Baby Names That Mean "Black" From Around The World

Last Updated: 30 Oct 2016
black tuxedo
A Baby wears black tuxedo

Looking for the name for our little loved ones should not be hard in nowadays. You can search it through the internet. If you are looking for the baby names that mean ‘black’ then you are in the right page right now. We have several baby names for various languages, cultures, and ethnicity from around the world.

Well, we all agree that names with good meanings are really nice for naming your son-to-be or your little loved one. In this article we have a list of baby names with ‘black’ as the main meaning and of course you can use it to find god references. It can be the first name, middle name, or even last name of your kid. Many of them also sound so cool and unique for both boys and girls.

Actually you do not need to be confused about choosing the name for your baby as long as it sounds good and it is not too hard to spell too. Hopefully, this list could help you in choosing the right and suitable name for your baby. Name is also hope and prayer from the parents for their children. So, check this out.

Baby Boy names that mean ‘Black’

  • Aditama or another name of Adhitama (Indonesian) means handsome.
  • Akhal (Arabic) means a boy with deep-black eyes.
  • Anjana (Javanese) means black.
  • Arkie (Latin) means black.
  • Asmar (Arabic) means he is black and sweet.
  • Aswad (Arabic) means black.
  • Asyhad (Arabic) means white that combines with black.
  • Baurice (African) means dark; blackish.
  • Bhramar (Sanskrit) means the black bee.
  • Blake (Old-English) means dark hair.
  • Blakeley (English) means the black savannah.
  • Blaxland (English) means the black island.
  • Blaxton (American) means black stone.
  • Carden (Celtic) means the black castle.
  • Cernobog (Czech) means the black god.
  • Cerny (Czech) means black.
  • Chernobog (Russian) means the black god.
  • Chogan (Hindi) means the black bird.
  • Ciara (Ireland) means black.
  • Ciaran (Ireland) means black and small.
  • Corbin (France) means he has black hair.
  • Daly (Arabic) means the blackcurrant.
  • Delaney (Ireland) means the darkness fighter.
  • Div (Scottish) means dark; black; matte.
  • Diven (English) means the little and black mouse-deer.
  • Dubhaltach (Ireland) means the black hair.
  • Dubhan (Ireland) means a little boy with dark skin.
  • Dubhlainn (Ireland) means the black sword.
  • Duff (Scottish) means dark; black.
  • Dugald or another name of Dughall (Scottish) means the black stranger.
  • Duibshith (Scottish) means the peaceful in black.
  • Endeung (Indonesian) means black.
  • Gaagi (Indian) means black.
  • Harken (Ireland) means black and redish.
  • Indibil (Spain) means so black.
  • Karisma (Sanskrit) means black.
  • Kasch (Germani) means the black bird.
  • Keir (Celtic) means the dark skin.
  • Kieran (Scottish) means the black hair.
  • Kieran (Ireland) dark and black.
  • Krisna (Hindi) means the black boy.
  • Lonan (Ireland) means the black bird.
  • Maurice (English) means dark; blackish.
  • Melancton (Greek) means the black flowers.
  • Moe (English) means the dark skin.
  • Montenegro (Spain) means the black mountains.
  • Raven (English) means the black bird.
  • Sucki (Indian) means black.
  • Sullican (Scottish) means a boy with black eyes.
  • Tamal (Hindi) means the black tree.
  • Tjernobog (Danish) means the black god.

Baby Girl names that mean ‘Black’

  • Ayame (Japanese) means a girl with black eyes.
  • Bronwen or another name of Bronwyn (Welsh) means deep black.
  • Ciara (Ireland) means the dark princess with mysterious eyes.
  • Fascienne or another name of Fuscienne (Latin) means black.
  • Corby (English) means as black as a raven.
  • Duncan (Celtic) means a soldier with dark skin.
  • Iteung (Indonesian) means she has nice black skin.
  • Huyen (Vietnamese) means deep black.
  • Kala (Universal) means black.
  • Kalla (Hawaii) means black; time.
  • Kanika or another name of Kaniqua (African) means the black dress.
  • Kanika (Egypt) means black.
  • Keisha (African) means the favorite black princess.
  • Kerry (American) means one of black hairs.
  • Kerryn (American) means blackish and pure.
  • Malise (Ireland) means deep black.
  • Mauli (Hawaii) means black.
  • Melanctha (Greek) means the black flowers.
  • Melantha (Greek) means the black violet.
  • Merle (Latin) means the black raven.
  • Mo (American) means dark skin.
  • Monthso (African) means black.
  • Moriah (France) means the dark skin.
  • Morrisa (Latin) means something black.

Well that was the name for both boys and girl. They stand for ‘black’ as the main meaning. You can combine the name with your family name or just pick one or two of them for the full name of your kids. As we always say, name is hope and prayer of parents for their children. So, hopefully you can find what you are looking for in this article.