Baby Boy and Girl's Names that Mean Pretty

Last Updated: 26 Aug 2016


Baby Boy and Girl's Names that Mean Pretty

All parents in the world wish their children to be pretty. Some parents even think about more than pretty as the meaning, they wish for more meaningful names. For you who are expecting a baby, there are countless references for both boy and girl's name. The name can come from any languages or culture in the world. So, where should we start? The easiest way to start the name looking is to think about the meaning and what your wish for your baby when it is growing up.

Though looking for a baby's name with beautiful or handsome as the meaning sounds a little trivial for some parents, it does not mean it is not a good idea. There are countless names with beautiful and handsome meaning for boys and girls that also carry some other meaning. This following list would be very helpful and even tempting for all parents.

Baby boy names with handsome meaning

  • Abhiraj (Indian): Abhiraj means literary handsome.
  • Aden (Israel): It means really handsome.
  • Al (English, Celtic, Irish): “Al” holds several meaning. In Irish it is indeed means handsome, but in Celtic and English “Al” always associated with “Allan” or “Allen” another baby boy's name that means harmony. Most parents would agree to say that “Al” and “Allan” have similar name that is handsome and peaceful.
  • Alayna (French): who says it is only “Belle” that means beautiful in French? “Alayna” also means beautiful, in fact it means also very attractive.
  • Ailean (Scottish): it means handsome.
  • Andy (English): The meaning of Andy can be “handsome”, but some people also believe that “Andy” also refers to “Andrew”, a Biblical name of the Chosen Apostles that means “brave”.

  • Anthony (German): “Anthony” or it is also familiar with “Anton” that means handsome and beyond praise.
  • Arena (New Zealand): “Arena” means handsome in New Zealand, but in some other countries it may sound like area or still “arena” that means zone.
  • Bagus (Sanskrit): “Bagus” means a good lucking guy, but in Indonesian it also means good or nice.
  • Beal (French): “Beal” is actually the “Belle” version for boy, it means pretty. “Beal” sometimes is spelled as “Beale” both in France and England.
  • Beau (French): “Beau” actually means beautiful. It may hold more meaning when we follow “Beau” with something to make it more masculine.
  • Belmiro (Portuguese) : “Belmiro” means a pretty man.
  • Ben (English): Most people knows “Ben” just mean a son, but it actually also means the handsome son.
  • Hasan (African): We maybe have already been familiar with the name Hasan. It sounds a little Arabic, but it is actually an African name that means a handsome boy. Some people would be also familiar with “Hasani”, it is just the Egypt spelling for “Hasan” the handsome boy and it would be “Hassain” or “Hassan” in Arabic.
  • Hussein (Arabic): This one maybe more familiar. “Hussein” means the handsome one in Arabic.
  • Jameel (Arabic): Just like 'Hussein”, “Jameel” also means handsome in Arabic. In general people would name their baby with “Jameel” as their middle name so the meaning would be the handsome bla bla bla.
  • Ken (Irish): This name must recall you the Barbie's “Ken”. Yes, it means “handsome” therefore, Barbie's boy is named “Ken”.
  • Kevinn (Irish): “Kevinn” means handsome in Irish. Most people who live in English-speaking countries would also spell “Kevinn” as “Kevin” that holds the same meaning.
  • Kyle (Irish): Just like “Kevinn” and “Ken”, “Kyle” also means handsome. But it also means beautiful narrow land.
  • Mohani (Hindi): “Mohani” is actually a unisex name, it means attractive.
  • Naufal (Africa): It is another African name that means handsome or people also define it as “handsome little boy”.
  • Tag (Irish): It means a “pretty or handsome man”.

