Baby Names Meaning Fragrant for Boys and Girls

Last Updated: 10 Oct 2016
sunflowers, fragrant, aromatic
A pretty daughter loves the aroma of sunflowers

The word “fragrant” brings positive association with everything that is beautiful, and baby names that mean fragrant are in various languages and origins. While this name meaning is usually associated with girl’s names, there are also boy’s names that have similar meaning. You can use these names to create the best combination that reflect positive meaning for your baby. We collect all the best names that mean fragrant, rooted from various languages and cultures. Forget opening dictionaries and look at some of the best names we collected here.

If you want something more fashion-conscious, trendy or modern, you can even pick up various names from perfume brands! There are many perfume brands that are actually good names for boys or girls, and some of them are not too obvious, so you can use them as classic, modern or unique baby names as you prefer.

Baby Names for Boys Meaning Fragrant or Perfume

The word “fragrant” is usually not associated with baby boy names, but there are quite many baby names for boys that have this meaning. Beside fragrant or fragrance, there are several names associated with perfume or perfumery too. Here are some of the best names that you can pick for the little boys:

  1. Abir (Arabic): fragrant, aromatic.
  2. Alexander (trend): from Alexander McQueen, a design and perfume brand.
  3. Bruno (trend): from Bruno Banani perfume line.
  4. Calvin (trend): from Calvin Klein, designer and perfume brand.
  5. Enrique (trend): from Enrique Iglesias perfume line name.
  6. Giovanni (historical): from the name Giovanni Farina, an Italian perfume maker who established Europe’s first large perfumery in the 18th century.
  7. Hugo, Hugh (trend): from Hugo Boss design and perfume brand.
  8. Jasper (trend): from the name Jasper Conran, British designer that also has perfume line.
  9. Jimmy (trend): from Jimmy Choo design and perfume line name.
  10. Kaoru, 加夫流 (Japanese): fragrance.
  11. Keala, Kyle (Hawaiian): form the word ke’ala, meaning fragrance.
  12. Mapuana (Hawaiian): fragrant wind.
  13. Marc, Mark (trend): from Marc Jacobs perfume brand.
  14. Miron, Myron (Greek): myrrh, fragrance.
  15. Narciso, Narcisse (trend): from the word narcissus, and also the name of Narciso Rodriguez perfume line.
  16. Oscar (trend): from Oscar de la Renta, the name of designer who also makes perfume line.
  17. Raihan, Reyhan, Rayhan (Arabic): fragrant.
  18. Ralph (trend): from Ralph Lauren perfume brand.
  19. Roberto, Robert (trend): from Roberto Cavalli, a designer that also has perfume line.
  20. Ted, Teddy (trend): from Ted Baker, a brand of perfume line and luxury clothing in Britain.
  21. Tom (trend): from Tom Ford perfume brand.
  22. Tommy (trend): from Tommy Hilfiger perfume brand.
  23. Samir, Sameer (Arabic): fragrance.
  24. Sean (trend): from Sean John, Puff Daddy’s perfume brand.
  25. Shamim (Arabic): fragrant, aromatic.
  26. Stefano (Italian): the string of fragrant flowers.
  27. Steffen, Stephen (Welsh): the crown of fragrant flowers.
  28. Stepan (Russian): the round necklace of fragrant flowers.
  29. Subash (Indian): fragrance.
  30. Val, Valent (trend): from Valentino, design and perfume brand.
  31. Zafarani (Arabic): from the word zafaron, Arabic aromatic oil. Also the root of the word “saffron.”

These baby names for boys range from classic to exotic and trendy, and you can create association to fragrance, fragrant or perfume from these names.

Baby Names for Girls Meaning Fragrant or Perfume

Since the words “fragrant” or “perfume” are often associated with women, there are many baby names for girls that have those meanings. Here are some great names you can pick for your little girls:

  1. Alesha, Alexa (trend): from Alesha Dixon perfume line name.
  2. Ann, Anna (trend): from Ann Summers perfume line.
  3. Anbar (Arabic): fragrant woman.
  4. Araminta (Greek): fragrant flower.
  5. Ayaka, あやか (Japanese): colorful fragrance.
  6. Cassia, Kezia (Hebrew): aromatic cinnamon bark.
  7. Clove (English): name of aromatic spice, also a female character in The Hunger Games book and movie.
  8. Donna (trend): from Donna Karan, designer and perfume brand.
  9. Elie (trend): from the designer and perfume brand Elie Saab.
  10. Elizabeth (trend): from the names Elizabeth Arden and Elizabeth Taylor, both are famous designer and perfume brands.
  11. Florencina, Florence (Portuguese): blooming.
  12. Ghaliya, Ghalia (Arabic): Arabic perfume.
  13. Ginger (English): the name of aromatic root.
  14. Gloria (trend): from Gloria Vanderbilt perfume line name.
  15. Jade (trend): from Jade Goody perfume line name.
  16. Jasmine, Yasmin (English): name of aromatic flower.
  17. Jeanne (trend): from Jeanne Arthes, French perfume line.
  18. Judith (trend): from Judith Leiber perfume line.
  19. Katie (trend): from Katie Price perfume line.
  20. Kaori, かおり (Japanese): fragrance.
  21. Kaoru, かおる (Japanese): fragrance.
  22. Keala (Hawaiian): from the word ke’ala meaning fragrance.
  23. Lulu (trend): from Lulu Castagnette perfume line brand.
  24. Mary (trend): from Mary Greenwell, also the name of holy woman that is often associated with roses.
  25. Mikako, 未夏子 (Japanese): pretty, fragrant child.
  26. Mikayo, 実加代 (Japanese): a fragrant generation.
  27. Millaray (Mapuche): fragrant flower.
  28. Moani (Hawaiian): fragrance.
  29. Myra (Greek): from Greek word meaning “myrrh,” a plant with aromatic quality.
  30. Nina (trend): from Nina Ricci, designer and perfume line.
  31. Nisrin (Arabic): beautiful like fragrant flower.
  32. Olinda, Linda (Latin): the fragrance of flower.
  33. Onaona, Ona (Hawaiian): mild fragrance.
  34. Paloma (trend): from Paloma Picasso perfume line.
  35. Pansy (Greek): aroma, the name of flower.
  36. Raihana, Rayhana, Raina (Arabic): fragrant.
  37. Raseda, Reseda (Latin): fragrant mignonette flower.
  38. Ryhan (Turkey): fragrant flower.
  39. Sage (English): the name of fragrant herb.
  40. Stella (trend): from Stella McCartney perfume line.
  41. Quanah (Comanche): fragrant flower.
  42. Vera (trend): from the designer and perfume brand Vera Wang.
  43. Vivienne (trend): from Vivienne Westwood, designer and perfume brand.
  44. Zayna, Zaynab, Zainab (Arabic): fragrant.

Baby names that mean fragrant, fragrance or aromatic have positive meanings, and create good images. Meanwhile, perfume-inspired names can also be trendy, classic or very modern, as long as they don’t sound too obvious. You can pick these names to create the best combination for baby names, either for boy or girl.