Babies’ Names that Means Gentle

Last Updated: 25 Sep 2016


Baby Boy Looks Gentle

Baby’s name is supposed to be meaningful so that he/she will be proud every times someone else call his/her name. A meaningful name also help kid build a character based on their name. That is why most parents will put their prayer and wish that their children become great person someday in their baby’s name. Probably only one third of all parents in the world would have dared to dream that their kid will become powerful and famous person someday. But we are sure that all parents in the world would like to have a child who is gentle and kind.

There are many names from different languages that means gentle and kind. You can select one of those names for your baby’s names so its meaning, gentle, will become the greatest character of your child in the future. Select the name which you can spell it easily and yet it is unique. Remember do not give your baby a name that is too weird or eccentric. You do not want your baby feel embarrassed for the rest of their life, right? Or worse, being bullied by his/her friend just because of his/her name. Consider every aspects that may affect your baby’s life before you set the name for his/her. In this article we will give you several examples of names which means gentle. Let’s take a look.

Baby boy names

  1. Adiv (Hebrew) Adiv means gentle and delicate person.
  2. Aghor (Indian) Aghor is the gentle character of Shiva (Gods in Hindu).
  3. Bland (Latin-American) Bland means gentle.
  4. Blandon (Latin-American) Blandon means gentle.
  5. Bonar (French) Bonar means gentle and kind. Bonar has few diminutive names, for example Bonnar and Bonner.
  6. Bryer (Canadian) Bryer means gentle and sweet person.
  7. Caoimhghin (Irish or Celtic) Caoimhghin means gentle.
  8. Clement (English) Clement means person who is showing mercy. Clement has few diminutive names, for example Clem, Cleme, Clemen, Clemens, Clemente, Clementius, Clemento, Clemmie, Clemmons and Clemmy.
  9. Cliamon (Scottish) Cliamon menas gentle and kind.
  10. Damario (Spanish) Damario is diminutive name from Damaris, biblical figure from Greek. Damaris is feminine form and Damario is masculine form.
  11. Damon (Greek) Damon means gentle. It has few diminutive names like Damone and Daymon.
  12. Forde (English) Forde means a part of river or stream where it is gentle so people can cross the river or stream.
  13. Gareth (Welsh) Gareth means brave, humble and gentle. Garry or Gary is diminutive name of Gareth.
  14. Gent (English) It means gentleman.
  15. Halim (from North-African) Halim means calm and gentle. Halim is masculine form of Halima.
  16. Idina (from Israel) Idina means gentle.
  17. Kelemen (Hungarian) Kelemen is diminutive name of Clement. Another diminutive name of Clement in Hungary is Kellman.
  18. Kevan (Celtic) Kevan means gentle. It has a couple of diminutive names like Kevin and Kevyn.
  19. Latif (Arabic) Latif means delicate and gentle. Latif is masculine form of Latifa.
  20. Sadat (African) Sadat means high gentleman. Another variant is Saadaat.
  21. Yasashiku (Japanese) Yasashiku means polite.

Baby girl names

  1. Adiva (Arabic) Adiva means gentle and pleasant. Another variant is Addeva.
  2. Ahisma (Indian) Ahisma means gentle and calm.
  3. Anana (African) Anana means soft and kind.
  4. Anunaya (Indian) Anunaya means gentle comfort.
  5. Aria (English) Aria means a music that is soft and gentle to listen usually in opera and theater. The other diminutive names for Aria are Aurear and Auriar.
  6. Clara (Latin) Clara means bright and gentle. The diminutive names of Clara are Claressa, Clarice, Clarisa, Clarissa, Clarisse, and Clarrisa.
  7. Dalila (African from Swahili and Tanzanian) Dalila means gentle person. Another variant is Dalia.
  8. Damaris (Greek) Damaris is taken from one of the Catholic Saints who is gentle and kind. Another variant is Damalis.
  9. Douce (French) Douce means gentle and kind.
  10. Halima (African) Halima means gentle and sweet. Halima is feminine form of Halim.
  11. Inessa (Russian) Inessa means innocent and sweet.
  12. Isaure (Greek) Isaure means the wind that blows gentle.
  13. Jiao (Chinese) Jiao means beautiful woman who is also gentle and kind.
  14. Kyung-Soon (Korean. Kyung-Soon means honorable and gentle woman.
  15. Latifa (Arabic) It means delicate and gentle. Latifa is feminine form of Latif.
  16. Lenita (Latin-American) Lenita means sweet and kind.
  17. Maru (from New Zealand) Maru means kind.
  18. Megan (Irish. Megan means delicate, sweet and gentle.
  19. Melinda (Greek) Melinda means delicate woman.
  20. Nariko (Japanese) Nariko means sweet child.

Those are several names that mean gentle and delicate. Hopefully the names above can help you to decide the name for your baby.