy, and many more. The main point is, the name you give is just reflection on what you desire to your children personality. Find out what the best you can do by combining these names that meaning with cautious, careful and similar meaning with these words. Vigilant meaning is popular for 1900 up to 1960s. The top name for this name is Gregory that derived from English. The Gregory name is name that become name that popular for variant names that derived from the meaning vigilant variant such as Greg, Greisha, Gretel, and etc.

The meaning word of Cautious, careful and circumspect are words that wish children that have named with this meaning name will be more cautious, be careful in each of their attitude and personality act. The wishing with this name, they will be more wisdom in their life when they taking a decisions. The name itself should be carry with other names that can complete the meaning into better mean. There are many names with the meaning are source from around world language. Choose the one that suit with your feeling and style and can reflect your children personality and wisdom.

Baby boy name

  1. Abdul Raqib(Arabic) Abdul raquib means slave of vigilant.
  2. Ante (Croatian) Ante means aura of reserve, circumspect and distance surround.
  3. Akahele (Hawaiian) Akahele means careful or cautious.
  4. Argus (Denmark) Argus means aware, cautious.
  5. Alvaro (Spanish) alvaro means extremely cautious.
  6. Caedmon(Celtic) Caedmon means wise warrior.
  7. Cathasach (ancient Irish) Cathasach means vigilant .
  8. Eran (biblical) eran means watchful, vigilant.
  9. Fergus(Celtic) Fergus means of manly strength.
  10. Grigori (Rusian) Grigori means vigilant.
  11. Greg (latin) Greg means vigilant watchman.
  12. Gregor (Norwegian) gregor means vigilant.
  13. Gregorio (Italian) Gregorio means vigilant.
  14. Guztavus (English) Guztavus means alert, vigilant.
  15. Haaken(English) Haaken means watchful, alert.
  16. Hamlet, Hamsa (English) Hamsa means vigilant watchman, alert.
  17. Hanish(English) Hanish means God of weather, cautious.
  18. Harish(English) Hrish means love, protector, charming, vigilant guardian.
  19. Hazar (Arabic) Hazar means cautious, vigilant.
  20. Harmeet (English) Harmeet means beloved friend, alert, vigilant.
  21. Ira (English) Ira means wind, descendant, alert.
  22. Keiji (Japanese) Keiji means lead cautiously.
  23. Kegan (Celtic) Kegan means fierce.
  24. Kearney (celtic) means warrior.
  25. KIrkan (Celtic) kirkan means the one who is vigilant.
  26. Ottokar (English) Ottokar means watchful respectfully, vigilant, wealth.
  27. Odovacar (ancient Germanic) audovacar means wealthy and vigilant.
  28. Prayitna (Indonesia) Prayitna means cautious, aware. The other name formed with this name is Prayudi, Prayoga, Prayuda.
  29. Theodoar (Germanic) Theodoar means people that cautious or vigilant.
  30. Thuc (thai) thuc means vigilant.
  31. Trevor (celtic) Trevor means cautious.
  32. Stanislaw (English) Stanislaw means careful, stone clearing.
  33. Sajag (African) sajag means vigilant, watchful, alert.
  34. Stevens (English) Stevens means glorious, cautious.
  35. Stylz(English0)Stylz means become glorious, strength, and careful.
  36. Subhan (Arabic) Sybhan.
  37. Sujit (English) sujit means strength, careful, aware.
  38. Shen() (Chinese ) shen means cautious, deep.
  39. Vigilio (latin) Vigilio means watchful, wakeful.
  40. Wacian (old English) Wacian means the one who is watchful, alert. The names that listed with this name variant is Wahkan, waseem, wasim.

Baby girl name

  1. Bekisisa(zulu) Bekisisa Means to be careful, cautious.
  2. Brina (Celtic) Brinna means protector.
  3. Chasity (English) Chasity means vigilant.
  4. Debina (Indian) Debina means decorous modestly, showing prudence and circumspect.
  5. Ellison (English) Ellison means circumspect.
  6. Gunvor (Norwegian) Gunvor means cautious in war.
  7. Nitijana (Sanskert) Nitijana means cautious.
  8. Prudencia (Spanish) Prudencia means prudence, cautious.
  9. Ruwaidah (Arabic) Ruwaidah means cautious.
  10. Zehira (Hebrew) Zehira means careful, cautious.
  11. Gresia (English) Gresia means fierce, vigilant, watchman.
  12. Gretel (English) Gretel means Watchfull, vigilant, fierce.
  13. Grizelda( English) Grizelda means vigilant, fierce.
  14. Gricel(English) Gricel means vigilant, fierce.
  15. Guisele (English) Guisele means vigilant, fierce.

Unisex names for cautious name meaning

The cautious meaning that can use for unisex listed below are come from several language.

  1. Hisoka() (Japanese )Hisoka means cautious, reserved.
  2. Thanyani (South African) Thanyani means be careful.
  3. Phatuwani(South Afican) Pathuwani means be careful, be awake.
  4. Bryn (English) Vryn means honour, vigilant, strong.
  5. Cayce(English) Cayce means vigilant.
  6. Casey (English) descendant of vigilant with.

After read the list beyond, hope that you can create name that suit with your hope to your children. The tradition in such culture that giving good meaningful name is a must for the parents to do becomes the criticism in culture. There are name in around the world that you can pick for give the name for your children with this cautious meaning.