Baby Names That Mean "White" From Around The World

Last Updated: 30 Oct 2016
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Are you a mother and a father who look for the good name for your babies? Well, there are plenty of names you can use and search even though through the internet. Other than that, you can also know the meaning of the names on the same page as well. And in this article, we are going to show you the names for babies that mean ‘white’. The name can be used for boys and girls, just adjust it with your likings or probably you also already prepared another first name for your baby.

Looking for the name for babies is really easy in nowadays. Internet makes anything very possible for anyone in anywhere. All you have to do is going to the search engine like Google and then fill what you look for in the available field. You do not need to wait much longer because there will be plenty of choices on the screen, especially if you look for the name with ‘white’ as the meaning. Finding the right names will be very easier and of course you do not need to buy books for baby names.

Baby names list in down below have ‘white’ as the main meaning and it comes from around the world so it will be various in languages, ethnicity, culture, and so on. Hopefully, there will be a name that is matched with what you are looking for. Check this out.

Baby Boy names that mean ‘White’

  • Aarju or another name of Arjun (Sanskrit) means white.
  • Abutan (Indonesia) means a man who cleans up everything into white.
  • Adisa (African) means a clean (white) boy.
  • Abban or another name of Abben, Abbin, Abbine, Abbon (Latin) means white.
  • Alba (Latin) means a city on the white hill.
  • Albion (Latin) means a white cliff.
  • Alfio (Greek) means a boy who has white skin.
  • Alvin (Latin) means the smooth and white skin.
  • Apuyurac (Quechua) means the white leader.
  • Bach (Vietnamese) means white and clear.
  • Baek (Korean) means white, the great senior.
  • Bardolf (Germany) means the white wolf.
  • Birch or other name of Birk, Birkie, Birky (English) means shiny white; birch tree.
  • Blanco (Spain) means that he has light, white, and shiny skin.
  • Bronwyn (Wales) means the white chest.
  • Canute (Latin) means he has white hair.
  • Elgin or another name of Elgan, Elgen means glorious; white.
  • Finian or another name of Finnen, Finnian, Fionan, Fionn, Phinean mean he has bright white skin.
  • Gavin or another name of Gav, Gavan, Gaven, Gavinn, Gavino means the white eagle.
  • Guamanyurac (Quechua) means the white eagle.
  • Guaual (Quechua) means the bush with white flowers.
  • Guayasamin (Quechua) means happy; a flying white bird.
  • Hotah (Lakota) means white.
  • Irving (Wales) means the white river.
  • Kent (Wales) means white; bright.
  • Kenyon or another name for Kenyan, Kenynn (Ireland) means the white hair or blondie.
  • Laban (Hawaii) means white.
  • Matoskah (Lakota) means the white bear.
  • Muraco (American) means the white moon.
  • Wenford (English) means the white castle.
  • Whitby (English) means white house.
  • Wyn (Wales) means he has white and bright skin.

Baby girl names that mean ‘white’

  • Alva (Spain) means she has bright and white skin.
  • Bachtuyet (Vietnamese) means white and clear.
  • Bae (Vietnamese) means white.
  • Bay (Vietnamese) means as white as the snow.
  • Bela (Czech) means white.
  • Bo Mee (Korean) means white; glorious; victorious.
  • Branca (Portuguese) means white.
  • Calypso (Botanic) means a white orchid with yellow or purple dots.
  • Candace (Greek) means the shiny white; a goddess of Ethiopia.
  • Chablis (France) means the white wine.
  • Chenoa (American) means the white dove.
  • Dolon (Hindi) means the smell of beautiful white flower.
  • Elvira (Latin) means white and she has blond hair.
  • Fiona or other name of Fionna means white and honest.
  • Fuji (Japanese) means white flower.
  • Fujiko (Japanese) means the child of white flower.
  • Galatea (Greek) means as white as milk.
  • Ginebra (English) means as white as the froth.
  • Ginnifer (English) means white; soft.
  • Guinevere (France) means the white wave.
  • Hadasa (Hebrew) means the green bush with good smell of white flower.
  • Itati (Guarani) means the white stone.

Those were the names for your baby with ‘white’ as the main meaning. The name can be used for boys and girls, depends on the category. You can choose the name that you love the most and it can be combined with other names with same or different meaning as well. You can also use the family name to complete your baby name. So, hopefully this article helps you to get the most suitable name for your baby.