Baby girl's name with beautiful meaning

  • Adamma (African): It means the beautiful girl in African.
  • Akila (African): Still in African, “Akila” means the most beautiful woman.
  • Al Shama (Arabic): “Al Shama” does not simply mean beautiful, it means a mark of beauty.
  • Annabel (Latin): Do not think of the horror movie! This names means so beautiful and graceful. There are several different spellimg of “Annabel” such as “Annabella” and “Annabelle”. Both have similar meaning.
  • Atiqa (Arabic): “Atiqa” means pretty or beautiful in Arabic, but when we spell it as “Atiqah” it means a loving and beautiful woman.
  • Belinda (English): “Belinda” means a very beautiful girl.
  • Bella (Latin): “Bella” in Latin means similar to “Belle” in French. It means beautiful.
  • Calista (Greek): 'Calista” means the most beautiful one in Greek. In some countries “Calista” also spells “Kallista”.
  • Christabel (Latin): This name actually comes from Christian and Bella that means a beautiful Christian girl.
  • Farida (Arabic): It means pearl that is shinny and very pretty in Arabic.
  • Inga (Danish): Inga means the beautiful daughter.
  • Genesee (Native American): “Genesee” is a Native American name that means shinning beauty.
  • Helen (Gaelic): “Helen” means not only beautiful but also pretty and shinny.
  • Jolie (French): “Jolie” means beautiful in French, but this name is very familiar in English with similar meaning, beautiful and cheerful. Some people spell “Jolie” with “Joleigh”, “Joli”, or “Jolee”.

  • Kanya (Africa): “Kanya” means a pretty creature. Though it does not refer to girl or boy, most people think that it is a girl's name.
  • Keira (Irish): This name would be perfect for you who have a beautiful baby girl with dark hari. “Keira” means beautiful and elegant woman with dark hair. The dark hair is usually dark brown or black.
  • Layla (Arabic): “Layla” or it is also often to be spelled “Leyla” means a dark beauty. Therefore, parents who want to name their baby girl “Leyla” or “Layla” would usually think about another name to follow Layla so the meaning would be more beautiful.
  • Lilly (English): “Lilly” is actually a flower to symbolize purity, innocent, and beauty. “Lilly” spells “Lili” in German.
  • Rossa (Latin): Most people would think “Rossa” means roses. In fact “Rossa” means beautiful flowers, almost any kind of flowers but then it is always associated with a beautiful rose.
  • Siran (Armenian): “Siran” means beautiful in Armenian. Some people would also consider “Siroun” still from Armenian since it means lovely.
  • Tabitha (Greek): “Tabitha” is derived from “Gazelle” the Aramaic word. It means beauty and grace. “Tabitha” spells “Tabita, without “h” in Latin that also means grace.
  • Venita (Latin): “Venita” is derived from Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Most people simply define “Venita” as a beautiful goddess.
  • Zebba (Persian): We all must be familiar with Bathsheba, in Persian people are more familiar with “Zebba” that means very beautiful and shinny.
  • Zippora (Hebrew): “Zippora” or it also spells “Zipporah” is a Hebrew name that means beauty.

All of those names actually means pretty both for boys and girls. In fact, some names are very unique and different. Most parents sometimes would love to name their baby with “beautiful” and “handsome” meaning, but they think there are too many of them think about similar names. We can pick the most unique and rare name with the same meaning for our kids. It would be a nice decision.

However, some names may mean just pretty. Here is a little tips for parents who want to name their baby with a name that means beautiful. First, do not just think about one word name. The name maybe less meaningful when it just means beauty, but we can always add another word to describe what kind of beauty or to add more meaning to the name. No parents would love their children to grow up with a beautiful name but dark wishes. It means, we should really learn about the meaning of the name before choosing. Some dark beauty can be a very cool and beautiful name when it comes with more cheerful meaning. At last, do not forget about our family name or any kind of name that must be given to the child. Sometimes, these names hold special meaning that cannot be erased. Therefore, we have to make sure that the chosen name go with the given name to create not only a beautiful name but also a meaningful name. It is also important for us to consider the spelling. Though the spelling is part of the uniqueness of the name, too difficult spelling can be problem in the future. The same thing also comes with the pronunciation. It should be beautiful, but not too difficult too pronounce or recognize, especially if we choose a name from a foreign language.