Baby Names Inspired by Technology for Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Last Updated: 30 Nov 2016
Playing Laptop

Having a baby is a great gift from God. As parents of a baby, you have to give the best name for your baby. As we know that a good name is not only the form of letter, but it will be the best pray when it has good meaning.

Talking about good name for baby, there are so many references about it. So, we can choose the best name for our baby. Actually, good name for baby can come from various origins. For example, we can use name that relates to technology. There are so many good names inspired by technology. To make you easy when choosing a good name for your baby, you can use the list below.

Technology Inspired Names for Baby Boy

  1. Alef means computer programming language.
  2. Alfie means shipboard computer in Barbarella.
  3. Apollo means a company that introduced the work station in 1981.
  4. Archie means name of the first internet search engine.
  5. Cray means the first computer designer who designed supercomputer (Seymour Cray).
  6. Darwin means an apple computer operating system.
  7. Gabriel means an Al computer in Deep Fathom Novel who is written by James Rollins.
  8. Hal means the computer in the novel entitled 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  9. Jade means cool baby name of video games.
  10. Jarvis means an acronym for Just a Rather Very Intelligent Syste in Iron Man.
  11. Jensen means a brand of computer.
  12. Joshua means a subprogram in War Games.
  13. Link means a name of protagonist of Zelda game series.
  14. Linux means the name of software engineer who created the Linux kernel.
  15. Osborne means a computer designer who made the first true portable computer in 1981.
  16. Pascal means computer language honoring Blaise Pascal.
  17. Ziggy means a hybrid computer from Quantum Leap.

Technology Inspired Names for Baby Girl

  1. Ada means computer programming language.
  2. Agnes means a computer in Twilight Zone TV Series.
  3. Alice means a programming language designed by the programming system.
  4. Annanova means a virtual newsreader on the internet.
  5. Claris mean a company which produces Apple software.
  6. Dora means a starship computer in Robert Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love.
  7. Grace means a pioneer of computer scientist (Grace Murray Hopper).
  8. Lara means the name of the protagonist of blockbuster video game.
  9. Lisa means the first personal computer with a graphical interface. The computer made by Apple.
  10. Minerva means a starship computer in Robert Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love.
  11. Perl means a term used in the programming language.
  12. Ruby means another programming term.
  13. Zelda means a character of Nintendo video game.

Other Technology-Inspired Names for Baby

  1. Axum (design and programming baby name)
  2. Bertrand (design and programming baby name)
  3. Cecil (design and programming baby name)
  4. Charm (design and programming baby name)
  5. Charity (design and programming name)
  6. Claire (design and programming baby name)
  7. Dart (design and programming baby name)
  8. Dylan (design and programming baby name)
  9. Falcon (design and programming baby name)
  10. Joule (design and programming baby name)
  11. Hugo (design and programming baby name)
  12. Kaya (design and programming baby name)
  13. Logo (design and programming baby name)
  14. Magik (design and programming baby name)
  15. Neko (design and programing baby name)
  16. Render design and programming baby name)
  17. Span (design and programming baby name)
  18. Pixel (design and programming baby name)
  19. Prompt (design and programming baby name)
  20. Tag (design and programming baby name)
  21. Vala (design and programming baby name)
  22. Ziron (desig and programming baby name)
  23. Acer (gadget and computer baby name)
  24. Apple (gadget and computer baby name)
  25. Firefly (gadget and computer baby name)
  26. Garmin (gadget and computer baby name)
  27. Mac (gadget and computer baby name)
  28. Packard (gadget and computer baby name)
  29. Razer (gadget and computer baby name)
  30. Siri (gadget and computer baby name)
  31. Sony (gadget and computer baby name)
  32. Stylus (gadget and computer baby name)
  33. Ada Lovelace (tech personality name)
  34. Alan Turing (tech personality name)
  35. Alvy Ray Smith (tech personality name
  36. Barbara Liskov (tech personality name)
  37. Bill Gates (tech personality name)
  38. Clifford Berry (tech personality name)
  39. Cyril Cleverdon (tech personality name)
  40. Frances E. Allen (tech personality name)
  41. Gordon Moore (tech personality name)
  42. Julius Blank (tech personality name)
  43. Kathleen Antonelli (tech personality name)
  44. Lois Haibt (tech personality name)
  45. Marissa (tech personality name)
  46. Max Newman (tech personality name)
  47. Steve Jobs (tech personality name)
  48. Susan Kare (tech personality name)
  49. Thomas Edison (tech personality name)
  50. Layer (design and programming baby name)

Well, those are technology-inspired names for baby girl and baby boy. Hopefully, the list above will help you to create the best name for your baby.