Baby Boy Names with Meaning Coherence with ”Law”

Last Updated: 30 Nov 2016

In the early step for the baby after he or she was born is the giving name moment. Some parents are able to announce right after the baby was born but there are other parents who need or want some days later to publish the name.

What’s so important about the giving name moment? The first thing is the hopes or wishes of the parents for their babies. The second is the pride the families of the babies because usually in some traditions, the giving name will provide big ceremony. The ceremony will show a family’s pride later on. It is actually not important to consider. The most important is the meaning of the baby’s names can be the prayers of the elders or the parents.

Law or words that have meanings related to law attract many people to give their babies’ names with the essence of the law. Many people hope that their children will have more awareness towards the law and are able to be justice upholders.

Here are some examples of law meaning baby names for the baby boys :

  • Adil (History / Arabic) means fair, equitable
  • Adlai (Christian) means one of the King David’s father, God is fair
  • Adlan (Islam) means justice
  • Adley (Hebrew) means justice and fairness
  • Adlian (Arabic) means fair or justice
  • Ahmad (Indonesian) means the sense of justice
  • Aidil (Arabic) means fair and prejudice
  • Ajit (Sansekerta) means legal
  • Alfaro (Spanish) means justice
  • Alfaronizam (Islam) means the leader who is fair and legal
  • Alryan (Indonesian) means feeling for the justice
  • Ardy (Indonesian) means fair and strong
  • Arif (Islam) means wise and fair
  • Asfarizal (Indonesia) means strength and fair
  • Ashish (Sansekerta) means feeling for justice and law
  • Badilah (Islam) means substitution
  • Banaventura (Italian) means honest and fair
  • Banning (English – America) means small and fair
  • Barly (Indonesian) means feeling for fair
  • Calixte (Greece) means bright and fair
  • Cyprus (Hebrew) means fair and strong
  • Damar (Indonesia) means feeling for honest and law
  • Damopoli (Indonesian – Manado) means honest and law justice
  • Dan (Christian) means fair and justice
  • Daniel (Christian) means King of the justice
  • Daniel (English – America) means God is the righteous
  • Daniele (Italian) means God is the fairest
  • Danon (American English) means the righteous, the fairest
  • Davian (Indonesian) means feeling for justice
  • Delly (Indonesian) means feeling for justice, happiness, joyful
  • Deni (Indonesia) means feeling for justice or fair
  • Didi (Indonesian) means fight for justice
  • Djunady (Indonesian) means struggling to get justice
  • Dwiyoga (Indonesian) means a boy who gets justice feeling
  • Eddy (Indonesian) means justice for life
  • Edil (Indonesian) means the rightest
  • Ewould (Scandinavian) means the fair leader
  • Fachri (Indonesian) means justice, strong, fair, kind
  • Fateh (African) means a blessed man who is fair and fight for justice
  • Fati (African) means happiness, blessing and fair
  • Frisdan (Characteristic) means a son who is loved and blessed by all
  • Giusto (Italian) means justice
  • Gopal (Sansekerta) means fair, strong, rebel
  • Hakeem (Arabic) means judge, blessing, fair
  • Hari (Sansekerta) means justice, fair, tall person

Those above names are given for baby boys who have meaning related to law, justice and fairness.